Who DID John Fury headbutt? Meet the member of Oleksandr Usyk's team (2024)

Tyson Fury's father John caused controversy on Monday when he was involved in a violent confrontation with a member of Oleksandr Usyk's camp.

The two star boxers are in Saudi Arabia where they will fight for the undisputed heavyweight world title on Saturday night.

Tempers flared as the two teams crossed paths in the lobby of the palatial Riyadh Hilton Hotel on Monday afternoon with Fury Snr becoming enraged asmembers of Usyk's camp repeatedly roared their man's name at Fury's entourage.

Suddenly he turned on one and headbutted him, before stepping back with blood flowing from his forehead as he shouted: 'We can't be beat! We can't be beat! I live for this f***ing s***! I live for blood, guts and horror! Blood guts and horror! I live for this s***, my boy lives for this s***!'

But, who was on the receiving end of Fury Snr's headbutt? Mail Sport takes a look...

John Fury was left bloodied after an altercation with a member of Oleksandr Usyk's team

The member of Usyk's camp who clashed with the Gypsy King's father was Stanislav Stepchuk.

Stepchuk is the son of Usyk's cut man, whois effectively one of the people in the Ukrainian's corner who helps to manage his cuts during a fight.

He is also known to be a good friend of Usyk and regularly posts in support of him on his social media account, while he has also shared photos with the Ukrainian.

Speaking to Mail Sport immediately before the incident, Stepchuk had poured cold water on Fury's chances against his friend this weekend.

'(He's looking) not bad, but normal, looking normal,' he said. 'I think he fears Usyk,if it was Usyk (not me) he would not feel stability.

'(He look like he has) lost maybe 10kg on last fight. (Will that help him?) No.

'(I am so confident in Usyk) because he's very disciplined and he has a dream and is focused only on training and winning (in everything) he eats and his rest and he believes.'

Then, speaking following the dramatic clash with Fury Snr, Stepchuk seemingly mocked him as he reflected on the incident.

'He just exposed his mind, he went crazy,' he told Seconds Out via a translator.

'He gets mad from me only shouting Usyk’s name. Iwas a little bit shocked. I didn’t see that it was coming. It was an irrational movement.

Stanislav Stepchuk, the son of Usyk's cut man, was on the receiving end of Fury Snr's headbutt

Stepchuk is a good friend of Usyk and has regularly shared photos with him on social media

'I was just supporting our team. We were only shouting, "Usyk, Usyk," I didn't touch him. He went crazy… Yeah (I wanted to punch him), but because of the age difference it would not be very fair.'

He later added: 'He should not look for an actual fight because he could have a heart attack and finish in the ambulance.'

Stepchuk also posted a meme on his Instagram story, where he further mocked his newfound rival.

He shared photos of both of them following the incident, which included limited marks on his forehead and blood pouring down Fury Snr's, with the caption: 'Gramps, I hope you're okay? @tysonfury @gypsyjohnfury.'

When asked what had happened, Fury Snr said his was'minding his own business'butbecome embroiled by how they were 'disrespecting my son'.

'All I could hear was, "Usyk, Usyk, Usyk",' he told the media.

'Coming out with all that rubbish. He’s in my face, trying to be clever. Coming into my space, "Usyk, Usyk", nobody’s bothering with them. I was only chanting my own son’s name.'

Fury Snr added: 'I'm going to stand up for my son.At the end of the day, my son is the best in the world and I want people to respect him and give him the credit that he deserves.

Stepchuk also claimed Fury's camp was scared of coming up against a fit and in-form Usyk

He mocked Fury Snr after the incident, both on social media and when speaking to the media

'He's the best in the world. And when people start saying this and saying that... when I was among them, all I could hear was madness. Some little idiot came forward in my space, he got what he got and that's the end of it.'

Meanwhile, when asked about the clash, Tyson had said: 'I didn't see anything, I was in the room doing interviews, but I'm not here for all that, I'm here to get the job done and go home and rest.'

Usyk similarly missed the incident but Stepchuk explained his reaction as he added: '(He)was laughing. He didn’t give any comments. It was funny when we showed him the video.'

Saudi Arabian authorities have confirmed no charges will be pressed and no further action will be taken in regards to the clash.

Who DID John Fury headbutt? Meet the member of Oleksandr Usyk's team (2024)
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