14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (2024)


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Today, I’m sharing my favorite crochet heart patterns that you can make for Valentine’s Day, or to show your love any day of the year.

If you’ve been looking for a handmade gift to give to friends and family, you’ll love these Valentine’s day inspired crochet heart patterns.

14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (1)

Crochet Patterns for Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me, you love making small handmade gifts for holidays like Valentine’s Day. My free crochet heart pattern will teach you how to crochet a simple solid heart in three different sizes!

And, I’m sharing even more of my favorite free and premium crochet heart patterns and projects in the list below.

The heart-themed crochet patterns in this collection are perfect to make for a variety of occasions.

  • handmade gifts for your kids or partner
  • quick a gift for a teacher or coworker
  • classroom Valentines to pass out at school
  • easy Valentine’s Day decorations for home or for the classroom
14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (2)

How to Crochet a Heart

There are a lot of ways to crochet a heart motif. My free pattern for easy crochet hearts makes a simple solid heart that you can use in all sorts of ways.

You’ll find even more types of crochet hearts in the list below. I’ve included a variety of projects, including the following:

  • flat solid heart shape
  • lacy heart applique
  • granny square heart motif
  • amigurumi-style heart (stuffed)
  • heart pattern colorwork
  • heart motif blanket

Keep reading to find your new favorite Valentine’s Day crochet pattern. Let me know which one you choose!

14 Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day

14 of the cutest heart crochet patterns to make for Valentine's Day. Make them to give as gifts on V-Day, or whenever you want to show your love.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (3)

Granny Heart Coaster

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

I love this pattern for a solid, granny-square inspired heart motif. You can make them to use as coasters or applique motifs. You can use them to decorate a variety of crochet projects, like bags, baby sweater, or banners.

This pattern uses worsted weight yarn, but you can adapt it to use any weight yarn with the corresponding size crochet hook.

Even though this pattern is labeled Intermediate, even complete beginners will find success following the extensive step-by-step photo tutorial. Once you get going, you'll love how fast and fun these little hearts are to make.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (4)

Granny Square Crochet Heart

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

Here is a fun and unique pattern for a multicolored heart motif with a 3-D raised texture. I can picture a sweet baby blanket made from a rainbow of these sweet little squares.

This pattern is worked in continuous rounds and is intended for intermediate crocheters.


Cute Heart Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

If you've been wanted to try your hand at crocheting amigurumi, this cute little heart stuffie may be the perfect pattern to start with.

If you use the yarn listed in the pattern, the finished project will measure 4" tall. But, you can use any weight yarn you like, as long as you use the corresponding crochet hook.

The pattern comes with a 13 page instruction book with more than 50 pictures to guide you through the process, step-by-step.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (6)

Heart Granny Square Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

Isn't this heart motif granny square so adorable? This granny square would be the perfect building block for a baby blanket, or even a large throw for your sofa.

The pattern includes a step-by-step photo tutorial. Any weight yarn with a corresponding hook can be used.

One five star reviewer said, "This is an absolutely adorable Granny Square, and I love the color choices. I can't wait to start making an afghan using this pattern."


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (7)

Mini Crochet Heart Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

These sweet little crochet hearts are begging to be made into a Valentine's Day garland to decorate your house, don't you think? They'd also make cute crochet appliques to add to clothing, bags, or other accessories.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (8)

Heart Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.1dogwoof.com

A cute cup cozy makes a sweet gift for friends and teachers.

This pattern is worked in the round and uses post stitches to create a colorwork heart motif. Make this pattern for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift, or anytime!


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (9)

Sweet Little Heart Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

I love the lacy look of this crochet heart pattern. You can use one or two to embellish a crochet or flannel scarf to give it some Valentine's Day flair.

This pattern is written for DK yarn, but just like with the other heat patters, you can make it with other yarns, as long as you have the corresponding size crochet hook.

One five star reviewer said, "Instantly fell in love with these and had to have this pattern. Can't wait to make a bunch of them. Thank you!"


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (10)

Easy Crochet Heart Amigurumi Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

Even if you've never made amigurimi before, you'll enjoy making this sweet little heart squishie.

One maker raves, "When I first read the pattern I thought it looked a bit complex, but the detailed instructions and clear photos made it all achievable in a very short time. Great result. Thank you"


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (11)

Hanging Hearts Valentine Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

This fun pattern will show you how to make granny-square inspired crochet hearts, and turn them into adorable hanging pouches. Make a bunch for your family and friends, and fill them with candy and other sweet treats.

The granny heart pattern advanced beginner project, since it calls for some shaping and a variety of different crochet stitches. The pattern include 3 trim options to suit a variety of tastes.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (12)

Crochet Heart Pillow

Photo Credit:loopsandlovecrochet.com

Make a soft and squishy crochet heart pillow to decorate a a chair or your bed. They work up fast thanks to cuddly super-bulky weight yarn.

The free pattern includes instructions for tow sizes of pillow. The larger measures 11" wide, while the smaller measures 8" wide.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (13)

Red Heart Coasters Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

Even though this pattern looks intricate, the designer says it is perfectly suited to beginners. The pattern includes instructional pictures that show the stitches row by row.

One reviewer said, "Fantastic Pattern!! The Pattern was easy to follow with the pictures!! I made this for my daughter and she loved it!"


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (14)

Heart Locket Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

This sweet crochet pattern for a heart shaped locket is such an original idea! The 3-D locket opens and closes, and can hold a small surprise.

The finished heart is approximately 1.75″, though you can make it larger or smaller by choosing different weight yarn.The pattern also includes instructions for a small angel doll that will fit perfectly inside the heart locket.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (15)

Color Burst Crochet Heart Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

This colorful heart crochet pattern is easy to follow and so much fun to make. You'll have so much fun choosing different color combinations to try.

And since you only use a little of each color yarn, it's a great project for stash busting. Once you start, you won't be able to stop making these colorful crochet hearts.


14 Cute Crochet Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day (16)

Heart Motif Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:www.etsy.com

Learn how to crochet a puff stitch heart motif square, and turn it into a soft and squishy baby blanket.

You can even add a custom name panel to personalized the blanket.

The pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner, since it uses the chain stitch, single crochet stitch, and puff stitch.

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The article "Crochet Patterns for Valentine’s Day" by Author Sarah Stearns introduces a collection of crochet heart patterns suitable for Valentine's Day or any occasion to express love through handmade gifts. The patterns include a variety of styles and sizes, catering to both beginners and intermediate crocheters.

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