Opi Statesboro Ga (2024)

1. Statesboro Office – OPI - Outpatient Imaging

  • Office Hours: · Address: 1601 Fair Road Statesboro, GA 30458 · Phone: 912-800-4674. Fax: 912-357-6352 · DO NOT use this form to schedule an appointment or for ...

2. OPI – Outpatient Imaging – You Have a CHOICE for Medical Imaging!

  • Statesboro, Georgia. 1601 Fair Road, Statesboro, GA 30458. Phone: 912-800-4OPI (4674) Fax: 912-357-6352 ------------------ Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 ...

  • Your physician has ordered an exam. Did you know when your doctor orders a test of any kind, you have the power to choose which imaging center performs that exam? You do, it’s the law in Georgia. Demand for your procedure to be done at OPI.

3. OutPatient Imaging of Statesboro - Facebook

4. OPI - Outpatient Imaging - Google My Maps

  • 14 okt 2023 · OPI - Outpatient Imaging Atlanta, GA. OPI- Outpatient Imaging Canton ... OPI - Outpatient Imaging Statesboro, GA. Made with Google My Maps. No ...

  • All the locations of OPI Centers around Atlanta.

5. OPI Workshop at Armstrong Campus | World Languages and Cultures

  • 2 mrt 2019 · Statesboro Campus: Interdisciplinary Academic Building #2048 • P.O. Box 8081 • Statesboro, GA 30460 • 912-478-5281. Armstrong Campus: Gamble ...

  • Department of World Languages and Cultures at Georgia Southern University.#

6. Statesboro Imaging Center - East Georgia Regional Medical Center

  • Statesboro Imaging Center, a department of East Georgia Regional Medical Center, is an outpatient diagnostic imaging center that provides radiographic ...

  • Statesboro Imaging Center, a department of East Georgia Regional Medical Center, is an outpatient diagnostic imaging center that provides radiographic examinations to patients in Statesboro, Savannah and surrounding communities. Working together by partnering with colleagues and the community, the team at Statesboro Imaging Center is committed to delivering quality health care services in a safe, compassionate environment.

7. 1811217920 NPI Number | STATESBORO IMAGING CENTER ...

  • NPI Number 1811217920 has the "Organization" type of ownership and has been registered to the following primary business legal name (which is a provider name or ...

  • This webpage represents 1811217920 NPI record. The 1811217920 NPI number is assigned to the healthcare provider STATESBORO IMAGING CENTER, P.C., practice location address at 8 LESTER RD STATESBORO, GA, 30458-4786. NPI record contains FOIA-disclosable NPPES health care provider information.

8. Imaging Centers — Lightyear Funding

  • Outpatient Imaging (OPI) · Elite Radiology. American Health Imaging. We at Lightyear Funding, have access to all of these AHI facilities in Georgia. Click on ...

9. Dr. Ho Nien Lin, MD - Diagnostic Radiology - Webmd Doctor

  • Opi Outpatient Imaging. 1376 CHURCH ST STE 100, DECATUR, GA, 30030. Opi Outpatient Imaging. 1601 FAIR RD STE 100, STATESBORO, GA, 30458. n/a Average office wait ...

  • Dr. Ho Lin, MD, is a Diagnostic Radiology specialist practicing in PEACHTREE CITY, GA with 28 years of experience. This provider currently accepts 24 insurance plans including Medicaid. New patients are welcome.

10. [PDF] 912-355-1010 THANK YOU FOR ... - neurologicalinstitute.com

  • Statesboro, GA 30458. EAST JACKSON BLVD. WHEELER ST. 6. WHEELER. STREET. Georgia ... OPI of Statesboro: 800-4674. Statesboro Imaging: 912-764-5656. Vidalia.

Opi Statesboro Ga (2024)
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