Valentine box ideas for kids (2024)

These sweet boxes will make Valentine's Day memorable for your little one.

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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, and creating a heartfelt card is one fun way to show your love. Exchanging cards is a big part of school-aged kids’ holiday experiences. Keep each treasured card safe and easy to transport back home by learning how to make a valentine box.

Valentine boxes don’t have to be all about hearts and chocolate bars, though. Some can have different themes and still be easy and fun to put together. Typically, you just need a few supplies:

  • Empty box of some sort
  • Construction paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers

However, if you’re short on time or simply don’t have the arts and crafts available at home, here are some cute premade Valentine box options you can buy with the click of a button.

Emoji Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (1)

$10 at Amazon

Emojis are a quick, easy, and fun way to express your emotions with a symbol on a digital device, and this emoji Valentine box from Hallmark lets the graphics do the talking. Shaped like a tissue box, this heartfelt box comes equipped with 32 perforated cards and emoji stickers to use on the valentines or box itself.

Conversation Heart Favor Boxes (12-pack)

Valentine box ideas for kids (2)

$10 (was $16) at Oriental Trading

If you want to stand out from the crowd a bit more, there are other unique valentine box ideas to choose from. Take this one that’s been inspired by Conversation Heart candies, for example. Fill the 12 boxes with sweet treats, cards or jewelry to gift or keep them to collect valentines.

Sports Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (3)

$10 (was $13) at Amazon

While it’s true that many of the pre-made boxes available are covered in hearts, there are plenty of Valentine box ideas for boys on the market as well. Created for the sports fanatic at heart, this box is shaped like a football field with the phrase “Kick me a Valentine” on it and includes 32 valentines and 1 teacher card. It ships flat and is easy to assemble.

Shark Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (4)

$5 at Target

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this shark valentine box can hold paper cards from friends and classmates. Kids will love sliding their valentines into the shark’s mouth for safekeeping. Constructed of paper, it assembles quickly and easily.

Heart-shaped Gift Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (5)$4 at Walmart

Do you prefer to buy a box that doesn’t require any assembly? Easy Valentine’s Day boxes make the holiday even more carefree. This sturdy red and white heart-shaped gift box even comes preassembled and has “Happy Valentine’s Day” written on the lid.

PokémonValentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (6)

$10 at Kohl’s

Pokémon enthusiasts will gravitate toward this Pikachu-inspired valentine box. It comes with 32 perforated cards for classmates and 1 teacher card that features Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Snorlax, and more designs with phrases like “catch all the fun today” and “I choose you.”

Spider-man Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (7)

$15 at Amazon

This all-in-one Hallmark Spider-Man Valentine box was created with Marvel fans in mind. Featuring Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, and other popular characters, it has a 3D pop-up Spider-Man on the lid and is printed on nice paper stock. It’s an all-in-one kit, which means it comes with 32 classmate valentines and 1 teacher card.

Dog Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (8)

$15 (was $17) at Oriental Trading

What better place to hold puppy love cards than in a dog-themed valentine box? Cards are safely stored in an attached paper bag, hidden behind the puppy. This package makes 12 dog valentine holders, which would be perfect for a small group or party.

White Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (9)

$3 at Target

Starting as a blank slate, this durable 11.5” x 8” x 1.5” white box comes ready to be decorated with stickers, ribbons, markers, and more. Embellishing pre-constructed white boxes is about as close to having homemade Valentine’s Day boxes as you can get.

Robot Valentine Box

Valentine box ideas for kids (10)

$12 at Amazon

This eye-catching box captures attention with its bright colors and positive sayings like “best bots” and “I’m nuts and bolts about you.” Easy to put together, it comes with 32 cards, 1 teacher valentine, and 36 stickers. It’s lightweight and measures 7.09” x 7.09” x 11.02” once assembled. While this box is robot-themed, similar cat and hero themes are also available.

Do any of these Valentine boxes seem right for your little one? This holiday, celebrate love and togetherness by making the day extra special with heartfelt card exchanges and spending quality time together.

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Regarding the concepts mentioned in this article, here is some information related to each concept:

Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th each year. It is a day to express love and affection to romantic partners, family members, and friends. The holiday is often associated with the exchange of cards, gifts, and flowers. Many people also celebrate by going out for a romantic dinner or spending quality time with loved ones.

Valentine Boxes:

Valentine boxes are containers used to collect and store Valentine's Day cards and gifts. They are often made by children in schools as a fun and creative activity. Valentine boxes can be decorated in various themes and styles, such as hearts, emojis, sports, animals, or characters from popular movies or cartoons. These boxes can be made from empty boxes, construction paper, wrapping paper, scissors, glue, markers, and other craft supplies. Alternatively, premade Valentine boxes are also available for purchase, which come with pre-designed themes and decorations.

Premade Valentine Box Options:

The article mentions several premade Valentine box options that can be purchased for convenience. Here are some of the options mentioned:

  1. Emoji Valentine Box: This box is shaped like a tissue box and features emoji graphics. It comes with perforated cards and emoji stickers.

  2. Conversation Heart Favor Boxes: These boxes are inspired by Conversation Heart candies and come in a pack of 12. They can be filled with sweet treats, cards, or jewelry.

  3. Sports Valentine Box: This box is shaped like a football field and is designed for sports enthusiasts. It includes valentines and a teacher card.

  4. Shark Valentine Box: This box is shaped like a shark and can hold paper cards. Kids can slide their valentines into the shark's mouth for safekeeping.

  5. Heart-shaped Gift Box: This box is heart-shaped and comes preassembled. It is sturdy and has "Happy Valentine's Day" written on the lid.

  6. Pokémon Valentine Box: This box is inspired by Pokémon and features characters like Pikachu. It comes with perforated cards for classmates and a teacher card.

  7. Spider-man Valentine Box: This box is Spider-Man-themed and includes a 3D pop-up Spider-Man on the lid. It comes with classmate valentines and a teacher card.

  8. Dog Valentine Box: This box is dog-themed and has an attached paper bag to store valentine cards. It can hold up to 12 dog valentine holders.

  9. White Valentine Box: This box is a blank slate and can be decorated with stickers, ribbons, markers, and more. It comes ready to be personalized.

  10. Robot Valentine Box: This box is robot-themed and comes with bright colors and positive sayings. It includes cards, a teacher valentine, and stickers.

These premade Valentine boxes offer a variety of themes and designs to suit different preferences and interests. They provide a convenient option for those who may be short on time or do not have access to arts and crafts supplies.

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Valentine box ideas for kids (2024)
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