Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids (2024)

With all the commercialization that goes into Valentine's Day, we wanted to provide ideas to make homemade crafts and gifts for your children to make for their loved ones. The Valentine's Day crafts for kids you see below are fun, creative ways for your child to spend a cold February afternoon and most are made with materials you most likely can find around the house. Let your children take pride in making their own Valentine's Day gifts or cards and we know for sure that the person that receives them will feel extra special. Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!

Kids Valentine's Day Crafts

"I Love You to Pieces" Valentine

This Valentine craft uses your child’s picture for a cute card. Children cut out a foam heart and glue their picture, small foam hearts and puzzle pieces to it.

Caterpillar Valentine Craft

This cute caterpillar craft is fun to make when celebrating Valentine's Day. Children trace and cut a series of hearts to make the caterpillar. It is a good activity to work on learning about patterns and also the heart shape.

Valentine Puppy Craft

This adorable Valentine puppy craft is made from gluing five hearts together to form a dog. It is a good activity to teach the heart shape and also the concept of small, medium and large. When finished, you have a festive Valentine decoration.

Valentines Garden Craft

This adorable Valentines garden craft will make the perfect gift for Mom on this special holiday. Anyone who loves gardening will appreciate this simple and cute garden of hearts!

Mouse Valentine

Whether you keep as a decoration or give as a sweet Valentine's Day gift, your child will adore crafting a heart-shaped mouse! Kids will especially love the pipe cleaner tails that they can position however they want.

Love Bugs

Make this cute heart shaped love bugs for Valentine's Day with some basic supplies you probably already have around the house and by following our simple instructions.

Heart Elephant Valentine

Here is an easy Valentine's Day craft for the kids to do! This could be a Valentines card to give or just an art project. With just some cut out hearts you can make this unforgettable elephant.

Whooooo's the Best?

Whooo's the best? You are! This cute paper valentine is sure to get a smile out of whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Made with our provided template and some construction paper, this is a great Valentine's Day craft for kids.

Lacing Valentine Craft

This Valentine craft is fun to make and becomes a cute holder for class Valentine cards. Children punch holes into two big paper hearts and then lace yarn through the holes to make this project.

Popsicle Stick Love Craft

This Valentine's Day craft is a fun way to allow children to use their creativity. With just some simple materials they can make something they can really be proud of. Give this craft as a gift or hang it as a cute and fun decoration.

Valentine's Kiss Craft

"Chocolate" and Valentine's Day go hand in hand in this cute Valentine's Day craft for kids. This is a unique Valentine to give someone special in your child's life and is sure to get a smile.

Cupcake Valentine Card

Our cupcake valentine is the perfect way to tell someone "you're sweet"! This is a simple paper valentine craft and the end result is a card anyone would love to receive.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart

Tissue paper and contact paper create a gorgeous stained glass effect in this simple Valentine's Day craft. This heart craft for kids is simple enough for even a young toddler to do and it makes a great decoration for Valentine's Day as well.

Treasure Chest Valentine

A simple paper treasure chest, made using our provided template, some adhesive gems and a few crayons are all you need to make this fun Treasure Chest Valentine's Day craft. This craft is a wonderful, homemade valentine someone you really treasure.

You're Dynamite! Valentine

Your special valentine is sure to love this Dynamite Valentine craft. This simple homemade valentine, which you can also fill with candy, is sure to blow your special person away!

Fire Truck Valentine Holder

Kids will enjoy making this cute fire truck valentine holder. Made from materials around the house, this will be the perfect place for kids to put all the valentines they receive from their friends.

I Love You to Pieces Picture Frame

This is a simple picture frame for Valentine's Day that turns out adorable every time. Made out of popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces, this simple preschool Valentine's Day craft makes the perfect gift for family and friends. Simply add in a photo of your child to complete this great kid's craft.

Paper Heart Person

Our paper heart person craft is always a child-pleaser. Kids love being able to take simple shapes and turn them into something so fun and creative. It's a great Valentine's Day craft that will encourage your child's creativity. Help them create accessories like shoes, hair or a purse to personalize their heart person.

Lollipop Butterfly Valentine

Hearts for wings, a lollipop body and a special message from you and this candy butterfly craft makes the perfect valentine! Kids will love turning candy into a butterfly and we've made it even easier with our included templates. Enjoy this great Valentine's Day craft for kids.

Paper Heart Headband

Need a wearable Valentine's Day craft? This paper heart headband craft is a lot of fun for kids to create and play with. Put out the crayons, stickers, and glitter and let your children create fantastic headbands to parade around the house in. This craft is an easy way to transform paper and glue into an afternoon of fun.

Styrofoam Lovebug

We've found that creating realistic craft bugs is a lot of fun but that it's even more fun to create imaginary craft bugs! This cute styrofoam lovebug makes a fantastic Valentine's Day craft and a great Valentine's Day gift. This craft takes a little more time than some of the others on this page so it is somewhat better suited to older children.

Kids Valentine Holders

Here are three variations of our hanging valentine holder craft. We made three different versions to account for differences in ability as well as time (ie. you may not have time for paint today). All three of these cute kids Valentine's Day crafts are fun to do and your child will love being able to personalize it all by themself.

Valentine's Day Wand Craft

This Valentine's Day wand is a simple craft that is perfect for a toddler or preschooler. Transform a simple heart on a popsicle stick into a "magic wand" for Valentine's Day. Young children love walking around waving their magic wand and asking people to "be mine".

Heart Butterfly

Our heart butterfly craft is a great way to transform a bunch of hearts into a friendly butterfly. This is a great craft to use to teach your children about the heart shape, about big and small, and about seeing ordinary things in a whole new way. It makes a fantastic Valentine's Day craft and gift! We've found that it's almost impossible to make just one of these cute little heart butterfly crafts - they turn out so cute that kids like to make them over and over.

Lollipop Flower Craft

The gift of flowers on Valentine's Day has never been sweeter than with our lollipop flower craft. This cute kids Valentine's Day craft is a simple way to dress up a yummy lollipop so your valentine will feel extra special.

Candy Holder Craft

This cute Valentine's Day candy holder craft is the perfect way to deliver some special candy treats to your Valentine. Made from simple materials, this Valentine's Day craft is perfect for a preschooler or older child to make. This turns out cute every time and makes a great homemade Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine Mailbox

Turn an empty oatmeal canister into a valentine mailbox! This cute kids Valentine's Day craft is perfect for children of all skill levels (ages) and its a great way to recycle so its also a green craft. When complete, kids can use it to collect all of the special valentines cards they receive on this fun holiday.

Heart Flower

This heart flower craft makes a great Valentine's Day craft for your kids. It is made with materials you most likely already have on hand and it is an adaptable craft for children of all ages. Have your children write some nice words, memories, or even a handprint on each heart petal and they've created a unique Valentine's Day card for grandparents or loved ones. Make a bunch of heart flowers in different colors to hang on the front door as a great homemade decoration.

Bear Valentine Bag

For something a little different than the standard decorated lunch bag, try letting our Valentine's Day bear collect all your valentines! Made using a brown bag and heart shapes (provided in our template) your kids will love making this cute valentine holder.

Heart Footprint Card

Turn your children's footprints into a heart to create this cute Valentine's Day card. This cute Valentine's Day craft makes a fantastic keepsake for a loved one so that they can remember how small your little one is now.

Heart Bee Craft

Asking someone to "be mine" is so much more fun with our cute heart bee craft. A fantastic Valentine's Day craft for kids, this adorable bee has hearts for wings. Our provided template makes this cute heart craft for kids even easier to put together.

Heart Stamps Card

This Valentine's Day card is extra fun to make because the hearts are made by dipping cookie cutters in paint! It's a great preschool Valentine's Day craft and is a great way for your child to make their very own valentine for someone they love.

Heart Fish Craft

This heart fish craft is a simple and fun one to do with your kids. Made from just construction paper and a googly eye, its one you can throw together quickly. Have fun doing this kids fish craft during Valentine's Day.

Love Doorhanger Craft

This love doorhanger craft is a fun one for kids around Valentine's Day. They will enjoy cutting out the hearts and letters to spell love and putting it together. When they are done, they can hang it on their bedroom door or anywhere else they want. Have fun with this simple kids craft on Valentine's Day.

As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or emotions, but I can provide you with information on the concepts used in this article. Here are some ideas for homemade crafts and gifts for children to make for their loved ones on Valentine's Day:

Homemade Crafts and Gifts for Valentine's Day:

  1. "I Love You to Pieces" Valentine: This craft involves using a child's picture to create a cute card. Children can cut out a foam heart and glue their picture, small foam hearts, and puzzle pieces to it.

  2. Caterpillar Valentine Craft: Children can trace and cut a series of hearts to make a caterpillar. This craft is not only fun but also helps children learn about patterns and the heart shape.

  3. Valentine Puppy Craft: This adorable craft involves gluing five hearts together to form a dog. It's a great activity for teaching children about the heart shape and the concept of small, medium, and large.

  4. Valentines Garden Craft: This craft involves creating a garden of hearts, which can make a perfect gift for Mom on Valentine's Day. It's a simple and cute craft for anyone who loves gardening.

  5. Mouse Valentine: Children can craft a heart-shaped mouse, which can be kept as a decoration or given as a sweet Valentine's Day gift. The craft includes pipe cleaner tails that children can position however they want.

  6. Love Bugs: Kids can make cute heart-shaped love bugs using basic supplies they probably already have at home. This craft is easy to follow with simple instructions.

  7. Heart Elephant Valentine: Children can create an elephant using cut-out hearts. This craft can be a Valentine's card or just an art project.

  8. Whooooo's the Best?: This craft involves making a cute paper valentine with the message "Whooo's the best? You are!" It's a great Valentine's Day craft for kids and can bring a smile to the recipient's face.

  9. Lacing Valentine Craft: Children can punch holes into two big paper hearts and then lace yarn through the holes to create a cute holder for class Valentine cards.

  10. Popsicle Stick Love Craft: This craft allows children to use their creativity to make something they can be proud of. With simple materials like popsicle sticks, they can create a gift or a cute decoration.

These are just a few examples of the homemade crafts and gifts mentioned in the article. Each craft offers a unique and creative way for children to express their love and create something special for their loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids (2024)
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