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According to myth, the Sun God overturns a thousand stars rushing towards the ground and eventually rises brilliantly (Chapter 117).

According to the first chapter of the Scripture of the Sun God, when the Sun God first sent power down to the world, the ignorant people refused to believe. The world was full of chaos and disasters, so everyone believed in the power of the Black Moon. That's why 'Orhe', a manifestation of the god and his emissary, sacrificed himself, confronting the Black Moon to prove the true existence of the god's power before the people. The emissary Orhe was torn to pieces ten times and each time healed by divine power. (Chapter 184).

According to old scriptures including the Scripture of the Sun God, the crack that appears when monsters spawn is a bad omen indicating the balance of the world is being disrupted (Chapter 305). Magic, as one of the forces maintaining the balance of the world causes problems when it is disrupted (Chapter 305).

According to ancient texts, there is a time when fairies, monsters, and other non-human entities have lived in this world alongside humans (Chapter 335).

Pre-Canon/Before Storyline

Around 1,000 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

There is no record of mages or magic before Luma’s Magic Revolution, presumably due to the great destruction that has taken place around now mentioned in the Scripture of the Sun God (Chapter 183). Hardly any records prior to this time remains, other than Scripture (Chapter 184).

The Great Sarain Forest expands its territory gradually, consuming the borders of four countries and becoming an immense green land untouched by anyone (Chapter 277 says that historical records confirm the expansion started over nearly a thousand years ago). Many Swordmasters and mages try to conquer the forest using their powers, but none can stop the growth of the forest (Chapter 302). All humans can do is build a few mountain cottages or pave small paths for trade routes and prevent the growing trees from consuming these efforts (Chapter 302).

When magic supposedly appears for the first time, it is said that the first mages including Luma drink from the Magic Spring and awakens their magic power for the first time; Archmage Luma then begins what is known as the Magic Revolution (Chapter 183, Chapter 252). At that time, magic is treated like devil’s sorcery and mages in that era were few, dealing with immense power without a systematic method, making it difficult to train successors. Luma, having overcame ten trials, proves that magic and magic powers can be harnessed by human strength and spreads magic throughout the world as it is 1000 years later (Chapter 183).

A blind Sage, whom Nelarn believes to be Luma, leaves behind a few relics in Nelarn (Chapter 246). Nelarn builds a statue of the blind Sage in the Nelarn Palace (Chapter 246).

After thwarting the Great Destruction and establishing the Orr Empire, the First Emperor of the Orr Empire forges an eternal alliance with the countries that have assisted him, swearing to not infringe upon each other and to always help as allies (Chapter 246). Nelarn is one of those countries, and although the alliance later breaks down and morphs into its current form of becoming vassal states in later generations, remnants of this past still exist in Nelarn (Chapter 246).

In this era wherein the world is filled with abundant magic power and when the First Emperor is just establishing the Orr Empire, the term ‘magic stone’ did not exist (Chapter 387). {Later, mages would use this as the basis for the theory that magic stones are the main cause of the thin magic phenomenon because once magic stored in a magic stone is exhausted, it is gone forever (Chapter 387). Since magic in the air gradually began to thin as magic ore veins gradually increased, leading to the number of mages also decreasing, mages began to focus more on creating magic tools than researching magic and trying to find ways to eliminate the emerging magic ore or solve the thin magic phenomenon (Chapter 387).}

The Imperial Family of the Orr Empire is revered by everyone as having inherited the blood of the Sun God (Chapter 109). The First Emperor is said to have been born with the blood of the Sun God, received blessings as such, was the greatest Swordmaster in history, and friends with countless heroes (Chapter 198). The First Emperor could use divine power and sword aura and the Empress was a mage; they have five children who become the predecessors of the Orr Imperial Family and Four Duke Houses (Chapter 198).

The Imperial Palace of the Orr Empire, La Luma Palace, is built (Chapter 47). After choosing the location of the Imperial Palace, the Archmage constructs seven walls each infused with different magic and materials possessing seven powers to protect it (Chapter 47). On the Hill of Abundance that overlooks the palace, Archmage Luma plants an apple tree (Chapter 126). Within Deluma Palace, Archmage Luma enchants and leaves an animated armor knight, the Armor Knight of Deluma Palace, to move about freely in the palace (Chapter 143, Chapter 155).

Enon is created as an entity that has been linked by combining will and body through magic; Enon receives life through a contract (Chapter 335). Enon makes a pact with Archmage Luma to protect the Seven Walls of the capital (Chapter 66). Archmage Luma keeps Enon’s existence a secret (Chapter 375).

The Imperial Knights’ barracks are built in the area within the outermost seventh wall (Chapter 47).

The Divine Sword Orr is bestowed upon the First Emperor of the Orr Empire by the messenger of the Sun God (Chapter 10). Throughout the subsequent thousand year history of the Empire, only twelve people would be able to wield the sword (Chapter 10). Whoever touches the Divine Sword, if not chosen by it, is inflicted with a severe punishment by the sword, leaving it unused until it chooses its next owner (Chapter 160).

The First Emperor leaves the Emperor’s Sword Mark (Chapter 193).

After the First Emperor dies, everything in that area is knocked down for building new city wall except that one piece of wall (Chapter 193). Throughout the millennium, countless Swordmasters would visit at least once to compare their own marks left with wooden swords, but not one will have left a larger mark (Chapter 193).

Although none of them learn fully to the end, all five of the Emperor’s children become disciples of Luma (Chapter 375).

While Ivanar la Orr, the First Emperor’s eldest son, ascends to the throne, the remaining four siblings of the First Emperor each receive a Duchy and become Dukes (Chapter 14). To prevent bloody power struggles among siblings, the First Emperor sets a precedent and imperial law that a prince who receives a ducal title would be stripped of their succession rights and could never vie for the Emperor’s position again (Chapter 14).

The Orr Empire becomes famous for having well-maintained roads for carriages and every citizen of the Orr Empire learns to ride a horse from a young age (Chapter 22).

Things like tactics and the skills of individual soldiers begin to not matter in war (Chapter 30). Rather, victory becomes a matter of whether a swordmaster or great mage is on one side (Chapter 30). Although many commoners join the military to earn a stable income and travel, the number of commoners that show an extraordinary talent for martial arts during training and could rise to a fairly high rank is so rare throughout the Empire’s thousand-year history that they could be counted on one hand (Chapter 30).

A tacit rule between the Four Great Ducal Families of the Orr Empire is developed and handed down for a thousand years (Chapter 81). It is to maintain order among them for everlasting glory (Chapter 81). Because of this, although they might take small, private revenge beneath the surface, they would never let their disagreements escalate into major feuds between families (Chapter 81).

Although the Orr Empire hasn’t been established for long, the situation of the era is so chaotic that many prisons are built (Chapter 367).

It is said that the Security Management Team prison of Tainu was also created almost as soon as the city of Tainu is established (Chapter 367 says the prison has been around for nearly 1000 years). When the first Duke Tain takes Tainu as his territory, he makes the prison, which also served as a research facility, and uses it to conduct research even during political affairs (Chapter 374). The first Duke Tain was not well known, but he was a mage and disciple of Archmage Luma who was the least talented of Luma’s disciples, but was acknowledged for his ability to research (Chapter 374).

At this time, protection devices that only those with the same blood lineage can open are common because blood doesn’t lie (Chapter 375, 381). To protect his research, the first Duke Tain adds such a device to conceal the fourth floor of the prison (Chapter 375).

Sometime in this era, the mage Modar runs amok everywhere, trying to create a kingdom only for mages using magic (Chapter 334). Modar eventually gets caught and executed by Luma (Chapter 334).

Luma becomes obsessed with researching time-reversing magic, saying if god can do it, a human can do it too (Chapter 335).

After Luma leaves, Enon pays no personal attention to the royal family or nobles, focusing only on his duties (Chapter 375).

(Many, Many, Many Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry)

The Pearl Tower is created by Archmage Pierre Mice, who wanted to lead mages who solely lived for magic (Chapter 34). Unlike court mages that worked exclusively for the state, the Pearl Tower’s mages researched and practiced magic freely (Chapter 34). After a few centuries, the Pearl Tower grows into an organization representing all mages (Chapter 34).

However, the original goal of existing solely for mage is thought to be gone as the current Pearl Tower clings to the power structures of various nations, using their power for them and conducting inhuman research like the Misty Wind Horse (Chapter 34). The mages of the Pearl Tower conduct experiments far more outrageous than those in Yuder’s time (Chapter 22). One of their experiments creates the Misty Wind Horse, a crossbreed of an ancient monster that only lived in the mist and storms with a horse (Chapter 22).

A mage dedicates his entire life to the magic of moving objects and ultimately tries to pull the moon to the earth (Chapter 64 says this happens hundreds of years ago). Although he fails, his maxim, “'Even if the tower crumbles tomorrow due to the magic cast today… If you want to cast, cast it and face death”, is etched at the top of the Pearl Tower as a motto to symbolize the spirit of the entire Pearl Tower (Chapter 64).

The Fifth Orr Emperor favors a family of glove makers (Chapter 146). From then on, the Emperor proclaims that he would begin buying items made by the family instead of those made directly in the Imperial Palace, creating a tradition of only buying gloves from that family (Chapter 146).

For many generations, the Apeto family produces many priests of the Sun God and supports the Temple of the Sun God (Chapter 125).

The Harvest Festival along with many Sun God religion ceremonies such as the Sharing of the Sacred Flame ceremony are established (Chapter 127 says that the Sharing of the Sacred Flame ceremony is a tradition hundreds of years old).

Since the Imperial Family and Four Duke Houses have the same origin, they originally didn’t intermarry, but after one political marriage, it was revealed that their children showed strong traits of the superior bloodline whenever the First Emperor descendants intermarried (Chapter 198). Then, the Imperial family began to continuously marry within the four duke houses at first out of necessity and then out of tradition (Chapter 198). Even when relations were bad between the Imperial family and Dukes, the Emperor’s spouse would always be chosen from within this circle (Chapter 198). Although the Duke families had freedom to marry other noble families, they also would often choose to marry within the Duke houses, starting a tradition of intermarriage between the Imperial Family and four Duke houses (Chapter 198).

800 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

After many generations of intermarriage between the Imperial Family and four Duke houses, a certain Crown Prince who was born with excellent abilities dies just before his coronation (Chapter 198 says about 800 years ago so 0-800=-800). This is the first Duke with the surname of la Orr that appears in the Orr Empire (Chapter 109 says that the first duke with the surname appears 200 years after the Empire is established so -1000+200=-800).

History records it as a tragic explosion accident that occurs in the Court Mage Office, but in reality, his vessel, unable to withstand his overly inflated abilities, shatters all at once; his physical body bursts and no remains are found (Chapter 198). Although the Imperial family discovers the cause not long after, they agree that they cannot abandon the effort to preserve the blood of God and continue their method (Chapter 198).

As a result, every hundred years or so, when such individuals appear, the Imperial family would hurriedly strip them of their inheritance rights and send them far away after rewarding them with an empty title of Duke (Chapter 198). The banished individuals do not have a chance to even mourn their lost power and family before their vessels begin to crack, all suffering in agony until they died a horrific death of life force being drained to its limit and remaining power in the body exploding, before the age of thirty (Chapter 198).

450 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

The Pearl Tower mages who created the Misty Wind Horses leave research records related to monsters that can absorb magic and magic circles (Chapter 274 says 450 years ago so 0-450=-450).

300 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

The problems caused by intermarriage between the Imperial family and Four Duke Houses get worse and the Imperial family finally recognizes the severity of the issue when they realize that even excluding the royals who became Dukes while bearing the surname ‘la Orr’, many other princes and Emperors would die young, one after another (Chapter 198 says around 300 years ago so 0-300=-300). Meanwhile, the Imperial family begins to thin in number and the Four Ducal Houses, desiring to take over the next Imperial lineage when the Imperial family disappeared, begin to actively oppose the Imperial family (Chapter 198).

74 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Hellem is born (Postype, 0-74=-74).

72 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Thais Yulman is born (Postype, 0-72=-72).

Micalin Punt is born (Postype, 0-72=-72).

At Least 70 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Hellem begins to study monsters (Chapter 376 has Kishiar say that she’s been studying monsters for over 70 years, but it might be a translation error considering how Hellem would be at most 4 if this is true, 0-70=-70).

At Least 60 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Gino Bordelli is born around this decade (Chapter 24 says that he looked to be in his forties but was at least twenty years older than that so 40+20=60, 0-60=-60).

54 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Thais Yulman begins to research the effects of a tea made with the flowers grown in the garden behind the Pearl Tower (Chapter 113 says he first researches the tea 54 years ago so 0-54=-54). The tea is used to boost energy (Chapter 113). According to Thais, his research on the origin of magic begins with this tea (Chapter 113).

At Least 50 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Yuliver Ark begins to serve the Emperor directly as an attendant around this decade (Chapter 50 says the five knots on his belt represents over fifty years of service so 0-50=-50).

43 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Steiber Rendley is born (Postype, 0-43=-43, Chapter 57 says Steiber is over 40).

At Least 40 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

After travelling the world and dedicating himself to swordsmanship, Gino Bordelli becomes a Swordmaster at the age of 30 (Chapter 25).

Upon becoming a General, Gino dedicates himself to protecting the Orr Empire (Chapter 25).Gino Bordelli performs his duty as the Southern Army General with almost no controversy (Chapter 25 says that he becomes a Swordmaster at the age of 30 and that he has been a General for nearly 40 years. Since we don’t know his exact age, it is safe to assume he is much older than 60 by the second piece of information and to place this information in the At Least 40 Years Before YJtC section (0-40=-40) rather than the At Least 30 Years Before YJtC section (-60+30=-30).)

Steiber Rendley is born around this decade (Chapter 57 says he is over 40 so 0-40=-40).

33 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Laflamme la Orr, the ninth Duke of la Orr, gets weaker every day until he can no longer walk by himself and dies (Chapter 109, 0-33=-33). His adjutant sends a letter to the Duke’s brother sharing how he wishes for Laflamme’s comfort, especially because painkillers no longer have an effect on Laflamme’s suffering, but given past cases, the adjutant knows that it will not be the case (Chapter 109).

31 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Alik Pelgin is born (Postype, 0-31=-31).

At Least 30 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

30 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Mick Shuden is born (Postype, 0-30=-30).

Keilusa la Orr is born (Postype, 0-30=-30).

29 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Kishiar la Orr is born on February 9 (Postype, 0-29=-29).

27 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Nathan is born (Postype, 0-27=-27).

26 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Ever is born (Postype, 0-26=-26).

25 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Ejain Afnan Nelarn is born as the second prince of Nelarn (Postype, Chapter 173, 0-25=-25).

24 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Kiolle de Diarca is born as the youngest child of Duke Diarca (Postype, 0-24=-24). Kiolle bears the strongest resemblance to his father within the Diarca family (Chapter 386).

Alik Pelgrin (7) enters the Pearl Tower (Chapter 184 says he enters the Pearl Tower when he is 7 so -31+7=-24). From this time onward, Alik rarely visits the temple (Chapter 184).

23 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Pruelle van Tain is born as the eldest of Duke Tain’s five children (Postype, 0-23=-23). Although Pruelle looks like the first Duke Tain, he often gets mistaken as a bastard child because of his face being unlike his siblings or parents (Chapter 359).

22 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Devran is born in Hartan (Postype, 0-22=-22).

Lusan is born (???) (Postype, 0-22=-22). Since Lusan is an orphan who had been abandoned at the temple’s doorstep, he doesn’t know his exact age (Chapter 127).

Marty, an ordinary person who once stayed in the Western Star of Nagran village base, is born in Messaria, a border region of Nelarn adjacent to the Great Sarain Forest (Chapter 354 says she is 22 so 0.5-22=-21.5).

21 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Gakane is born as the oldest of six children (Postype, Chapter 89, 0-21=-21).

At Least 20 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Thais Yulman becomes a senior member of the Pearl Tower (Chapter 63 says that he holds the position of senior member for over 20 years).

Gayle is born as Doyle’s older brother (Postype says that they are in their early 20s, Chapter 145 says that Gayle is older and Doyle is younger).

Doyle is born a year after Gayle (Postype says that they are in their early 20s, Chapter 145 says that Gayle is older and Doyle is younger).

Baron Koelt, who was once part of Duke Tain’s jurisdiction and managed various parts of the western region of Tainu with his family, loses everything and his family falls into ruin by the time the previous Duke Tain passes and the new Duke Tain comes into power (Chapter 423 says that they have been part of Duke Tain’s jurisdiction up until a few decades ago, plural indicating at least two decades; Chapter 429 says Lord Koelt is a Baron). Even after their fall, the Koelt family dos not cease their personal dedication to the West; instead, the current Baron Koelt continues to sponsor humble temples his ancestors had supported and assisting orphans in becoming independent (Chapter 423). Baron Willhem often summons him to events like charity parties to reprimand him and remind him that he didn’t matter anymore, but Baron Koelt doesn’t mind as he still comes despite expecting to be ignored (Chapter 423).

20 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Yuder is born (Chapter 17, 0-20=-20).

Kanna is born after Count Hank Gallon spends a night with a maid (Postype, Chapter 55, 0-20=-20). After her birth, the Count neither gives her a name nor a surname, refusing to recognize her as his own flesh and blood (Chapter 55). Kanna and her mother are expelled from the Count’s house and Kanna’s mother rents a small house in the Seventh Wall to raise her daughter (Chapter 55).

Originally, the position of Crown Prince is set to be Kishiar’s, but due to the strong influence of the then Empress, Inella la Orr, at the Imperial Family Meeting, Keilusa la Orr is appointed as the Crown Prince instead. From then on, the late Emperor and Empress Inella have a major dispute over this issue for several years and their relationship is not good (Chapter 110, 0-20=-20).

Baron Willhem gets married to Elise (Chapter 358 says that it is his 20th wedding anniversary so 0.5-20=-19.5). {Later, he and his wife have two daughters, Megalin and Melinda (Chapter 358).}

(Many Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry)

During his childhood, Gakane aimed to join a famous knight order and learned swordsmanship. Later, he had to give up because his family didn’t have the power to afford the necessary funds to become a knight (Chapter 13).

Kiolle mentions seeing Kishiar many times when they were young (Chapter 13).

Kishiar becomes famous for his love affairs as a prince (Chapter 14).

After Kishiar receives his Ducal title, he creates his first organized group of people, the Peletta Knights (Chapter 24).

18 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Kishiar (11) exerts a force beyond the limit of a Misty Wind Horse, causing it to be destroyed and scattered (Chapter 23 says that he is 11 when this happens so -29+11=-18). Kishiar’s father, the previous Emperor, is forced to pay for the horse, which is worth more than a cart of gold, because the incident had angered the Pearl Tower Master (Chapter 23). Kishiar is made to copy the Scriptures a hundred times as punishment (Chapter 23).

Katchian is born (Postype, Chapter 206, 0-18=-18).

Hinn is born as the older twin (Postype, 0-18=-18).

Finn is born as the younger twin (Postype, 0-18=-18).

15 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Lorna Beit joins the Western Mage Union (Chapter 250 says she’s been a mage in the Union for 15 years so 0.5-15=-14.5).

One of Baron Willhem’s special Lyung wine bottles is made around this time (Chapter 324, 0.5-15=-14.5). It is said that this year’s production was particularly good (Chapter 324).

Duke Tain establishes a new system in the Red Deer Consortium wherein the firm can only evaluate and authenticate items brought into Tainu from outside; they no longer have the right to sell (Chapter 332, 0.5-15=-14.5). Officially, it is because of past problems with indiscriminate imports, verifications, and sales; unofficially, it is so that Duke Tain can monopolize the verification process of trade goods in Tainu, delve in illicit, more dangerous trades, and make profit (Chapter 332, Chapter 333).

13 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Nipollen van Tain is born as the youngest of Duke Tain’s five children (Postype, Chapter 348 says he recently turns 13 so 0-13=-13 (Postype) or 0.5-13=-12.5 (Chapter 348)). Because Nipollen is born with a family-specific illness wherein, despite being physically sound and conscious, they would close their mouths and be submerged within themselves, fearing or ignoring unfamiliar external stimuli, Duke Tain hides his existence such that only four of his five children are known (Chapter 344, Chapter 348). After his birth, Duke Tain and Nipollen’s mother never visit or try to see Nipollen again (Chapter 344).

12 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Jimmy is born (Postype, 0-12=-12).

Kishiar bestows Nathan, meaning ‘blessing’, his name when Nathan is 15 (Postype, 27-15=12, 0-12=-12).

8 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Thais Yulman witnesses a fool who vows to create a spell that would force a monster to dance until it dies of exhaustion (Chapter 64, 0-8=-8).

7 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Yuder’s grandfather passes away when Yuder is 13 (Chapter 1 says that he is 13 when this happens so 31-13=18, 11-18=-7). Before he passes, his grandfather leaves Yuder a will advising him not to be greedy (Chapter 1). His grandfather also leaves Yuder with a stone bracelet he had made (Chapter 4, Chapter 12).

Left alone after his grandfather’s death, Yuder becomes responsible for himself. He gathers and sells wood and medicinal herbs to make ends meet (Chapter 1).

Kishiar’s vessel begins to have serious issues, causing him to minimize movement to prevent leakage of life force; Kishiar gradually weakens (Chapter 186 says that it takes five years for Kishiar to reach his limit so -2-5=-7).

Pip, Lenore shand Apeto’s servant, begins to work for the Apeto family (Chapter 208, 0-7=-7).

Graham Willhem, Baron Willhem’s younger brother, begins to work as the adviser of the Red Deer Consortium, taking over the position after his uncle retires (Chapter 332, 0.5-7=-6.5).

4 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Lusan, a novice priest from a humble shrine in the western countryside, is recommended to the Grand Temple by an old priest because of his remarkable divine power (Chapter 131). Although the old priest recommends for him to be quickly moved through a few months of priesthood training before being placed into the Healer’s Guild, Lusan refuses to do things he deemed was wrong even at the risk of his own life and thus fell from grace in the Grand Temple where political maneuvering was often more important than divine power (Chapter 131).

He becomes a novice priest and struggles from being subjected to all kinds of mistreatment at the Grand Temple for four years without receiving an official full priest appointment (Postype, Chapter 131, 0-4=-4).

Keilusa, the current Emperor, becomes infertile due to a crack in his vessel (Chapter 198).

Knowing that it is difficult to have a successor, Emperor Keilusa thinks of adopting one and appointing a child from distant relatives of the imperial family and excluding the nobility as the Crown Prince (Chapter 427). However, the nobles argue that it is unreasonable and that the most qualified person should instead be chosen through fair competition to gain everyone’s approval (Chapter 427).

As a result, an unprecedented situation arises where the position of the Crown Prince is contested and each noble family and imperial family relatives put forth candidates (Chapter 427). Emperor Keilusa finally consents to the competition only after securing a promise that no one would object if his candidate won (Chapter 427).

The candidates for the Crown Prince fight fiercely through several tests, the battles sometimes escalating into life-threatening dangers because of the strength of each family (Chapter 427).

Then, one day, during a hunting competition attended by all the Crown Prince candidates, a serious carriage overturning accident occurs, the incident escalating such that even Emperor Keilusa’s carriage is caught up in it (Chapter 427). Under normal circ*mstances, it would have been a fatal accident, but Emperor Keilusa, desperate to save himself and the Empress, exerts all his power for the first time (Chapter 427). Both Emperor Keilusa and Empress Rosa Faria survive unscathed, but the candidate that Keilusa wanted to adopt as his heir dies and Emperor Keilusa’s vessel also suffers damage (Chapter 427).

After that, Crown Prince Katchian and the Diarca family seizes victory and takes their place and Emperor Keilusa becomes confined and unable to go outside (Chapter 427). During this time, Kishiar is in Peletta (Chapter 427).

{Something bad happens to nearly all the Crown Prince candidates besides Katchian (Chapter 169). Among them, the preferred candidate, someone from the Herne Ducal House, suddenly dies after being confirmed (Chapter 169). Note: Both of these are information from gossiping nobles (Chapter 169).}

Katchian ascends to his position as Crown Prince (Chapter 163 says four years ago during September (the Harvest Festival) so 0.5-4=-3.5=-4). Katchian becomes the adoptive son of Emperor Keilusa through legal means (Chapter 400). The only item Katchian brings with him when he moves into the Bright Palace is a beautiful large mirror given to him by Duke Diarca along with the message to reflect on his status every day (Chapter 204). For four years, Crown Prince Katchian never openly displays his feelings towards Emperor Keilusa or Kishiar, always hiding behind Duke Diarca or attacking through the Duke (Chapter 163).

Although the Four Great Duke Families have a shared history of opposing the Emperor to keep him in check, after the Diarca family win the Crown Prince selection and became increasingly arrogant, the other Duke families begins to feel uneasy and grow more distant from each other (Chapter 171). Cautious of the Diarca family’s growing influence and power, the Apeto family begins to send people to the East, where the Diarca family are strong, to gauge the atmosphere and recruit young nobles (Chapter 171).

Around the time Prince Ejain establishes merit at the national border and is able to leave the border to return to the palace, Melbon passes on Prince Ejain’s information to Durban for the last time, completely severing ties to his former country (Chapter 243 says four years ago so 0.5-4=-3.5, Chapter 244).

3 Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Kanna’s mother dies of illness and Kanna returns to her birth house where she lives a life of contempt, treated not as a daughter but as a maid (Chapter 55, 0-3=-3).

2 Years Before Yuder Joins the Calvary

The Red Stone falls from the sky and lands in the Rik Mountains of the Central Region of the Orr Empire (Chapter 1 says that he is 18 when this happens so 18-13=5, -7+5=-2 or -20+18=-2). The Red Stone fills the world with an energy that began to make people awaken strange abilities regardless of their age or gender. The world’s power structure begins to change for the first time in over 1,000 years with the rise of Awakeners (Chapter 1).

After the Red Stone fell, Awakeners begin to manifest secondary genders (Chapter 3). At first, the secondary genders are considered a divine curse, but the Orr Emperor and Pope officially declares it as the “second gender bestowed by the gods”, calming the fear among the general populace (Chapter 3).

Shortly after the Red Stone fell, Emperor Keilusa sends the troops of the Southern Army posted in the Gulcan region to guard the Red Stone’s landing site (Chapter 24, Chapter 29). In the investigation that follows, it is observed that ordinary soldiers cannot approach the Red Stone, only those who can accumulate aura can get close enough to see it, the Sun God Priests feel that the Red Stone’s energy is different from divine energy, and the mages of the Pearl Tower also find it difficult to approach (Chapter 26). Thanks to the number of soldiers staying, the nearby mountain village becomes a place full of bustling life (Chapter 26). Among the soldiers that have been here for two years are Sunz and Emon (Chapter 29). The number of soldiers gradually increase until General Gino Bordelli arrives in the area a few months before the Red Stone Retrieval Mission (Chapter 29).

Due to exposure to the Red Stone, many soldiers in the area become Awakeners over the next two years (Chapter 29). Also, over the two years, Emperor Keilusa sends court mages, Imperial Knights, and even secretly hired mercenaries to retrieve the Red Stone, but all have failed (Chapter 51). When Kishiar suggests letting him try, Emperor Keilusa begins to help Kishiar set up and form the Cavalry (Chapter 51). Upon Kishiar expressing his desire to form the Cavalry, the East, where the Ducal faction was gaining ground, begins to subtly push back against Awakeners (Chapter 72).

{When Kishiar begins to form the Cavalry, he intends to recruit regionally, but kept running into opposition (Chapter 426). Eventually, Kishiar agrees to a compromise to establish a small unit in the capital first, show its performance, and then negotiate again (Chapter 426). Kishiar is also unable to completely control the recruitment process (Chapter 426). [Note: It is possible that the reason why Kishiar is unable to attend the second round of recruitment as himself instead of an examiner under disguise is because of the opposition (Chapter 426).]}

While protecting and investigating the Red Stone, Emperor Keilusa and Kishiar begin to dream once again of achieving their goals in the now rapidly changing world (Chapter 427).

Although the Red Stone landed quite far from where Yuder lives, the fall of the Red Stone severely affects the small mountain village Yuder sells timber in (Chapter 3).

Ever becomes one of the first awakened individuals to gain fame in the Orr Empire after single-handedly killing a horde of monsters that had came down from the mountains in search of food (Chapter 13).

Similarly, Jimmy (10) becomes one of the first awakened individuals to gain fame in the Orr Empire after he splits a rock with a single branch (Chapter 13 says Jimmy is 10 when he awakens).

Kishiar also is one of the first Awakeners and one of the first people confirmed to have a second gender (Chapter 115). His Awakening and second gender manifestation happen simultaneously (Chapter 115). Before Kishiar’s awakening, Kishiar had been in poor health, enduring and hanging on to life with the encouragement of Emperor Keilusa and Rosa Faria who send many letters (Chapter 164). Right after Kishiar awakens, he manifests and the pain and heat cause Kishiar to think that his last day had come (Chapter 160). Kishiar calls Nathan and asks everyone to evacuate from the castle (Chapter 160). Climbing to the top of the highest tower in the western part of the castle, Kishiar takes the Divine Sword Orr there and tries to kill himself with it (Chapter 160). Instead of being punished by the sword for touching it, Kishiar is chosen instead (Chapter 160). From this day onward, Kishiar’s vessel becomes robust and there hasn’t been a need to contemplate death (Chapter 185). Still, Kishiar can’t move a great deal of power at once because a vessel that nearly broke needs to be used sparingly (Chapter 185).

Shortly after Kishiar’s awakening, Mick Shuden confirms for Kishiar that Kishiar’s vessel has been healed (Chapter 383).

During this year, Kishiar experiences a cycle that lasts one month, the longest duration that he has ever experienced a cycle, because the power does not dissipate properly despite the potion medicine he takes (Chapter 212).

One day, Yuder (18) finds himself able to cut trees without an axe (Chapter 1). He becomes able to cross rivers without getting his feet wet, light fires in the stove without kindling, and attack beasts and monsters by moving stones with just one finger (Chapter 1). He begins to sense energies more keenly (Chapter 10).

When Awakeners first appear, all sorts of mages and priests conduct research to try to understand the source of their power and any peculiarities (Chapter 84). While most conduct their research in public, there are many rumors of those who researched in secret, using inhumane methods that couldn’t be exposed to the world (Chapter 84).

Although Alban, later known as the Warden, was originally dispatched to the east to expand the power of the Apeto family, Alban begins kidnapping Awakeners who were being ostracized in the east with mercenary Awakeners sent from the Apeto main house (Chapter 94). After torturing captive Awakeners, Alban would make them write an oath to work for the Apeto family and send them to the main house (Chapter 94). At the main house, priests would then conduct inhumane research on the Awakeners with the goal of making them give birth to a blessed child, a child that isn’t cursed with the Blood of Blessing in the Apeto bloodline (Chapter 94, Chapter 124). The main objective of the research is to find a clue to resolve the Apeto family blood related issue or to find information that could serve as a weakness for Kishiar, the Awakened Duke Peletta that none of the Apetos liked (Chapter 115). Additional rewards are given for capturing Awakeners with second genders or that are entering their reproductive period (Chapter 94, Chapter 124). {Note: Warden Alban says two years in his testimony and it is said that Beltrail was interested in Awakeners since they first appeared, but the Apetos say one year, meaning that the Warden may have been kidnapping Awakeners for Beltrail or the temple long before any of the other Apetos became interested and started their own research.}

While Aishes shand Apeto, the first son, washes his hands of the research, arguing that it would yield no useful information, Lenore shand Apeto invests heavily in the study a year later, believing in his uncle Beltrail shand Apeto who was interested in studying the Awakeners since they first appeared and desiring to take the successor position from Aishes (Chapter 115).

1 Year Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry

A soldier posted at the Airic region to guard the Red Stone awakens and gains strength comparable to that of a bear (Chapter 29, 0-1=-1).

Kanna awakens the ability to read the information of objects one day while cleaning (Chapter 55, 0-1=-1). Through her ability, she discovers that Count Hank plans to give her to a vicious and despicable noble in marriage for political gain (Chapter 55). From that moment, Kanna begins to plan her escape from the Count’s house (Chapter 55).

Bandits claim a route in the Eastern region and begin demanding a toll from everyone passing through the route (Chapter 68 says they have been there for at least a year, 0-1=-1).

Zakail Hartan quits school in the middle and returns to Hartan (Chapter 85, 0-1=-1). He begins to wander around the nearby villages continuously without any reason, leaving the castle alone to meet with unfamiliar hunters from time to time (Chapter 85, Chapter 88). Finding his youngest son’s actions suspicious and fearing that Zakail would drag other powers into their territory, putting them all in danger, Lord Hartan hastens the inheritance of the lordship to his daughter (Chapter 92).

An individual begins gathering Awakeners throughout the Orr Empire (Chapter 102, 0-1=-1). Whenever a certain number of people are gathered, he would lead them abroad and then return alone to repeat the same thing in another area (Chapter 102).

Revlin shand Apeto, the youngest of seven children and who is born with a weak constitution and struggles to even walk outside of bed, awakens and his health improves significantly until, after a few months, he could walk and run properly (Chapter 124 says post-harvest festival time that he awakens a year and a half ago so 0.5-1.5=-1). When Duke Apeto is aware that Revlin is an Awakener, he calls over his younger brother Beltrail and Beltrail proposes that awakening could alter one’s inherent frailty (Chapter 124). Desiring to usurp the successor position from Aishes, Lenore shand Apeto begins to help Beltrail research Awakeners with the support of Duke Apeto (Chapter 115). Believing that they could eliminate the Blood of Blessing of Apeto, they commit horrible acts, including sexual assault and attempts to make an ordinary human an Awakener by replacing their entire blood with Awakener blood (Chapter 124, Chapter 136). Pip, Lenore’s servant, delivers messages between the two several times and frequently escorts Awakeners brought from various places to the mansion (Chapter 209).

One day, Lenore finds an Awakener the same age as Revlin, even sharing the same birthday, and assigns Dandenion to Revlin as a conversation partner and escort out of charity (Chapter 124). Revlin falls for Dandenion and ends up getting caught pursuing Dandenion by Lenore, causing Dandenion to be dragged away and imprisoned (Chapter 124).

Lusan is put on preparations for the next Harvest Festival’s Sharing of the Sacred Flame ceremony (Chapter 127, 0-1=-1). As a novice priest with no family backing, Lusan is forced to do everything from growing the sacred flames and growing to harvesting and de-thorning the flowers (Chapter 127).

Towards the end of the year, in a rural area in the West, a beast tries to eat their flock, but Gayle and Doyle, two orphaned shepherd brothers, awaken to protect them (Chapter 145 says that they awakened less than a year ago so 0.5-1=-0.5). Shortly after, the two brothers are driven out from their community because of their abilities and, while wandering aimlessly, chance upon a village where many Awakeners gathered by the Star of Nagran resided (Chapter 145). Although the two brothers only desire a peaceful and stable life, Nahan and the Star of Nagran give them swords, telling them that they should train because they had combat abilities (Chapter 176). At some point in time, Hosanna, who is kind to them, asks them to help Nahan and the two begin following Nahan and Hosanna around to save Awakeners (Chapter 145).

Back when the Great Sarain Forest isn’t so dangerous, Marty and her younger brother, who were struggling to make a living in Nelarn, plan to go to the Orr Empire (Chapter 354 says about a year ago so 0.5-1=-0.5). When they encounter a monster, the younger brother dies and Marty nearly dies as well, but the Star of Nagran villagers save her (Chapter 354). This is the first time Marty sees a real Awakener (Chapter 354). Due to their kindness, Marty decides to stay and work in the village even after recovering from her injuries (Chapter 354). {At first, there are only good people in the village, but as the original Awakeners leave and the number of ordinary people increase, the Awakeners begin to divide into two factions (Chapter 354). This conflict reaches its peak a year later when monsters increase (Chapter 354).}

Duke Tain begins a new investment business, joining hands with powerful figures in a country to the west and opening a new base in the Great Sarain Forest to covertly bring in things that are illegal to import, among which are people (Chapter 348 says that Duke Tain has been doing this for over a year so 0.5-1.5=-1). Through Baron Willhem, Duke Tain hides secretly smuggled people in Tainu before redistributing them to the capital and southern regions (Chapter 352). A mansion on a secluded hill slightly away from the other mansions in Tainu gets remodeled into an auction house for the Tainu Merchant Joint Auction (Chapter 413, Chapter 414).

At the end of this year’s auction in Tainu, astonishing items begin to appear, causing a stir (Chapter 351, Chapter 374 says last year so 0.5-1=-0.5). The secretive items include but are not limited to new drugs, dangerous magic tools, and even foreign fighters that are traded between illegal fight clubs (Chapter 374). At the same time, Baron Willhem hosts a charity party, inviting various nobles of the West to enjoy festivities and raise funds for the development of the West (Chapter 374). Among the overlapping events, there are guests who involve themselves in secret trade (Chapter 374).

Rumors among merchants, mercenaries, and the Western Mage Union begin about witnessing very ordinary-looking strangers, possibly for human trafficking, in the Great Sarain Forest (Chapter 269 says for about a year so 0.5-1=-0.5).

(Some Years Before Yuder Joins the Cavalry)

Emperor Keilusa begins to not participate in political discussions, citing health reasons for his absence (Chapter 18)

Dermilla, Devran’s little sister, and Zachlis, Lord Hartan’s eldest son and Zakail Hartan’s older brother, fall in love (Chapter 83). Knowing his father would never approve of his marriage to a commoner, Zachlis enlists in a faraway Knight Order to avoid his father’s eyes and promises to return for Dermilla (Chapter 83).

Sometime later, Zachlis apologizes to Dermilla for accidentally revealing to Zakail his plan to marry her and leave Hartan forever after establishing a new base in the Knight’s Order (Chapter 85 says it happens a few years before Yuder joins the Cavalry).

Sometime later, Zachlis becomes the Deputy Commander of the Silver Cross Knights despite his young age (Chapter 75). {Years later, some days before the Cavalry’s first vacation, the relationship is discovered and the Lord tries to force Dermilla to marry a widowed murderer in the neighboring village (Chapter 83).}

First Timeline 0

0, The Year Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Time reveals that Awakeners can advance their abilities beyond their initial awakening level if they meet certain conditions (Chapter 1). As leaders of various countries consider how to treat the newly empowered people, the Orr Empire becomes the first to establish an organization for Awakeners and announces throughout the Empire that Awakeners could join if they prove their power in the capital and swear to use their ability only for the Empire and Emperor (Chapter 1, Chapter 2).

The Cavalry becomes the first system to give power and status to Awakeners instead of oppressing them unconditionally (Chapter 2).

Yuder (20) hears news of the Cavalry’s open recruitment to all Awakeners while selling wood in the secluded mountain village (Chapter 1, Chapter 2 says that he (mentally 31) had awakened 13 years ago when he was 18 years old, not 11 years ago. This sets his entry into the Cavalry 2 years after his awakening).

Looking for adventure and success, Yuder packs his belongings and leaves home (Chapter 1). Yuder visits the capital for the first time after almost a fortnight (two weeks) of traveling (Chapter 1, Chapter 22). He finds lodging in an inn named the Giant’s Sleep (Chapter 1).

While Yuder prepares for the Cavalry entry test and stays in his room, Gakane Bolunwald, another guest at the inn, visits him once and invites him to breakfast (Chapter 2). Having no experience with interacting with strangers and feeling discomforted and wary in the capital that was much different from the quiet mountain environment he was used to at the time, Yuder rejects him and Gakane leaves, embarrassed. The two barely see each other until Gakane dies one year into the future (Chapter 2).

Yuder finds out that the Cavalry test required separate registration the day before registration to take the test ended. He registers just before registration closes (Chapter 3).

Because the officials at registration think that Kanna is lying about being an Awakener, Kanna’s application is rejected (Chapter 4).

Due to the large number of people wanting to join the Cavalry, the tests are conducted over three days within the Imperial Knights’ compound for those who have completed registration (Chapter 4). The results are determined immediately (Chapter 4).

300 Awakeners, including Yuder, pass the Cavalry test (Chapter 2). Among the Awakeners to pass is Jimmy (12) who had left his supportive parents to pass the test (Chapter 13 says Jimmy is 12 years old when he passes the Cavalry test).

For the following months since the Cavalry test ended, the newly recruited Cavalry members are pushed to the brink of death as Kishiar experimented with them to develop a system of standardized training methods for each Awakener (Chapter 7).

In the time when Yuder has just joined the Cavalry, Yuder enjoys training late into the night (Chapter 308). Occasionally, Kishiar would show up unexpectedly and give some advice to him, watching his movements before leaving (Chapter 308). During one night, Kishiar asks Yuder to go to Peletta during one of their conversations (Chapter 308).

After the third month of training and Kishiar’s announcement of the three divisions, Yuder chooses to enter the Sul Division without hesitation (Chapter 8). When Yuder enters Kishiar’s office, Yuder notices the Divine Sword Orr first despite the other attractions in the room and the protective barrier of the scabbard that hid the sword’s aura (Chapter 10). This causes Kishiar to show great interest in Yuder for the first time (Chapter 10).

Yuder becomes the Deputy Commander of the Sul Division (Chapter 8). Due to being in different divisions and Kishiar being busy taking care of his subordinates with personal guidance in training, Yuder barely sees Kishiar (Chapter 8).

Ever becomes the Deputy Commander of the Shin Division (Chapter 13). No Jung Deputy Commander is assigned because of the low number of members (Chapter 56).

Directly after the induction ceremony wherein Cavalry members received last names if they hadn’t had one already, Gakane invites Yuder to a celebration party at a pub (Chapter 19). Yuder turns down the invitation and spends the rest of the day training alone at the training grounds (Chapter 19).

After the induction ceremony, Kishiar personally collects the Red Stone from the Rik Mountains with two Awakeners from Shin, two from Sul, and one from Jung (Chapter 3, Chapter 21). During the mission that is around a week long, Kishiar becomes known as the owner of the Divine Sword after he is forced to draw the Divine Sword to deal with a surprise attack from enemy assassins (Chapter 16, Chapter 22). This incident becomes the first and last time Kishiar will use the Divine Sword (Chapter 16). When Kishiar returns with the other members and the Red Stone wrapped in layers of cloth, Kishiar is the only one who looks unusually, extremely fatigued (Chapter 25).

The day after his return, Kishiar places the Red Stone in a transparent magic stone box and presents it to Emperor Keilusa (Chapter 26). The Red Stone is then given to the archmages of the Pearl Tower to refine (Chapter 3, Chapter 26).

In the meantime, the Sul Division spends most of their training to enhance their individual attributes and to develop more accurate and powerful abilities (Chapter 12). Meanwhile, the Shin Division learn various techniques for using different weapons and how to protect others while coordinating their breathing (Chapter 12). Of all the weapon techniques Kishiar demands the Shin and Sul Divisions to put the most effort into learning, it is the sword which is traditionally treated as superior and the martial arts of nobles (Chapter 12).

An event commemorating the harvest season, the Autumn Harvest Festival, is held. Although the Cavalry makes many mistakes in the Grand Parade, becoming a spectacle for the nobles, the Cavalry are encouraged by the fact that they stood among nobles with dignity and also that they were able to show their faces on the official stage in front of the entire continent for the first time (Chapter 106, Chapter 117).

In general, the Autumn Harvest Festival is one of the most significant events in the continent (Chapter 111). The Pope himself leads the worship and prayer events from an outdoor altar at the main temple of the Sun God. There is a grand parade featuring the Imperial Knights of the Palace, specially selected Elite Imperial Troops, renowned Knights, and mages from various provinces. Not to mention, countless other major and minor events and competitions are held throughout the city for several days (Chapter 111).

Yuder’s second gender manifestation happens suddenly (Chapter 4 says a few months after Yuder joins the Cavalry, but Chapter 155 says that his second gender manifestation during the Harvest Festival happens earlier in the second timeline, setting his first second gender manifestation in the first timeline after the Harvest Festival). That day, Kishiar is utterly exhausted, being near his heat (and possibly cycle) and having been up for several nights and insisting on finishing all his work before resting (Chapter 159, Chapter 220). While Yuder is reporting about the day’s training in Kishiar’s office, he suddenly collapses, a disoriented Kishiar catches him, and the contact causes both of their barely maintained balances to shatter (Chapter 159). When Yuder’s consciousness finally reawakens, a week has passed (Chapter 159). Kishiar, who had awakened before him, apologizes while Yuder tells him it’s not his fault (Chapter 159). It is a case of unfortunate timing: Yuder’s first heat coincides with the onset of his second gender manifestation and an alpha Awakener on the verge of his own heat is present (Chapter 159). Although Yuder understands the reality, however, since that day, Yuder can no longer treat Kishiar as he once had (Chapter 159). Yuder becomes an omega with no scent (Chapter 159). Kishiar promises to try to figure out what happens to them (Chapter 159).

In addition to his, there are quite a number more incidents among Cavalry members who suddenly manifest their second gender, including a time when Awakeners facing a second gender manifestation influences those with potential around them, leading to a chain of manifestations (Chapter 111).

During this time, Yuder and Kishiar often spend the night together, causing Yuder to often see Kishiar working late into the night, his study illuminated only be a single lantern (Chapter 106).

Although they often sleep together, they never lay facing each other or look at each other’s faces (Chapter 313). Once Kishiar begins, he hardly lets go and Yuder would often find himself on the brink of losing consciousness before the night ends (Chapter 339).

Kishiar often goes out and returns at night under a disguise, changing his appearance frequently (Chapter 192). After initially asking him where he was going and receiving a reply to ask, Yuder writes it off as nighttime fun or rendezvous with lovers and completely ignores it (Chapter 192).

Yuder grows accustomed to Kishiar disappearing for days at a time without a trace (Chapter 211).

Sometimes, Yuder would be flabbergasted by Kishiar’s sudden strange touches in the middle of a perfectly normal conversation (Chapter 327). Whenever Kishiar teases him by asking him to come closer to talk and then pulling him into his lap, Yuder would struggle to rise immediately (Chapter 391).

Kishiar begins to hire Awakeners to handle administrative and managerial work while expanding the Cavalry (Chapter 140).

(Some Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry)

A few years after the establishment of the Cavalry, other countries belatedly realize that it was better to give some power and status to Awakeners than to suppress them (Chapter 2). Despite establishing organizations like the Cavalry, however, the reform happened too late and the irreversible rift between the ruling class and the Awakeners that had formed caused those countries to fall into civil war (Chapter 2).

After some trial and error, the number of successful candidates to pass the Cavalry entry test decreases from the second recruitment onwards (Chapter 6). When a system for continuous recruitment and testing of specialized personnel is set up, the number of successful candidates dwindle to the point where not even one person passes in a month (Chapter 6).

Fissures begin to appear in the world, the climate begins to change, natural disasters begin to occur, divine power begins to become hidden, and a strange madness and distrust begins to circulate among the people among many other problems in the world (Chapter 2). Yuder tries to speak to people and ask for help to solve these problems, but no one would listen to him (Chapter 1, Chapter 2).

Discrimination begins as more information regarding secondary gender comes to light (Chapter 3). Openly asking about someone’s secondary gender becomes considered impolite (Chapter 20).

The Cavalry surpass the Imperial Knights in prestige, gains the Emperor’s trust and takes over half of the buildings that has once belonged to the Imperial Knights as well as half of the newly built buildings in general (Chapter 5).

The Cavalry also surpasses the mages in prestige. Feeling their fate of being replaced by the Cavalry, the mages begin to go beyond the limit to resist their fate, interfere with the Cavalry, and launch cunning attacks against the Cavalry (Chapter 22).

A few years after joining the Cavalry, Hinn and Finn leave the Cavalry and return to their hometown (Chapter 6).

Due to how only the Cavalry could resolve the ever-growing catastrophes, the Cavalry members quickly experience drastic increases in social status, promotions, and power. Soon, they grow so much in power that even traditional powerhouses like the Imperial Knights and Pearl Tower mages are unable to suppress the Cavalry (Chapter 11). The only ones able to protect the Empire and world are the Cavalry (Chapter 17).

At some point in time, someone tries to poison Yuder (Chapter 21). Through this assassination attempt, Yuder realizes that he can ‘get drunk’ on alcohol mixed with monster fluids (Chapter 21). Since discovering this, Yuder always keeps a bottle of monster blood mixed drink and consumes it alone when he wants to experience the sensation of intoxication: deadened emotions awakening and flames igniting his cold flesh that has long been devoid of human warmth (Chapter 392). Because of this however, the sinister rumors surrounding him increase (Chapter 392).

A few years after Yuder becomes Commander, Gino retires, and his subordinate succeeds him to the General position (Chapter 25). After retirement, Gino disappears, making it impossible to locate him (Chapter 25). Around the time of General Gino’s retirement, a special unit led by Sunz Messial is secretly formed within the army (Chapter 27).

After a few years, it becomes known in the world that abilities could be developed and grow alongside their owners (Chapter 30).

At some point in time, Yuder becomes seriously injured while carrying out a secret mission for Emperor Katchian (Chapter 66). While he hides briefly near the slums, he meets Enon who helps him and also shares more information than most information guilds without hesitation (Chapter 66). After several years of knowing Enon who calls himself Yuder’s elder brother, and when a disaster spreads across the world and Yuder starts to chase signs of something strange, Enon mentions that he needed to leave the capital to find out something and disappears, leaving a final letter about his identity in his pharmacy for Yuder (Chapter 66, Chapter 335). Because of his experiences with Enon, Yuder concludes that Enon was a person he could trust no matter what and this trust carries over with him to the next round (Chapter 107).

There are nobles who used Awakeners as slaves, but because it was akin to buying skilled slaves from other countries, it was treated as private affairs of higher ups that couldn’t be infringed upon (Chapter 82).

A few years later, after Yuder had been away from the Empire for a long time to investigate a massive earthquake that marked the beginning of a disaster and the appearance of a monster from a crevice in the ground, Yuder hears of the Star of Nagran among rumors in the social circles (Chapter 136). There is a rumor that a Sage is leading numerous followers all over the continent, teaching foreign kings and nobles (Chapter 136). As time passed, the Sage and Star of Nagran grows their influence, resembling a massive religious group, and even Emperor Katchian starts to show interest in the Sage who appeared in the Sun Place looking like an old and wise mage (Chapter 136). Eventually, after investigating the Sage secretly for a long time however, Yuder discovers that the Sage had the ability to influence moods and is connected to the Star of Nagran terrorist group that was thought to have collapsed because of internal division (Chapter 136). On Emperor Katchian’s orders, Yuder kills him but this makes many enemies for Yuder (Chapter 136).

At some point in time, Yuder sees the animated armor knight in Deluma Palace (Chapter 143).

During his reign, Emperor Katchian frequently kills people who anger him or spoke ill of him indirectly in secret (Chapter 151). Katchian’s favorite poison was one that caused people to be thirsty (Chapter 151). Katchian and a few other nobles would use this poison so often that they even start a trend for mixing weak and strong poisons for assassinations (Chapter 154).

At some point in time, Ever single-handedly jumps into a horde of about 100 monsters and takes them all down in an instant (Chapter 191).

At some point in time, Ever cuts her long hair short and a long scar appears on her cheek (Chapter 293). Before the Eldore siblings leave the Cavalry, they grow so tall that no one can treat them as children (Chapter 293).

Duke Tain lives comfortably even after Emperor Katchian’s ascension (Chapter 340). Since Duke Tain has always kept a low profile and prioritized imperial matters without causing any threats to the Emperor’s authority, Emperor Katchian never becomes wary of him and even shows mercy (Chapter 340). Duke Tain keeps his four children low-key (Chapter 341). Although Pruelle is the oldest, Duke Tain’s successor is his younger sister (Chapter 341, Chapter 345).

Calanesa is smuggled in from other countries and indiscriminately spread in various forms (Chapter 388). Later, Yuder first sees this drug in in a case of illegal fighting in the South and then in many parties as the drug secretly spreads among the nobles (Chapter 388).

1 Year After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Aishes, the original heir, dies suddenly (Chapter 124 says that it happens before Katchian becomes Emperor). Although there are numerous thorough investigations because of suspicions of foul play, it is concluded that his death occurred because of natural causes (Chapter 124).

“Unusually early monster hordes numbering in the hundreds have been observed, and in the neighboring Western nations, including Durban, several cities have already suffered significant damage (Chapter 214). Several Knight Orders head to the West first to prevent the Orr Empire from suffering a similar fate, but the Knight Orders suffer near-annihilation (Chapter 214). Many border villages and the Western Mage Union also have been destroyed due to a mass monster outbreak (Chapter 252). When the Empire’s forces are unable to properly respond and Duke Tain could no longer ignore the monsters right at his doorstep of his main territory, the overlooked Cavalry are quickly pushed towards the West for their first official mission (Chapter 214). Though the Cavalry didn’t have sufficient time to prepare, they manage to have a glorious victory at first but then the onslaught of ceaseless monsters appearing whenever they let their guard down and sabotage from others cause the Cavalry to suffer many losses (Chapter 214). That most monster information they have learned in previous classes is useless and incomplete and some monsters they have encountered are entirely new makes the mission more difficult (Chapter 218).

Although Commander Kishiar personally enters the battlefield multiple times, it takes more than three months to fully suppress the monsters (Chapter 214). By that time, many of the original members are either seriously injured or killed, including Gakane, shaking the Cavalry (Chapter 214). Despite the need to stabilize the group as their unrest grew, Kishiar instead designates Yuder as his successor and becomes frequently absent. The situation reached a peak of chaos when Emperor Keilusa also left the world around the same time. In the end, many members who had believed and followed the Commander either defected or fled. The remaining members could never return to their previous lives (Chapter 214). It was a miracle that the Cavalry did not disband then (Chapter 214).”

The archmages of the Pearl Tower finish refining the Red Stone after removing impurities from it for a year (Chapter 3). Due to the rough refining process, the original power of the World Sphere is severely damaged and sealed (Chapter 21).

Since the refining process has finished, the stone has been called the World Sphere (Chapter 3). The World Sphere is taken to be enshrined and sealed in the deepest part of the sacred forest north of the capital (Chapter 20). The Cavalry are tasked with the duty of guarding it (Chapter 20). After the Red Stone became the World Sphere, Emperor Keilusa never checks on the Red Stone again, causing Yuder to speculate that the Emperor found the Red Stone insignificant (Chapter 25). Nevertheless, a law is passed prohibiting Awakeners from using their abilities around the World Sphere (Chapter 38)

When the West suffers heavy damage from monsters, Baron Willhem dies while fleeing the area (Chapter 323 says Baron Willhem dies before anyone sees his face so it is before the Cavalry get assigned the Western Subjugation Mission).

On Yuder’s first mission, Yuder realizes that his ability doesn’t work against monsters or anything beyond that which is born and grown in this world, uses his sword instead, and fights alone until reinforcements arrive (Chapter 222). In the battle, ten people are injured; Yuder is the only one severely injured enough to need a priest (Chapter 222). After the chaotic battle, he only wraps his nearly severed arms in a bandage without receiving proper treatment and borrows a barn to rest (Chapter 222). Yuder wakes up on his straw bed to Kishiar who helps him drink three cups of water (Chapter 221). Kishiar asks Yuder what happened and Yuder gives a report while remembering everyone’s anger and upset towards him (Chapter 222). Yuder tells Kishiar that he’ll step down as soon as dawn breaks, resign from Deputy Commander, and accept any punishment Kishiar decides to give him (Chapter 222). Kishiar tells him that if Yuder should be punished despite no one being able to predict that his power wouldn’t work against monsters, then Kishiar should be the one responsible and punished for having sent him (Chapter 222). Yuder tells him to just punish him, anything to finally quell the angry voices (Chapter 222). Even though Yuder would have to return home alone, even bite his belongings with his mouth because his arms were injured, Yuder didn’t care anymore and wanted to escape the unbearably awkward and weird atmosphere between him and Kishiar, and forget the dark memory of being forced to commit an unforgivable sin (Chapter 222). Kishiar reminds Yuder that no one knows the limits or full capabilities of their power yet and has Yuder light a fire to some straw (Chapter 222). Yuder doubts he can do it, but Kishiar reassures him to try (Chapter 222). Yuder stares at the fire he makes and Kishiar assigns him to find ten ways to indirectly clean up the ashes (Chapter 222). After assigning him the homework, Kishiar covers Yuder’s eyes and Yuder, still exhausted, falls asleep (Chapter 222). While Yuder is asleep, Kishiar uses divine power to treat Yuder until full recovery (Chapter 222, Chapter 400). {Because it is Yuder’s first injury, Yuder just thought that he recovers faster than others, but after becoming a Commander, the injuries he receives from monsters heal slower than injuries acquired by other reasons and the scars did not fade easily (Chapter 222).}

A few days later, Yuder begins to use his power indirectly against monsters (Chapter 222). In the next battle, Yuder drives hundreds of monsters into a narrow valley with the help of others and collapses the entire cliff, winning a great victory that earns him the title of Count (Chapter 222). Several landscapes in the West are changed, but the battle is deemed a historic battle recorded in the history books (Chapter 222). Directly after the battle however, Yuder experiences deep exhaustion for the first time and tells Kishiar that he’s found all ten methods to remove the ashes before he faints in Kishiar’s hands (Chapter 285).

After a few more appearances, Yuder hardly participates directly in any more battles due to intense check (Chapter 222).

At some point in time within the Western Monster Subjugation, Yuder heads to a village occupied by monsters and meets Baron Koelt who is leading several people in flight from that village (Chapter 429 says that Baron Koelt is unlike others who avoided the Cavalry and Yuder is able to clear the monsters so this is after Yuder’s first and second missions). Baron Koelt looks so miserable that Yuder never thought he could be a noble (Chapter 429). In their brief encounter that lasted just a few minutes, Baron Koelt helps the Cavalry, providing a suitable place to rest and sharing information about the terrain (Chapter 429).

Small monsters resembling Pethuamet cause significant crop damage due to the monsters’ instinct to devour everything in their path like swarms of locusts (Chapter 274).

At some point in time, the Western Mage Union’s base collapses and the mages die (Chapter 275). Without mages to suppress the Great Sarain Forest’s growth, the magically constructed and supported structures and open paths are destroyed and returned to the forest within a week (Chapter 275). Since Pearl Tower has already given up any hope for the Magic Spring research, no one checks on the base and the poorly amplified Magic Spring is left neglected (Chapter 275). Eventually, while the base and ruins are left neglected, one monster absorbs the remnants of the broken amplification magic circle (Chapter 275). After growing bigger, the giant Pethuamet kills many people and destroys many long-standing villages and cities of the West (Chapter 285, Chapter 292).

One day, after fighting many small monsters resembling Pethuamet, Yuder fights a particularly larger individual, one as large as a small mountain (Chapter 271, Chapter 273, Chapter 271 says that Yuder is a Deputy Commander, making the battle with Pethuamet before Yuder is made the Cavalry Commander candidate/successor). The Cavalry lay siege to it for many days, even collapses a mountain under it (Chapter 273). Eventually, Kishiar comes out onto the battlefield and pulls Yuder out of the way of its tail just in time (Chapter 271). Yuder considers the situation and suggests that Kishiar retreats because he doesn’t want to bear the problem of an imperial family member dying (Chapter 271). Yuder offers to buy time while Kishiar takes the injured Cavalry members and goes (Chapter 271). Instead, Kishiar, without a single weapon, boldly approaches Pethuamet (Chapter 272). This day, Yuder loses his confidence in defeating Kishiar (Chapter 272). After Kishiar leads the half-maimed monster to the cliff Yuder had set a trap nearby and collapsed under it before, Yuder orders a retreat to the Cavalry members and rushes to them (Chapter 272). Kishiar cuts Pethuamet’s tongue and causes it to fall into Yuder’s lethal trap, but the exertion causes him to bleed from his nose, mouth, and ears and he collapses with the crumbling cliff (Chapter 272). Despite being injured and exhausted himself, Yuder uses the last of his strength to catch Kishiar and wrap their bodies in wind as they fall off the mountain (Chapter 272). Yuder faints momentarily from ability overuse, but Kishiar wakes up shortly after landing and rebukes Yuder for not retreating and almost dying doing something pointless (Chapter 273). After killing the monster, the Cavalry realizes that its weaknesses are its tongue and certain soft internal organs (Chapter 273).

Not long after the Red Stone Retrieval mission and just before Yuder becomes Commander of the Cavalry, Emperor Keilusa passes away (Chapter 11, Chapter 49). No one doubts that his death is because of natural disease (Chapter 400).

After Emperor Keilusa’s death, Yuliver Ark disappears (Chapter 50).

Katchian becomes Emperor (Chapter 104). Since Katchian never once opposes Duke Diarca before ascending the throne, people speculate that Katchian is merely Duke Diarca’s puppet and Duke Diarca is the real Emperor even after becoming Emperor (Chapter 166). {As an extremely careful person who cared more than anyone else about maintaining his position, Katchian, sensitive to external recognition, pays considerable attention to state affairs and skillfully pacifies and collaborate with nobles (Chapter 166). Later, however, because of Katchian’s suspicious and stubborn nature, and how he was relentless if he ever suspected someone of coveting his position, Katchian begins using Yuder as a tool of punishment whenever the Emperor suspected someone of treason (Chapter 166). The reason why Katchian has Yuder killing Kishiar is because of the suspicion of Duke Peletta’s rebellion which has been bubbling beneath the surface throughout the first year of his reign (Chapter 166).}

After Emperor Keilusa passes away and Emperor Katchian ascends the throne, Kishiar nominates Yuder as his successor and begins to take more excursions to his fief, Peletta Duchy (Chapter 104). Rumors circulate on how the reason why Kishiar is relinquishing his Commander position is because of conflicts with Katchian (Chapter 104). Since Katchian is from a Ducal family that is unfriendly towards Awakeners, many Cavalry members fear that the Cavalry would be disbanded after Kishiar officially resigns (Chapter 104). They wish for Kishiar to do something about the situation, but Kishiar does nothing, not even disclose his intentions or plan to his successor, causing the Cavalry’s fear and unease to grow and be directed fully to Yuder, the common-born successor designated by Kishiar (Chapter 104).

Gakane’s death occurs after the death of Pethuamet and in the final stages of the Western Monster Subjugation (Chapter 295).

One day, while Yuder is being trained by Kishiar and because Yuder’s deployment is stopped due to many nobles’ and various powers’ obstruction and protest towards the Cavalry, the Cavalry’s opponents not wanting Yuder to achieve another astonishing victory in the West where everyone else had given up, a monster subjugation team without Yuder is dispatched to suppress a monster (Chapter 104, Chapter 295). Gakane, who was on the team, ends up dying in an accident (Chapter 2, Chapter 3 says that Gakane had died before the Red Stone was made the World Sphere, Chapter 104 has one Cavalry member say that Gakane had to go instead of Yuder on the monster subjugation team because Kishiar takes Yuder away from the team for successor training lessons. This makes Gakane’s death after Kishiar nominates Yuder as his successor but before the Red Stone is made the World Sphere). Yuder hears that Gakane dies while standing up for his comrades during the monster subjugation (Chapter 386). Gakane’s body is found torn in the chest, in a horrifying condition, making many Cavalry members angry and pained when they learn that they had survived thanks to his sacrifice (Chapter 386).

When Gakane among some other Cavalry members dies, the Cavalry’s mood and attitude towards Yuder gets worse because some members blame Yuder for his death and others think that Yuder has it easier than them because he doesn’t have to go on as many monster subjugation missions (Chapter 104).

After Kishiar nominates Yuder to succeed him as the Commander, each day is filled with insults struck like blows at the back of Yuder’s head and colleagues constantly picking fights with him (Chapter 104, Chapter 105). Yuder, having neither the will to change the situation nor the inclination to persistently make excuses, chooses to retaliate firmly, either ignoring such perceptions of him or forcefully suppressing them when they became too irritating (Chapter 297). Whenever Yuder clashes with other Cavalry members, Kishiar would sigh and offer advice, but Yuder preferred to force compliance rather than try to understand and follow the advice (Chapter 297). He would become faintly infuriated whenever Kishiar, presuming to understand his situation, would add more and more to his counsel (Chapter 297).

One day, when five colleagues mention the rumor that Yuder offered his body to Kishiar for the Commander position among other insults and curses, Yuder gets mad and offers them the position if any of them could defeat him in a duel (Chapter 103, Chapter 104). Yuder thoroughly beats them and dumps them in the middle of the dining hall for all Cavalry members to see (Chapter 104). Yuder gets angry because everyone blames and insults only him, not Kishiar, and because of the frustration that he couldn’t deny the rumors because of the incident that had really happened (Chapter 104).

After Yuder beats up the five Cavalry members, Kishiar returns and meets with Yuder, to convince him that violence is not the only way he should use to gain respect from the Cavalry members (Chapter 104). Yuder asks why Kishiar isn’t choosing another person to be his successor when there are others, though not as powerful as him, who are competent and even have higher status; Yuder just wants to focus on his training (Chapter 104). Kishiar tells Yuder that he chose Yuder not because of his strength, but because of his keen eyesight, his ability to calmly assess a situation regardless of what it may be, something Kishiar confesses and demonstrates he doesn’t have by pulling Yuder into his lap and touching him (Chapter 104, Chapter 105). In their conversation, Kishiar mentions a tactical game he taught Yuder and indirectly tells Yuder who is oblivious to the analogy that Yuder is his ‘special piece’ (Chapter 105).

After Kishiar names Yuder as his successor, Kishiar would frequently be absent from the Cavalry compound (Chapter 104). Whenever he returns, he would call for Yuder and teach him many things, set future policies, and instill a sense of responsibility and the mindset needed for a leader in Yuder (Chapter 104). Kishiar would also train Yuder by doing things like creating sudden circ*mstances where multiple things had to be handled simultaneously to see how Yuder would cope (Chapter 67).

Other things that Kishiar would teach him are:

  • How to stand in the position of the Cavalry Commander, how to endure in a court filled with hyenas, and even how to live as an Omega and an empowered person after Awakening (Chapter 10).
  • Some principles like making rational judgments and not relying on power alone to solve problems as they might lead to worse problems later on (Chapter 28).
  • Rhetoric tips to use in conversation (Chapter 143).
  • The art of the strategy game and the metaphors nobles often made about the strategy game (Chapter 178).
  • Other essential skills for nobles (Chapter 178).

Although Kishiar teaches Yuder many things, it is always a one-sided education, not a flexible experience (Chapter 389).

At some point in time, Yuder spars with Nathan (Chapter 11).

Before stepping down from his position as Commander, Kishiar leaves some western-born members behind for cleanup after the Western Monster Subjugation is almost settled (Chapter 426). Kishiar promotes the place to the first Cavalry branch, which later becomes the prototype for many branches throughout the Orr Empire (Chapter 426). The flawless branch system enables the Cavalry to facilitate national Awakener management, something that other countries envy (Chapter 426).

During Yuder’s Commander inauguration ceremony, Yuder receives the name Yudrein Ail along with the title of Count (Chapter 164). On that day, Kishiar kisses Yuder’s hand, an act that often symbolizes ultimate affection (Chapter 374).

Sometime before Kishiar retires to Peletta, Empress Rosa Faria la Orr also passes away (Chapter 293).

After Yuder becomes Commander, Kishiar retires and returns to the Peletta Duchy (Chapter 21). Yuder tidies up his original house and then spends his whole life in the barracks (Chapter 31). Although Emperor Katchian gives Yuder several houses after his promotion, Yuder never feels attached to them, having always stayed in the small room in the top corner of the Cavalry building (Chapter 8).

Although Yuder thinks that their physical relationship would not continue once Kishiar returns to Peletta, it takes less than ten days for Kishiar to secretly intrude his office (Chapter 291).

After Yuder becomes Commander, Emperor Katchian commands Yuder not to take interest in anything other than what he was specifically ordered to, and strictly prohibits him from taking independent action without permission (Chapter 82).

Not long after Yuder becomes Commander, Duke Diarca dies of an illness and his eldest son, Kironne de Diarca, succeeds him (Chapter 86).

When the Jung Division grows in number, Yuder adds a Deputy Commander position for it (Chapter 56).

Shortly after Emperor Katchian ascends the throne, all kinds of crimes, including human trafficking and illegal fighting arenas, increase out of control (Chapter 269). {Eventually, Yuder has to suppress them as the Cavalry Commander (Chapter 269). Many noble families involved in the events lose their property and Emperor Katchian gains a lot of fame (Chapter 269). According to investigation, the Tain family are not involved (Chapter 269). This perhaps happens a year later (Chapter 423).}

Since taking the throne, Emperor Katchian pours a lot of money and effort into commercial policies with the goal of recovering the devastated Western region and to initiate changes in the Empire that are completely opposite to the imperial policies of Emperor Keilusa’s reign (Chapter 345). As a result, the Orr Empire begins trading with other countries much more actively. They also interact with the South despite long-ingrained negative perceptions of Southerners from the past White Sand Wars (Chapter 390). In the beginning of these economic policies, Emperor Katchian is praised a lot (Chapter 345).

Inspired by the tale of how the amount of magic power a mage can absorb without burdening the heart varies innately, Yuder discovers the presence of a mana hole within the body of an Awakener (Chapter 185). The existence of the mana hole, an organ for using, absorbing, storing, and releasing energy is revealed to the world (Chapter 36, Chapter 185).

In a foreign country, a Swordmaster awakens (Chapter 42).

Prince Ejain returns home through the Great Sarain Forest after hearing that King Nelarn’s health is deteriorating due to his chronic illness. Although King Nelarn promises to bequeath the throne to Ejain, the opposition is fierce because Ejain’s four brothers have made an alliance against Ejain who has demonstrated the most ability (Chapter 241). Ejain’s greatest allies are the common people and his subordinates who had watched him triumph over neighboring countries in disputes (Chapter 241).

Ejain Afnan Nelarn, the second prince of Nelarn, becomes an Awakener (Chapter 173). After sorting everything out, he becomes King (Chapter 214). At some point in time, King Ejain gains two epithets: The Silver King Followed By Six Stars and Guardian of the Barrier (Chapter 238).

At some point in time, Yuder meets King Ejain as the second Cavalry Commander and an ambassador representing the Orr Empire (Chapter 244). To Yuder, Ejain is like an iron wall; Yuder barely senses any human emotion from his expressionless face as he sat on the throne (Chapter 246). The people of Nelarn admire King Ejain who had strengthened the country and protected them but were always troubled despite him having never committed any tyranny (Chapter 246).

When Yuder first hears rumors about Kishiar’s suspected rebellion, Yuder’s immediate thought is that it is ridiculous; Kishiar is too frivolous to start a rebellion and everything about Kishiar seems meaningless (Chapter 400). Kishiar abandons his handcrafted Cavalry without regret, shows no sadness at his brother’s death, escaped Peletta and visited him because he had no gaming partners; Yuder cannot fathom what Kishiar is living for (Chapter 400).

Although officially Kishiar has never set foot in the capital since he has left his position as the Cavalry Commander and returned to Peletta and despite the many eyes and ears Emperor Katchian places around Peletta to report even the times he uses the restroom, Kishiar routinely evades them and intrudes into Yuder’s bedroom (Chapter 291).

One day, after Yuder returns to his bedroom in the Cavalry after spending a few days at the Imperial Palace at Emperor Katchian’s summon, he encounters Kishiar who had snuck into his room through the window at dawn to play a strategy game (Chapter 291). Yuder never reports it because Kishiar only plays games, mutter nonsense and then sleeps before leaving, but Yuder thinks of the rumors of how Kishiar was gathering people in Peletta to prepare for a rebellion (Chapter 291). Yuder asks when Kishiar will be leaving and Kishiar admits that the game is just an excuse, holding Yuder close to him and leading him towards the bed, burying his nose in Yuder’s neck and breathing that now, he feels like he can live (Chapter 291).

At some point in time, after Kishiar’s retirement, a medical division is established (Chapter 174). It takes a long time for it to operate properly due to the interference from those who were discontent with the Cavalry (Chapter 174).

At some point in time, Ever often takes charge of the adaptation training when new members join the Cavalry (Chapter 374).

At some point in time, Emperor Katchian receives an unusually large red magic stone that has once been involved in illegal trade and Katchian has it fashioned into the Cavalry Commander’s staff (Chapter 389).

Upon becoming Commander:

  • The Cavalry becomes an organization that promotes people based solely on the strength or weakness of their abilities rather than on their ability to form human relationships and lead (Chapter 9).
  • Yuder would challenge any insubordinate member to a one-on-one practice duel and beat them down publicly until they wouldn’t dare to rebel again, causing him to receive many complaints that it was like he was dealing with animals instead of people (Chapter 11).
  • Yuder would realize that there were more circ*mstances and hidden sides to Kishiar that he didn’t know about, making him curious about the real reason Kishiar had founded the Cavalry (Chapter 14).
  • Yuder would be asked several times to prepare meals and drinks for parties with his own money to boost the morale of the members, but he would only provide the money and be absent from the events (Chapter 20).
  • Yuder is caught up in many events that cause him to forget about the World Sphere (Chapter 21). When he realizes that he is the only one who feels the heavy aura of destruction pressing upon the world, however, Yuder begins to investigate matters related to the World Sphere again, believing that he needed it to protect the world (Chapter 21). This investigation unfortunately causes many people to view him with suspicion and vigilance though (Chapter 21).
  • Although Finn and Hinn choose to be in Sul, Yuder would often assign them to missions that require physical abilities, finding their mobility ability useful but not necessary (Chapter 21). The Eldore siblings would be among the few comrades who would talk to Yuder whom no one else approached (Chapter 21).
  • Yuder kills many people and makes many people kneel, causing his subordinates to call him a stubborn devil with nothing but brute strength (Chapter 27). But Yuder has a set of principles that he strictly follows: Unless commanded by the emperor, one should not arbitrarily use their power to kill; if possible, spare lives and secure surrenders. Do not punish those who have not yet committed a crime without evidence. As the leader of the Cavalry, prioritize the Cavalry and the empire over personal safety. Make judgments more rationally than anyone else, but when power must be used, do so overwhelmingly. The one who had thoroughly ingrained these things in Yuder's mind is Kishiar (Chapter 28).
  • It becomes thought that no one understood the mechanism of the abilities possessed by Awakeners better than Yuder Ail (Chapter 30).
  • An auxiliary palace within the Second Wall is expanded and increased in floors to become the Cavalry headquarters (Chapter 52). Yuder’s official office is located there (Chapter 52).
  • Yuder uses a lot of information guilds and also gets betrayed multiple times (Chapter 66).
  • Yuder tries to push through regulations and laws related to second gender, but because of greedy nobles who oppose him and the lack of proper research, it was nearly impossible for him to correct misconceptions and prejudice, let alone the laws (Chapter 68).
  • Yuder’s courtesy and level of etiquette becomes as natural to him as breathing (Chapter 73).
  • After doing dangerous missions for the Emperor, Yuder could only receive treatment after reporting to Emperor Katchian despite his serious injuries (Chapter 99).
  • Yuder enjoys overwhelming enemies with tremendous power like a vast sea (Chapter 106). As a result, he never needed to research ways to achieve more effect with less power, though if he hadn’t become the Commander, he notes that he would have spent his entire life in a training room (Chapter 106).
  • Despite serving Emperor Katchian, Yuder is placed on the cautious and overly suspicious Emperor’s list of guarded targets (Chapter 107).
  • When the Cavalry has to walk in the Grand Parade for Harvest Festival, Yuder uses his wind ability to prevent people from falling during the parade and to keep their nerves calm (Chapter 116 says it’s a method he uses when he first becomes Commander).
  • Yuder never hears about anything wrong being committed by the Apeto (Chapter 124).
  • Yuder is constantly in a state of ill health after having suffered many life-threatening injuries (Chapter 138). Towards the end of his life, he begins his days by chewing on herbs for pain relief as if it were his meal (Chapter 138).
  • Yuder always wears his Commander’s uniform for any occasion, having always thought of formal wear as a waste of time (Chapter 141). He even makes it a rule after he becomes the Commander that members of the Cavalry can wear uniforms instead of formal wear (Chapter 141).
  • Yuder meets with King Ejain many times as an imperial envoy (Chapter 173). For reasons unknown, Ejain liked Yuder quite a lot and he proposes multiple times for Yuder to visit Nelarn (Chapter 173). Despite Yuder’s constant refusals, the last proposal arrives when Yuder is imprisoned (Chapter 173).
  • During his time as Commander, although there were sleeping scents and calming medicines prepared for people to spend their heat comfortably, there are some incidents of promiscuity in the Cavalry caused by individuals who wanted to use heat as an excuse to undermine the discipline within the group (Chapter 190). Some alphas even try to sneak into Yuder’s bedroom, claiming that they could suppress the scentless omega Commander with their scents, but those culprits vanish after Yuder beats them until all their limbs and dicks were broken and then hung them upside down on the barrack roof (Chapter 190). Although people no longer sneak into his bedroom, rebellion still continues every now and then, a number of Awakeners disliking how someone who had never experienced heat before could oppress them (Chapter 190).
  • When Yuder receives a fake request for the Cavalry members, especially from a rude, immoral lord, he personally overturns their entire living area into a field (Chapter 215).
  • Although the tiles of the Commander’s office are laid in a way that makes it hard to silence one’s footsteps, in anticipation of intruders, Yuder is able to walk silently across them after living there for almost ten years (Chapter 218).
  • Since Yuder is unable to deal with monsters directly, Yuder becomes naturally good at identifying the weaknesses of monsters he sees even for the first time (Chapter 239).
  • In his whole tenure as Commander, Yuder never tells someone to give the mission their best; that with their skills, it shouldn’t be too hard (Chapter 295 says that the first time Yuder says such words to someone is to Gakane in the second timeline).
  • Although Yuder works well with the few original members that stayed with him after he becomes Commander, there is always an inexplicable awkward tension between them that never disappeared (Chapter 374). Even showing a bit of personal interest in each other is something unthinkable (Chapter 374).
  • Yuder often walks side by side with Ever discussing matters related to the Cavalry, but they never converse in a light mood or share a laugh (Chapter 411).

2 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Yuder sometimes still calls Kishiar Commander (Chapter 399 says it has been almost a year since Yuder has become Commander).

Although Yuder initially doesn’t believe in the rumors that Kishiar is planning a rebellion, he wonders if there is something hidden behind Kishiar’s strange and secretive façade, especially because he is able to easily evade surveillance and rush to the Capital on a whim in an instant so it is possible for him to hatch a plot (Chapter 400). Wanting to know if his belief that Kishiar is innocent is biased because they had shared a bed for so long, Yuder asks Kishiar the next they meet in order to find the answer (Chapter 400). What happens then…

At some point in time, Kishiar expels the Imperial Knights staying in Peletta because ‘they were eating too much at his castle without working’ (Chapter 399). Although Yuder knows that secretly stealing a report meant for the Emperor, especially one related to treason, is a grave crime, Yuder takes it and places down the thirteenth report about the unrest in Peletta in front of Kishiar, who smiles and feigns ignorance with a joking demeanor (Chapter 399). Yuder asks Kishiar why won’t he deny the accusations that he gave up his Cavalry Commander position and returned back to Peletta means that he will not acknowledge Emperor Katchian, why he won’t reduce the scale of Peletta Knights or explain the suspected goods heading to his castle (Chapter 399). Kishiar folds the report and tries to hand it back to Yuder, but it falls (Chapter 399). Kishiar tells Yuder that Yuder’s fearless and that’s the problem (Chapter 399). Kishiar gives Yuder something close to advice, asking him if he knew what the priority is, picks up the paper and makes sure Yuder holds it, and then leaves the Yuder’s room (Chapter 399).

…is that Yuder receives an answer that shatters every nameless fragment of emotion inside Yuder, summoning a bitterly cold winter (Chapter 400).

After this, Kishiar never seeks Yuder’s room again (Chapter 400). Yuder also bolts his bedroom window, the window Kishiar used to pass through, and never reopens it (Chapter 400).

[Later, in the second life, Yuder looks back at this incident and realizes in hindsight that Kishiar might have purposely chose words to stimulate the sense of responsibility still unfamiliarly resting on Yuder’s shoulders to protect the Cavalry in this turbulent time when protests related to the existence of the first Cavalry Commander of commoner origin and treatment of Awakeners were many (Chapter 400). Yuder becomes angry and disappointed in Kishiar; he also wanted to keep intact the Cavalry that Kishiar so easily abandoned and thus decided to no longer rely on anyone, to instead stand and move forward on his own, from that moment on (Chapter 400).

From this moment onward, Yuder begins to move with ‘priority’ in mind (Chapter 400).]

Yuder secretly leaves the capital following Emperor Katchian’s plan (Chapter 401). Sneaking into the depths of Peletta Castle without encountering either Nathan or the Peletta Knights that he had expected to face, Yuder finds Kishiar sitting upright at his desk, gloved hands elegantly folded (Chapter 400, Chapter 401). Kishiar offers tea and asks if Yuder is here to play a tactical game, but Yuder tells him not to move and he came bringing the Emperor’s decree (Chapter 401). [From here on, Yuder’s memories were different (Chapter 401).] Kishiar speaks of his vessel when asked about what he meant by his ‘bit of regret’, wondering what would have happened if he hadn’t been injured by the Red Stone (Chapter 401). Yuder’s sword trembles, Kishiar laughs saying it’s all joke, he knows best that it means nothing, and stifles and swallows a cough (Chapter 401). Leaning back in his chair, Kishiar tells Yuder that he has no intention of moving; now is the best time for him to kill him (Chapter 401). Yuder’s hand tightens around the sword for a moment, but stops as Yuder tells Kishiar in a pained, perplexed tone as if he himself couldn’t believe he was doing this, that he has not answered his question from the last they met (Chapter 401). Yuder tells Kishiar if he regrets it, to surrender, and if Kishiar wanted to surrender, Yuder would help him deliver his message to Emperor Katchian (Chapter 401). Yuder tells him it is really the last chance and question Yuder can offer Kishiar, making Kishiar laugh and ask if Yuder intends to betray Katchian (Chapter 401). Kishiar tells Yuder that he has bet everything on Yuder and has no intention of begging for forgiveness among other things (Chapter 401). Kishiar informs Yuder that Yuder has no idea how hard he’s worked to have this conviction and reminds him of the promise he made at the end of the second gender manifestation incident to find out about the mysterious ‘connection’ (Chapter 401). After a long search for what to do to sever something invisible and went beyond their bodies to something deeper like a soul, Kishiar concludes that he can achieve the best result with his power (Chapter 401). Kishiar declines Yuder’s offer, saying that it will be over soon, as a vast pain, whether it is his or Kishiar’s, rises in Yuder’s heart (Chapter 401).

Yudrein Ail kills Kishiar under Emperor Katchian’s secret order (Chapter 1 says it happened 9 years before the execution, 11-9=2) (Chapter 6). Emperor Katchian purposely chooses to execute his plan the day Nathan Zuckerman is away, claiming that it is optimal (Chapter 182). This is the first mission from Emperor Katchian that he carries out (Chapter 6).

When Yuder successfully completes his first secret mission, Emperor Katchian bestows upon him a black thornwood staff with a red magic stone though the item is of no use to Awakeners and black thornwood is a wood prone to decay and weakness (Chapter 389). The white Commander’s uniform and black thornwood staff becomes famous symbols of Yudrein Ail (Chapter 389). Although Yuder doesn’t particularly care for these things, the position forced on him by Kishiar and Emperor Katchian’s deliberately useless ornamental gifts, Yuder never voluntarily let go of them, considering them his duty once they became his responsibility (Chapter 389).

With the death of Emperor Keilusa and now Kishiar, the current imperial lineage ends, and the new imperial lineage is set to be the Diarca family (Chapter 153). The era of Diarca begins (Chapter 153).

After Kishiar’s death, Nathan Zuckerman disappears as if he had never existed and never reappeared again (Chapter 15).

Also after Kishiar’s death, the Peletta Knights are disbanded, dissolved on charges of rebellion and scattered without a trace (Chapter 24, Chapter 301).

Since no one could move the proud Divine Sword Orr except those chosen by it, the Divine Sword remained in the Pelleta Duchy’s estate untouched (Chapter 10).

Kishiar’s funeral takes place before the end of winter (Chapter 226 so it is before March). Yuder silently places a flower in the casket and turns away, ignoring all the hostile gazes and murmuring (Chapter 226).

When Yuder continues to use the former Commander’s space, his office and a small nearby bedroom, without any problem despite the rumors of the assassination, people find him creepy (Chapter 9).

After Kishiar’s death, Kishiar is quickly forgotten everywhere (Chapter 301). Most Cavalry members who have remembered him leave the Cavalry; some at first asking if the rumor that Yuder killed Kishiar was true and then making their own conclusions when Yuder remains silent and disappearing (Chapter 301). The few initial Cavalry members who remained refrain from mentioning Kishiar (Chapter 301). Meanwhile, nobles mind their words in front of Emperor Katchian and never mention Kishiar (Chapter 301). The Shuden Trading Company also remains silent all along (Chapter 376).

Peletta welcomes a new lord and returns to its usual desolate and insignificant state (Chapter 301).

At some point in time, Emperor Katchian erases all traces of the entire imperial family (Chapter 347).

Although Emperor Katchian is praised a lot initially for his efforts to revitalize the west through trade and new commercial policies, the ambitious policy fails because there is insufficient disaster recovery (Chapter 345). Only a few nobles make money in this period and the devastated West takes a long time to recover (Chapter 345). As Emperor Katchian begins to be criticized, Yuder visits the Imperial Palace more frequently to receive ‘secret missions’… (Chapter 345, since Yuder’s first secret mission is Kishiar, this makes the results of Emperor Katchian’s policy set at least a year after the implemented policy begins).

Most people, including nobles who have lived there for generations, lose their homes and wealth, struggling to manage (Chapter 423). With people becoming destitute, the West turns into a breeding ground for crime and Tainu’s case is the worst (Chapter 423). Duke Tain often complains, but because Duke Tain entirely loses the public’s favor in the West, he is unable to find a suitable person to manage Tainu, his domain (Chapter 423).

Not long after Emperor Katchian starts to give Yuder secret missions, Emperor Katchian commissions mages to alter the structure of the Knight suppression device and the Mage suppression device to create an Awakener suppression device (Chapter 426). Though it didn’t work well for Yuder, making Emperor Katchian dissatisfied with the result, the mages eventually succeed in creating an Awakener suppression device (Chapter 426).

When Emperor Katchian’s policy ends in failure, the South begins to use this failure as a stepping stone to slowly restore diplomatic relations with the countries north of the desert (Chapter 390). Initially, people vehemently opposed engagement with the southern countries, but under Emperor Katchian’s resolute will, trade and investment begins to flow and envoys from southern countries became common sights in the Orr Empire (Chapter 391). Although many visitors from the South wanted to see Yudrein Ail however, Emperor Katchian does not allow Yuder to make contact with them (Chapter 391).

Although late, around the time more foreign envoys visit the Orr Imperial Palace, efforts are made in different countries to form organizations like the Cavalry to accommodate Awakeners (Chapter 391). Emperor Katchian becomes always on edge as more people, not just Southern envoys, try to see Yuder, fearing that they would extract information on the Cavalry or Awakener management system (Chapter 391). As a result, Emperor Katchian mostly constrains Yuder’s activities and allows him only to continue behind the scenes work (Chapter 391). Since Yuder neither desires to interact with others and thought moving inconspicuously was better for the Cavalry’s future, Yuder accepts Emperor Katchian’s behavior (Chapter 391).

3 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

People begin to realize that Awakeners can freely use the unfamiliar energy that filled the world without needing to store it in their bodies, like mages need to do, through skill and practice. A few hours every day meditating helps accustom one to the energy so that they can draw and use a great amount of energy stably in an instant (Chapter 12).

4 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

The Pearl Tower is destroyed (Chapter 1 says it happened 7 years before the execution, 11-7=4). Along with their fall, the Misty Wind Horses, which only the mages of the Pearl Tower knew how to create, also disappear (Chapter 22).

5 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

After Duke Apeto passes away, Lenore shand Apeto, the second son, receives the title of Duke Apeto and lives most quietly (Chapter 79, Chapter 124). His direct subordinate is Warden Alban (Chapter 79).

Holy Pope Mclaren III, the 45th Pope of the Sun God religion, passes away (Chapter 121, Chapter 101).

6 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

The Red Field Rebellion happens (Chapter 1 says it happened 5 years before the execution, 11-5=6).

(Some Years Before Yudrein Ail’s Execution)

The King of Duvern, a vassal state of the Orr Empire, claims to have an Awakener who could read the future. Yuder, who had been anxious about the world situation, sends a subordinate to investigate. The subordinate, however, only returns with the information that the Awakener had died as a result of Duvern’s political strife, and that the Awakener had been from the Orr Empire (Chapter 4). Since a seer would have been able to prevent their own death, Yuder dismisses the rumors of an Awakener with the ability to read the future as false and forgets about it (Chapter 4).

Yuder begins to notice how cracks would appear before natural disasters and monster hordes and tries to investigate, causing many to think that he is trying to shirk his ‘more crucial mission’ of suppressing rebels against Emperor Katchian or become a prophet to challenge Emperor Katchian’s authority (Chapter 256).

The Orr Empire rapidly loses power due to continued disasters and chaos while Nelarn and a few other countries grow rapidly to the point of proclaiming themselves empires (Chapter 301).

10 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Yuder reaches a level of strength that makes him confident that he could defeat several Swordmasters (Chapter 17 says it takes him nearly ten years, 0+10=10). He develops a reputation for being unparalleled (Chapter 17).

11 Years After Yuder Joins the Cavalry

After attempting to acquire the World Sphere, Yuder is arrested, immediately dragged into the Grand Imperial Courtroom, dismissed from his position as Commander of the Cavalry, and imprisoned (Chapter 206).

Yuder is captured and tortured, disassembled first by having his mana hole pierced (Chapter 5). The special unit of Awakeners that was given this task referred to as the ‘Great Hunt’ continue to torture Yuder and keep a strict guard on him until the day of his execution (Chapter 27).

During Yuder’s torture, Yuder doesn’t faint even when his flesh is stripped raw from bone (Chapter 105). Whenever torture ends and he is thrown back into prison, there is nothing to do but to blankly let the flow of pain pass and Yuder spends his time repeating the words ‘Soon, quickly’ over and over in his head (Chapter 159).

For over a month, Yuder endures the water dungeon and cloth shackles that are made out of particular cloth that absorbs the weight of water and becomes increasing tough and heavy; the shackles are used to immobilize prisoners in the water dungeon (Chapter 330). His leg bones are ripped out of him by the hands of soldiers who were showing off their strength (Chapter 330).

When Yuder overhears how the Emperor no longer trusts the Cavalry and has replaced them with this special unit, he loses all hope of surviving and is filled with bitterness (Chapter 27).

Before his execution, Yuder’s arms and legs are crushed, and he is tied up with ropes made from monster tendons (Chapter 5). When he stubbornly stays alive even after being transferred through several prisons, enduring to prove his innocence, he ends up on the execution block (Chapter 330).

An emissary from Nelarn who had secretly visited the prison promises to help him escape immediately if he would just agree to join them, delivering King Ejain’s proposal, but Yuder turns down his offer, ending the correspondence between him and Ejain (Chapter 153, Chapter 173).

Yudrein Ail (31) is accused of neglecting his duties and responsibilities as the Commander of the Cavalry, trespassing into the forbidden sanctuary to steal the World Sphere, assassinating Duke Peletta, destroying the Pearl Tower, and being involved in the Red Field Rebellion among many other things before his execution (Chapter 1). Emperor Katchian does not go to the execution; instead, Yudrein’s subordinate, the new Cavalry Commander, who had taken Yudrein’s position, attire, and thornwood staff stands beside the throne (Chapter 1). Yudrein is beheaded without given a chance to leave his last words (Chapter 1).

At his public execution, crowds of people cheer and throw flowers without judging whether the crime is real or not (Chapter 209).

By the time Yuder dies:

  • Most Awakeners identified as omegas are still unable to join the Cavalry because of the discriminatory perception that they would only end up being useless burdens on the organization (Chapter 3). Yuder was the only omega known to have great power (Chapter 4).
  • Many Awakeners and people still refused to acknowledge him as the Commander of the Cavalry, having only been unable to drive Yuder out openly before because he was the strongest and because he was the only scentless omega who didn’t have a heat cycle (Chapter 4).
  • No one would be able to wield the Divine Sword Orr again (Chapter 10).
  • Yuder had accumulated many territories, titles, mansions, precious treasures, and servants directly from Emperor Katchian, none of which he had found any meaning in (Chapter 18).
  • It is thought that divine power and the Red Stone energy neutralized each other, making Awakeners among priests weak (Chapter 42). As a result, there is no Awakener in the Cavalry that was once a priest (Chapter 42).
  • Yuder asks many second gender Awakeners, even those who are lovers and those with children, but none of them share his experiences nor are able to explain what had happened to Kishiar and Yuder the week of Yuder’s second gender manifestation (Chapter 159).
  • When Awakeners have their second gender manifestation and heat simultaneously, both normally end after a week (Chapter 165). Around the time of Yuder’s death however, there is a rumor that if those in heat mingle their bodies, they would influence each other and make the heat last longer than usual (Chapter 165).
  • Although there are many mage Awakeners in the future, there are no famous mage Awakeners that Yuder knows of (Chapter 182).

Second Timeline/Current Storyline 0

0, The Year Yuder Joins the Cavalry

Four days before Yuder’s regression, Gakane arrives in the capital from the southern region of Ulan (Chapter 2 has Gakane say that he had arrived a week before his first conversation with Yuder so 7-3=4).

The Beginning of Turning/The First Day of Yuder’s Regression:

Instead of being beheaded 11 years into the future, Yuder (20, mentally 31) wakes up in the Giant’s Sleep and finds himself back to the first day he had arrived in the capital (Chapter 1). Although Yuder doesn’t know the reason behind his regression, he decides to use the chance to find out the real reason for the calamities that would happen a few years later into the future (Chapter 2).

Realizing that he needs position and power, which he couldn’t get in the other countries which wouldn’t treat their Awakeners better for years, and that the people he needed for help in the future were in the Orr Empire, Yuder decides to stay and join the Cavalry again (Chapter 2). He begins to organize the information he remembered of the future and make plans in his inn room (Chapter 2).

Three days after regressing, Yuder finally leaves his inn room (Chapter 2). Gakane Bolunwald, also a guest at the inn, invites him to breakfast (Chapter 2). Yuder decides to accept this time and learn more about Gakane (Chapter 2). After the conversation, Gakane offers to guide Yuder to the Blue Crown to register for the Cavalry test and Yuder accepts (Chapter 3).

Yuder and Gakane get in the registration line for the Cavalry test behind Kanna (Chapter 3). Kanna asks them about the registration details and Yuder asks her about her ability. Upon finding out about her ability to read the past, Yuder gives Kanna advice for how to successfully apply for registration (Chapter 4).

Two days later, Gakane takes the Cavalry test and passes (Chapter 5 says Gakane takes the test the day before Yuder). He doesn’t return to the inn (Chapter 5).

One day later, Yuder packs his belongings, leaves the inn, and takes the Cavalry test on the last day that the tests are held (Chapter 5 says that the tests are held over three days and Yuder’s test is on the last). When Yuder’s number (Yuder is candidate 423) is called, Yuder sees Kishiar among the five examiners in the examination room (Chapter 5). Yuder demonstrates his ability and passes (Chapter 6).

The number of Awakeners who pass the first ever recruitment after the establishment of the Cavalry is 330 (Chapter 6). After the last test, the Imperial Knights get the successful Awakeners to stand at attention. Hinn and Finn insult them, encouraging the more intimidated Cavalry members to regain their confidence when standing before the Imperial Knights (Chapter 6). Kishiar la Orr introduces himself as Commander and delivers his inaugural address to the newly recruited Cavalry members (Chapter 7). The Cavalry members temporarily reside on the Imperial Knights’ premises until the proper construction of the Cavalry’s exclusive building is completed (Chapter 7). Yuder lives in room 36 on the third floor of the building with Gakane, Juan, and Kurga (Chapter 7).

The following few weeks after passing the Cavalry test, Yuder and the Cavalry members undergo intense physical training, train and develop their individual abilities, and study letters simultaneously, moving according to the training schedule with a do-or-die attitude (Chapter 7). Gakane becomes popular within the Cavalry for his good looks and sociability (Chapter 8).

One month after joining the Cavalry, the Cavalry members move from their temporary lodging to the new building made specifically for them (Chapter 8). Since their new residence is better than those of the Imperial Knights, the animosity the Imperial Knights has towards the Cavalry increases.

The harsh training with constantly changing methods continues (Chapter 8). Although he would leave immediately after training, Kishiar trains with the Cavalry to test their limits and complete the establishment of the organizational structure (Chapter 8).

Three months after joining the Cavalry, Kishiar gathers the Cavalry members together and announces that there will be three divisions within the Cavalry and the Cavalry members are given a week to choose the one that they wish to be in (Chapter 8). Within three days, most Cavalry members decide their divisions (Chapter 8). Wanting to avoid becoming Deputy Commander and wanting to see Kishiar more, Yuder decides to be a part of the Shin Division (Chapter 8).

Sometime within this week, Finn and Hinn chooses to be in Sul to develop their teleportation ability (Chapter 21).

Six days after the announcement, Kanna reports her division selection with Jodie to Kishiar (Chapter 9 says Yuder only has until tomorrow to decide). Kishiar asks about Yuder’s selection, causing Kanna to meet with Yuder to ask the same question (Chapter 9). After asking, Kanna finds out that Yuder doesn’t care about what kind of language she uses, and they begin to use informal language with each other (Chapter 9).

The next day, Kanna spreads news that Yuder doesn’t care, and many Cavalry members begin using informal language and talking more with Yuder (Chapter 9). After dinner, Yuder meets Kishiar for the first time alone (Chapter 9). In their conversation, Yuder confirms that he knows about the Divine Sword, reports his intention to join the Shin Division, denies interest in a Deputy Commander position, and confirms that Kishiar had not intended to hand the Commander position to anyone from the start (Chapter 11).

The next morning, Kishiar announces a one-month grace period, during which members could live their lives and make any necessary adjustments. He also announces that Cavalry members would receive equivalent treatment to Imperial Knights, be granted a last name if they hadn’t already had one, belong directly to the Imperial Palace, receive a monthly salary equivalent to that of a third-class official, and be granted the right to reside anywhere within the Orr Empire and use any state-operated facility without having to pay a fee (Chapter 12). Kishiar also announces that the members could now choose to commute from home and that members who chose to remain in the barracks could each receive a room of their own for up to five years, after which they would need to find and buy their own house in the capital (Chapter 12).

On the same day, after breakfast, the Cavalry members begin to use Training Ground No. 1, the Imperial Knights’ pride and the only training ground shielded by Archmage Est’s protective magic, instead of the rookie training ground in the corner of the premises (Chapter 12, Chapter 15). Kiolle de Diarca interferes with the Cavalry and challenges Yuder to a duel, but he is quickly humiliated by Yuder (Chapter 14). Kishiar appears to relay the Imperial Knights Commander Theo’s agreement to let the Cavalry use the training grounds and the Imperial Knights leave, allowing the Cavalry to begin their first training session there (Chapter 15). This incident causes many Cavalry members to begin trusting Kishiar and Yuder and to begin freely interacting with each other, increasing a sense of camaraderie within the group (Chapter 19, Chapter 20). After training ends, Kishiar calls Yuder to come to his room at night (Chapter 15). Yuder meets Nathan Zuckerman, who had just finished handling the Duke’s matters at Peletta Castle in Kishiar’s stead, for the ‘first time’ (Chapter 11, Chapter 15). Yuder smells perfume that is popular among noblewomen on Kishiar (Chapter 16). In their conversation, Yuder reveals his confidence in handling problems with nobles like Kiolle, ensures that the Cavalry would succeed in the future, and hears honest words from Kishiar that changes Yuder’s impression of him (Chapter 17). Meanwhile, Emperor Keilusa la Orr sends Kishiar a message that he wants Kishiar to go retrieve the Red Stone as soon as the Cavalry induction ceremony is over (Chapter 18). Kishiar decides to take Yuder with him (Chapter 18).

Two days later, an induction ceremony, a conferment ceremony to bestow last names is held for the Cavalry in front of their living quarters (Chapter 18). Since Emperor Keilusa is absent due to health reasons, Kishiar makes the announcements for him to the Cavalry members (Chapter 18). Kanna receives the last name ‘Wand’ (Chapter 18). Yuder receives the last name ‘Ail’ (Chapter 19). After the ceremony ends, Gakane invites Yuder to the celebration party held at The Black Whale (Chapter 19). When Yuder accepts the invitation, Gakane hugs Yuder in relief. It is the first time in a long time since Yuder has been embraced by someone (Chapter 19). Yuder leaves the Imperial Knights’ grounds for the first time since joining the Cavalry (Chapter 19). During the party, Yuder talks with Ever (Chapter 20).

The next day, Kishiar gathers the Cavalry together in the morning and announces the Cavalry’s first mission (Chapter 21). Yuder Ail, Kanna Wand, Gakane Bolunwald, Hinn Eldore, and Finn Eldore leave the capital with Kishiar and five Peletta Knights on Misty Wind Horses soon after to retrieve the Red Stone (Chapter 21, Chapter 23).

Two days later, Kishiar, five Cavalry members, and five Peletta knights reach the Airic region of the Rik Mountains wherein the Red Stone had fallen (Chapter 24). At the Imperial Army base set up at the foot of the mountain, Southern Army General Count Gino Bordelli greets them and gives them a situation report (Chapter 24). The Cavalry members sign a confidentiality agreement and follow Sunz to their lodging to rest (Chapter 26). When Yuder realizes that Sunz is the leader of the unit that establishes the special unit that killed him in the future, Yuder considers killing him, but instead decides to connect with him to understand the movements of Awakeners in the army (Chapter 27). Yuder is introduced to Emon, and he teaches them how to develop their abilities (Chapter 30).

The next day, Kishiar, General Gino, five Cavalry members, and five Peletta knights depart at dawn to the Red Stone landing site (Chapter 26). After two hours, they take a short break wherein Gakane and Yuder talk about home (Chapter 31). Yuder also reports to Kishiar the high ratio of Awakeners in the soldiers there (Chapter 32). While the Peletta Knights retreat because of the Red Stone’s energy, the Cavalry approaches it (Chapter 34). When Gakane uses his ability to try touching it, the Red Stone reacts and pierces Yuder’s hand before Yuder protects them with a barrier (Chapter 35, Chapter 36). After the Eldore siblings attempt to move the Red Stone with their ability, the group returns to their living quarters to rest (Chapter 35). After Yuder experiments with a way to move the Red Stone outside the inn, he meets Kishiar who is taking a night stroll (Chapter 36). Kishiar offers the Shin Deputy Commander position to Yuder (Chapter 37). After Yuder refuses, Kishiar proposes to sleep together (Chapter 37). After Yuder refuses that too, Yuder mentions potential second gender issues to consider and put into law and they rest (Chapter 38). [A group of mercenaries that have been hiding in wait at the edge of Rik Mountains receive a letter to steal the Red Stone (Chapter 42).]

The next day, the group returns to the Red Stone landing site (Chapter 38). Yuder tries to use his power on the stone, but fails, making him suspect that the stone is from another world (Chapter 38). After Kishiar uses a shovel to dig the Red Stone out, the group heads back (Chapter 39). Yuder helps place the retrieved Red Stone in Kishiar’s lodgings (Chapter 39). Kishiar makes tea and they talk about how the Red Stone had weakened; the energy within is not infinite (Chapter 40). Just as Yuder is about to return to his lodgings, thirteen mercenaries appear and Yuder kills eight, leaves five alive for interrogation (Chapter 40, Chapter 41). Although Kishiar removes one of the oaths, another oath causes the mercenaries to self-destruct during the interrogation (Chapter 42, Chapter 43). As they prepare to leave, Kishiar notices and tries to heal Yuder’s hand (Chapter 44). They also talk and Yuder accepts the Cavalry Assistant position (Chapter 44). While General Gino leads a search on the mountains, the Cavalry and Peletta Knights immediately leave with the Red Stone for the capital late at the night (Chapter 44).

The next day, by the time day broke, the Cavalry have already traveled far from the Rik Mountains (Chapter 45). During a water break, Kanna uses her ability on the mercenaries’ items (Chapter 45). During the return journey, Yuder asks each member individually if they had sustained any injuries (Chapter 47).

Some days later, most likely not more than two days since the journey from the capital to Airic had only taken them three days in total and they ride non-stop this time, Duke Diarca and Katchian talk after Duke Diarca notices signs of the Red Stone retrieval mission being successful (Chapter 45). Kishiar and the group arrive in the capital and the Cavalry rest while Kishiar discusses with Nathan (Chapter 46). Shortly after resting, Yuder gets a nightmare of the day he had killed Kishiar and wakes up realizing that his memories may be incomplete (Chapter 46).

The next day, thirty minutes before time for breakfast, Nathan knocks on Yuder’s door (Chapter 47). During the breakfast he has alone with Kishiar, Kishiar tells Yuder to be honest with him through food and gives him a pair of gloves (Chapter 47). When the other Cavalry members gather, Kishiar has them immediately accompany him to the Imperial Palace (Chapter 47). Before they enter the Imperial Palace, Yuder asks Kishiar to delay handing over the Red Stone (Chapter 49). On their way to Emperor Keilusa, they encounter Katchian la Orr (Chapter 50). In the meeting with Emperor Keilusa, Emperor Keilusa grants each of the five Cavalry members the title of ‘Knight’ and ten high grade magic stones, and also establishes a training ground for the Cavalry (Chapter 51). Kishiar request more time to investigate the Red Stone as his own reward and Emperor Keilusa gives him one month (Chapter 51, Chapter 52). While Kishiar has a private conversation with Emperor Keilusa, Nathan brings them to the Black Pigeon to take care of administrative matters (Chapter 52). Kanna makes an excuse to sit outside and Yuder stays with her (Chapter 53). Count Hank Gallon sees Kanna and tries to take her away, but Yuder forces him to retreat (Chapter 54). After Thais Yulman, who was passing by and watching for fun, warns Yuder about the Count, Kishiar appears and takes them to a quiet place to talk (Chapter 55). Kishiar makes Kanna the Jung Deputy Commander as ‘punishment’ for trying to leave the Cavalry, indirectly telling her that she didn’t lie about her background because Count Gallon wasn’t her family (Chapter 56). Kanna shares her past with the others in the carriage while they wait for Kishiar to return with the Red Stone he had briefly left with Emperor Keilusa (Chapter 57).

The next day, Kishiar appoints Ever Beck as the Shin Deputy Commander, Steiber Rendley as the Sul Deputy Commander, Kanna Wand as the Jung Deputy Commander, and Yuder Ail as the Cavalry assistant in front of the Cavalry (Chapter 57). In the afternoon, Count Gallon and dozens of his soldiers arrive in front of the Cavalry barracks, but they are beaten and sent off by Yuder, Gakane, and the Eldore siblings within one hour (Chapter 57). The incident increases the Cavalry’s fame among nobles and the Empire (Chapter 57). [Kishiar presents the Red Stone to Emperor Keilusa, but Emperor Keilusa lacks faith in the Red Stone’s ability to heal his vessel (Chapter 60).] [The Emperor and Empress meet and talk about Kishiar, the Red Stone, and the Emperor’s health (Chapter 57).]

Upon driving out Count Gallon from the Cavalry barracks (either the same day or next day), Kishiar announces a week-long vacation, officially to celebrate their first mission success, but in reality to keep the Red Stone hidden (Chapter 58). Most Cavalry members leave the barracks immediately to settle things back home or relay news of their admission to family (Chapter 58). Yuder approaches Kanna to propose training together during the holiday and Gakane, who overhears, joins (Chapter 58). [Jimmy sends a letter to his parents and his parents asks him to stay in the capital at the house of his father’s friend for the vacation because the shop is busy (Chapter 89).]

The next day, Yuder begins to train Kanna and Gakane (Chapter 58). Kishiar watches the first session out of interest and leaves midway (Chapter 58). After training, Yuder is called to go to Kishiar’s office and Kishiar checks on Yuder’s hand and heals him (Chapter 61). Kishiar gives Yuder a gem from the Divine Sword and tells Yuder to come to him for treatment when the range of the mark goes beyond his elbow (Chapter 62). The next five days, Yuder trains Kanna and Gakane without a moment’s rest (Chapter 62).

Five days later, on the sixth day of training, Kanna has succeeded in selectively reading only the information she wants and in reading objects from a distance (Chapter 62). Ever returns from her hometown early and informs them of two people going about the Imperial Knights grounds, asking about the Cavalry (Chapter 62). While Thais Yulman and Alik Pelgin try to find the Cavalry building, they encounter Kiolle and some Imperial Knights who try to arrest them (Chapter 63). Yuder, Gakane, Kanna, and Ever finds them, Kiolle tries to slap Yuder but misses, trips, and faints because of Yuder’s wind, and Yuder guides the mages to the lounge (Chapter 64). After discussing alone with Kishiar and deciding on what to do with the mages, Kishiar wipes Yuder’s face with a handkerchief before they head down to the lounge (Chapter 64). Thais and Alik sign an oath with Kishiar in exchange for an opportunity to research the Red Stone (Chapter 64). [Devran arrives in Hartan and his father tells him that Lord Hartan has ordered Dermilla to marry a man from the neighboring village and intends to imprison Dermilla in the castle until her wedding day (Chapter 83). Devran goes to Hartan Castle to negotiate with the Lord and he is only able to return home safely with Dermilla thanks to Lady Zupiel (Chapter 83). Devran decides to take his family to the capital, but the same night, the Lord summons him. When Devran enters Hartan Castle, however, a fire suddenly breaks out (Chapter 70, Chapter 83). By the time it is extinguished (half a day), half the village, including Hartan Castle, is gone and the previous Lord Hartan, his eldest daughter Lady Zupiel, and her husband Sir Ryel are dead (Chapter 70, Chapter 71, Chapter 83). Devran is arrested as a suspect and locked up in prison by the villagers (Chapter 70). Devran’s family disappears soon afterwards (Chapter 71).] [Meanwhile, Duke Diarca sends his youngest son to the East to train and cool his head because of all the trouble and humiliation Kiolle was causing to the family (Chapter 72).]

The next day, the last day of the week-long vacation, Yuder visits the Guardian of Luma’s Seven Walls, Enon, and requests information on Kishiar and the previous Dukes who shared his title (Chapter 66). Enon agrees to help Yuder just once, telling him that it’d take at least three days to collect and verify the information (Chapter 66). [Zakail, the youngest son of Lord Hartan, returns from his business in the neighboring village and declares Devran guilty (Chapter 83). After beating him to near death, Devran is buried alive near the Rock of Death by the people from the Apeto family (Chapter 83, Chapter 90). When he wakes up, he finds himself as one of the Warden’s captives (Chapter 83). Meanwhile, Zakail drags out the funeral preparation time to divert the recently arrived Zachlis’s attention from the Apeto family’s movements (Chapter 73, Chapter 90).]

The next day, Yuder makes a new training plan. He was originally going to start implementing his new training plan this day, but a few members of the Cavalry had not returned yet despite the end of their vacation so Yuder decides to postpone the new training schedule for a day (Chapter 67). [Kiolle and his Imperial Knight companions pass through the bandit’s path for their internal knightly training (Chapter 70).]

The next day, one of the non-returnees still hasn’t sent any news to the Cavalry (Chapter 67). After asking Devran’s roommates, Kishiar sends a message to the lord of Hartan and dispatches Yuder to investigate the circ*mstances of Devran Hartude (Chapter 67). Kishiar also instructs Nathan to investigate all possible leads for information, including the spies they have in the area (Chapter 72). After some discussion with Kishiar, including that of second gender manifestations and related regulations that Kishiar wanted Yuder to check once he had returned, Yuder leaves immediately with Gakane and Jimmy (Chapter 68). On their journey to Hartan, Yuder asks Gakane to keep an eye on Jimmy because of reports of how the boy is showing symptoms of second gender manifestation (Chapter 68). After passing through some villages and switching horses occasionally, the three encounter bandits and Nahan, who tells them more about Devran’s situation (Chapter 70). Yuder accepts Nahan’s proposal to cooperate (Chapter 71). Meanwhile, Kishiar receives two reports, one of the situation in Hartan and one of ten Imperial Knights training at Mount Clayman near Hartan, from his spies (Chapter 72). [It is the last day of the funeral for the previous Hartan Lord and his daughter and son-in-law (Chapter 73). The funeral continues late into the night (Chapter 74). After the funeral, Zachlis, Zakail’s older brother, leaves urgently because of a fake emergency letter secretly given to him by Zakail, the older brother saying that he’ll be back in a few days (Chapter 75, Chapter 92).] Yuder, Gakane, Jimmy, and Nahan enter the village and go to visit the Lord (Chapter 73). They are placed in a dark storage room to wait (Chapter 73). [Sometime this day, Kishiar personally moves the Red Stone into the Cavalry building’s basem*nt to facilitate the mages’ investigations (Chapter 76). The energy is so strong that as soon as Thais and Alik arrive in the basem*nt, they first have to create a seven-layer barrier with dozens of precious stones to weaken the Red Stone energy to the current level (Chapter 112). Thais and Alik bring two sleeping bags into the basem*nt and begin to set up camp and live there (Chapter 112).]

The next morning, when the sun has fully risen, still no one calls for them and Yuder tries turning the door only to realize that it is locked and there is no intent on meeting with them (Chapter 74). After sending a message to Kishiar through messenger bird, the group breaks down the door and enters into Lord Zakail Hartan’s bedroom to directly request a meeting with him (Chapter 74). Zakail has the servants make them breakfast in the reception room while he makes himself presentable (Chapter 75). After the Cavalry makes Zakail uncomfortable, Gakane and Jimmy even feeding Yuder directly with the food on their forks, Yuder asks Zakail about Devran (Chapter 75). Zakail tells them that Devran is dead, having taken his own life the day before (Chapter 75). After Zakail gives them permission to investigate, the Cavalry members are led to a proper guest room to rest (Chapter 76). Meanwhile, Kishiar receives Yuder’s report via messenger pigeon (Chapter 76). While the Cavalry members try to get information from the villagers, Yuder notices that Jimmy has a fever and sends him back to Hartan Castle with Gakane (Chapter 77). Yuder then interrogates one of the guards of the location of Devran’s house and of where they buried dead convicts (Chapter 77). At Devran’s house, Yuder finds a brooch with a portrait of Devran’s sister and the former Lord Hartan’s eldest son inside (Chapter 78). At the Rock of Death wherein convicts are buried, Yuder and Nahan finds a leaf-covered pit with blood (Chapter 78). They follow traces of people and hide to overhear someone report to a man called the Warden (Chapter 79). From the conversation, Yuder learns that Zakail Hartan betrayed Diarca and joined hands with Apeto, then killed the previous lord and his sister for the lordship (Chapter 79). As the Warden is about to leave the clearing, his subordinate detects someone in the vicinity and calls them out (Chapter 79). It is Kiolle and another Imperial Knight named Paviel Han (Chapter 79). Kiolle and Paviel fight the Warden’s eight subordinates, but are overwhelmed (Chapter 80). Paviel betrays Kiolle and tries to surrender (Chapter 80). After getting Paviel to share how much they had overheard, the Warden has Paviel killed and Kiolle captured (Chapter 81). Yuder and Nahan follow them to their base, take out two subordinates, and enter the cave with their appearances as disguise (Chapter 81). After knocking out and taking the keys from the prison guards, Yuder releases Devran and the other twelve prisoners (Chapter 82, Chapter 83, Chapter 84). The prisoners escape after Yuder gets more information out of them (Chapter 85). After making Kiolle see reality, Yuder also leaves the prison for a while to find a way to bind Kiolle to his oath of doing anything if Yuder saved him (Chapter ). Meanwhile, Gakane and Jimmy see Devran’s fire signal and make it in time to stop Zakail from attacking Devran and the released prisoners (Chapter 90). They return to Hartan Castle and find out that Zachlis has returned after finding out from a colleague that the letter is probably a mistake (Chapter 91, Chapter 92). Zachlis and Dermilla reunite, Zachlis learns of what had happened, and Zachlis passes judgment on Zakail (Chapter 92). Gakane writes a letter to Kishiar (Chapter 92). Meanwhile, Yuder attacks the Warden and his men with Nahan (Chapter 93). After Nahan tortures them, Yuder interrogates the Warden, who is named Alban, and learns of the Awakener kidnappings and research conducted by the Apeto family (Chapter 94). Yuder temporarily leaves to make Kiolle sign an oath (Chapter 94). After Yuder frees Kiolle, Nahan appears, telling Yuder that an ‘unfortunate accident’ happened to the enemies Yuder had told him to guard (Chapter 95). As they leave, Yuder realizes that Kiolle is under an illusion and that Nahan wants to kill Kiolle (Chapter 95). Yuder defends Kiolle, Nahan uses an illusion that draws from Yuder’s memory of Kishiar in the previous timeline, and Yuder cuts his arm deeply to get rid of the illusion (Chapter 96). Yuder uses overwhelming fire, Nahan and the monster-befriending Awakener boy escapes via underground monster worm, Gakane and the others rush to make sure Yuder is okay (Chapter 98). Yuder orders Kiolle to leave and gets his left arm treated at Hartan Castle while he confirms Zachlis’s willingness to support the Cavalry and double-cross the Diarca Duchy, (Chapter 99). Although Yuder planned to hide his Red Stone injury, he forgets to lock the door and Gakane and Devran see it (Chapter 99). Meanwhile, Jimmy’s fever worsens (Chapter 99). [Sometime this day, Kanna is sent to the Cavalry building’s basem*nt to build familiarity with the mages and assist in their research (Chapter 103).] [Contact between the Apeto family and their Eastern base near Hartran is lost with the Warden’s death (Chapter 114).] [After Kiolle returns, because of the accident that occurred there, the oversight for sending Imperial Knights to places on ‘training pretexts’ becomes strict (Chapter 218).]

The next day, at dawn, the third day of this mission, the Cavalry members quickly leave for the capital (Chapter 99). When they arrive, they are immediately guided through the security checkpoint to Kishiar who had been waiting for them (Chapter 100). Kishiar brings Yuder to his room to heal him and helps Yuder undress (Chapter 101). While Kishiar heals Yuder with many purification stones and holy water Nathan had bought in the morning, they discuss the events that had happened (Chapter 102). Despite the pain that makes even Nathan openly admire Yuder for his perseverance, Yuder doesn’t faint until after the treatment when he stands to leave the room (Chapter 105). Yuder wakes up at night after a dream of his Commander candidate days (Chapter 106). As Yuder sneaks out, he finds Kishiar writing letters in his study (Chapter 106). After asking if there was anything he could do to help, Kishiar assigns Yuder to sort his letters for him for the first time (Chapter 106). Yuder reads and shows Kishiar his invitation to participate in the official commemoration event for the harvest season, more specifically the note at the bottom of the letter mentioning an additional schedule following the Cavalry parade on the 26th that was being added into the list of harvest season events (Chapter 106, Chapter 107). [One of the courtiers of Crown Prince Katchian is seen meddling in the Harvest Festival arrangements at the Imperial Palace; they have been meddling for a few days now (Chapter 111).] [One of the letters that Yuder places at the top of the pile he sorted is a request that rudely requests for an Awakener to work for them for free to subjugate the monsters appearing in the West (Chapter 214). Since monsters do not normally appear during this season, Kishiar orders a few Peletta Knights to survey the area, verifies the truth of the letter’s contents, and sends more knights to stay and observe the lord despite needing more personnel in the capital to prepare for the busy Harvest Festival (Chapter 214, Chapter 215). After finding out that the lord is extremely immoral, Kishiar has the lord anonymously reported and handed over for trial (Chapter 215).]

The next day, as Yuder eats breakfast with Kanna and Gakane, one of the Cavalry members excitedly announce that a messenger from the Imperial Palace came to invite the entire Cavalry to attend a party at the Imperial Palace during the Harvest Festival (Chapter 107). Yuder leaves shortly after, buys a lemon from the market, and visits Enon (Chapter 107). In exchange for the information on Kishiar and the royal family, Yuder shares with Enon how he knew him and how he had traveled from the future to protect Kishiar and prevent certain events from happening (Chapter 108). After reading the information, Yuder leaves a spare Cavalry uniform button for Enon to use in case Enon ever wants to find him (Chapter 110). Before Yuder leaves, Enon tells Yuder that he is more unstable than before and gives him a red string as a charm to always carry around (Chapter 110). When Yuder returns, Yuder finds a message to come to the Commander’s quarters on his bedroom table (Chapter 110). Yuder goes and Kishiar shares with him the cakes and other food gifts Kishiar had received from nobles as tradition for Harvest Festival (Chapter 110). Kishiar tells Yuder of the other invitation requests he has received for the Cavalry and asks Yuder of what he should do, to which Yuder answers that Kishiar had already made his own decision (Chapter 111). Since the culprit wants to humiliate the Cavalry and smear their name across the entire continent, it is better to bite the bait and take advantage of the opportunities given to them instead of refusing and retreating (Chapter 111). As such, Kishiar tells Yuder of how they will reduce overall training by half from today and separate people for participation in each event (Chapter 111). Kishiar also hands over an approval letter with his seal to Yuder so that Yuder could have authority over the Cavalry’s training (Chapter 111). As the meeting ends, Ever enters and reports how Jimmy’s second gender manifestation has just begun and they have isolated him in a room and given him an herbal juice with a fever-reducing effect (Chapter 111). After the meeting with Kishiar, Yuder goes to the basem*nt to hear about the progress of the Red Stone investigation (Chapter 112). Thais tells Yuder of his plan to separate the energy from the Red Stone using a medium to transfer the energy and contain it (Chapter 113). Thais tells Yuder that he needs a piece of an ancient dragon's heart, the dust of an ancient fairy, and top-grade Eucalractium to make the medium; Yuder affirms that he will ask Kishiar for the materials and more magic stones for them (Chapter 114).

Jimmy’s second gender manifestation into an Alpha lasts for three days (Chapter 116).

In the days leading up to the Harvest Festival, the Cavalry half trains, half prepares and practices for the events that they are to participate in for the Harvest Festival (Chapter 111, Chapter 116). The Cavalry members practice for the Grand Parade (Chapter 117 says this happens a few days before the real Grand Parade). Yuder also trains them all to handle various situations that may occur during the festival because of their enemies (Chapter 120). Yuder is so busy that he can’t get proper sleep (Chapter 116).

Meanwhile, during this time, the Apeto family tries to investigate what happened to their Eastern base. When contact with the base is lost, Lenore shand Apeto sends nearby subordinates to investigate, but only to learn that the Warden’s oath was broken, meaning secrets of their research has been leaked, the base has been cleaned and emptied out, and a gigantic column of fire had suddenly risen and disappeared around the time contact with the base was lost (Chapter 114). These facts all prevent Lenore from identifying to whom the secrets were leaked though he still tries to learn more about what had happened at the base (Chapter 114).

While this is happening, the former escort of Revlin shand Apeto, the youngest of Duke Apeto’s children, who had Awakened, Dandenion, is confined within the Apeto main house (Chapter 115). Whenever Dandenion regains consciousness, he makes a ruckus, wanting to see Revlin, but is immediately drugged to silence (Chapter 115). After hearing him scream again, Lenore shand Apeto has Dandenion starved for a week and threatens to send him to the dungeon for his Uncle Beltrail’s use in research if he doesn’t learn to keep quiet (Chapter 115). Lenore also tells the servants to not allow Revlin to approach Dandenion (Chapter 115).

The Harvest Festival happens in September (Postype).

The day before the Grand Parade, Kishiar gives the Cavalry members who had requested personal weapons their new weapons (Chapter 116). Jimmy gets a new sword and Ever receives customized sky blue combat gloves made out of special monster skin (Chapter 116, Chapter 133). Later, Kishiar personally bestows a new sword made of Eucalractium to Yuder (Chapter 116). Kishiar asks Yuder to place the red gemstone from the Divine Sword that Kishiar had given Yuder before into the groove he had the blacksmith make in the sheath (Chapter 116).

The morning of the first day of the Harvest Festival, Yuder ties the red string Enon had given to him to the sword handle before leaving for the Grand Parade (Chapter 117).

The first event of the Harvest Festival held in the capital is the Grand Parade, a massive procession of the Orr Empire’s famous people circling the entire capital (Chapter 116). Directly before the event, Kishiar talks with the Imperial Knight Commander and Chief Court Mage (Chapter 117). Kishiar returns and calls for Yuder to stand with him in the front of the Cavalry (Chapter 117). As Yuder approaches through the crowd of Cavalry members, his uniform’s coat becomes slightly undone (Chapter 117). Despite being in public, before Yuder can fix it, Kishiar personally adjusts his coat and even brushes off some dust, making people murmur in surprise that an Imperial family member and Duke is doing so (Chapter 117). Nathan leads a white horse to Kishiar and takes Kishiar’s left side while Yuder stands on Kishiar’s right (Chapter 117). The Cavalry stands at the very end of the parade procession (Chapter 117). Just before it is their turn to walk, Yuder smiles and calms the nervous Cavalry members with a few words (Chapter 117). The mood lightens and Kishiar also encourages them to move forward with pride (Chapter 117). They set off. As previously planned, a Sul Division member with a wind ability wraps the members’ legs in wind throughout the parade to calm nervous Cavalry members’ fear of falling and messing up (Chapter 116).

During the Grand Parade, during the march of the Fifth Wall and near the balcony where Duke Diarca and Crown Prince Katchian are watching, several masked assailants suddenly appear and take several bystanders hostage (Chapter 118). They block Kishiar and the Cavalry’s path, and it is revealed that they were Awakeners who failed the Cavalry test and stayed in the capital when they accuse Kishiar of things that Yuder notes are false (Chapter 118). The sight of Awakeners taking civilians hostage and the accusations against Kishiar make the crowds temporarily doubt and dislike Awakeners and Kishiar, but Kishiar personally deals with them with his ability and reminds the crowds that it is not the Pearl Tower’s fault when countless people who fail to be chosen as mages fall onto a dark path (Chapter 119). Similarly, the Cavalry is not at blame and Kishiar created the Cavalry to protect innocents from individuals like the masked assailants (Chapter 119). Kishiar orders their arrest, but just as the Imperial Troops approach the fainted assailants, Yuder realizes that they were going to explode, warns everyone, forms a barrier of wind around the exploding bodies, and swiftly buries everything, even the debris under the earth (Chapter 119). The awed crowds cheer and praise Kishiar and the Cavalry (Chapter 119). As they march to Victory Square, the final destination of the procession, Kishiar worries over Yuder’s hand (Chapter 119).

Meanwhile, Duke Diarca apologizes to Katchian for having not prepared enough (Chapter 120). As Duke Diarca explains his next plans to hinder the Cavalry and ruin their and Kishiar’s reputation during the festival, Katchian suggests investigating Yuder who had made a deep impression on him from that earlier display of power (Chapter 120). Duke Diarca superficially acknowledges Yuder, but does not take Katchian’s words seriously and thus conducts no investigation (Chapter 158).

Rumors of Duke Peletta Kishiar having created the Cavalry out of boredom among the nobles disappear (Chapter 120). The tale of Duke Peletta personally protecting the common people from harm and forming the Cavalry to protect the innocent spread among everyone and are widely discussed for days (Chapter 120). The positively received Cavalry members become confident and though there are many suspicious incidents targeting them during various events throughout the capital, the situations never escalate because of how Yuder had trained them late into the night the days before to handle the situations (Chapter 120).

Throughout the Harvest Festival, Yuder attends more events than anyone else in Kishiar’s stead when Kishiar often had to step out due to Imperial Family engagements (Chapter 124). Yuder would appear out of nowhere like a ghost whenever an accident was about to happen and salvage the situation, thereby earning an unprecedented level of trust and faith among the Cavalry (Chapter 124).

The day before the largest open worship event of the Sun God, the Eldore siblings nearly start a fight with some knights (Chapter 120).

The day of the Grand Worship, the largest open worship of the Sun God, presided over by the Pope himself, the Cavalry are assigned to maintain the security of the Orr Cathedral, the main site for the grand worship ceremony (Chapter 120, Chapter 208). Since Kishiar has to attend the worship as an Imperial family member, Yuder takes command of the Cavalry (Chapter 120). Right before the ceremony, some Imperial Knights insult the Cavalry and Kanna memorizes their faces to take revenge after the festival (Chapter 120). Also before the ceremony, Kishiar openly looks for Yuder in the crowds and smiles at him (Chapter 121). Yuder pretends to not notice but Kishiar defiantly waves his hand, making the crowds of excited common believers around Yuder cheer even more loudly at the handsome Duke’s attention (Chapter 121). Kanna convinces reluctant Yuder to greet Kishiar back (Chapter 121). Soon, the worship begins with twelve senior priests reciting prayers of blessing and Holy Pope Mclaren III joins in prayer (Chapter 121). After the ceremony ends, Revlin secretly approaches Yuder and offers to share information on Devran’s kidnapping and the research the Apeto family is conducting to eliminate the Blood of Blessing in exchange for being able to meet Kishiar and have Dandenion saved (Chapter 121, Chapter 122). After Yuder relays the information to Kishiar in his office, Kishiar goes with Yuder to the Apeto house under a disguise as errand boys for the Shuden Trading Company (Chapter 123). Before Kishiar hears Revlin’s situation, Kishiar asks about how Revlin became healthy (Chapter 124). After receiving his confirmation on how Awakening can positively affect one’s inherent health and hearing Revlin’s story, Kishiar formally agrees to work with Revlin and they begin to briefly make a plan (Chapter 124, Chapter 125). Before they leave, Kishiar requests several pieces of information from Revlin (Chapter 125). Revlin compiles all the information overnight (Chapter 125).

The next day, Yuder switches his schedule with one of his subordinates so that he can attend the Sharing of the Sacred Flame ceremony; he also reassigns other Cavalry event personnel (Chapter 125). Yuder goes to Kishiar’s office and watches him read a letter from Revlin with all the information he had requested (Chapter 125). Kishiar makes Yuder sit for tea and feeds him five pieces of cream cake while explaining what kind of play they would be acting the next day (Chapter 126). After Kishiar explains his plan to save all the Awakener captives, Yuder sincerely tells Kishair how remarkable he thinks Kishiar is (Chapter 126). Then, after Kishiar asks Yuder to be careful about overusing his abilities and scoffs when Yuder says it’s alright to get hurt if he can get treatment, Yuder tells him that he is lucky compared to many people in the world because at least he can return and be healed by Kishiar (Chapter 126). By the time Kishiar finishes explaining the rest of the plan, Yuder finishes his cake (Chapter 127). As Yuder leaves, Nathan enters and gives Kishiar some reports concerning soldiers awakening in the Imperial Army, the status of Peletta Duchy, and the actions of his Peletta Knights across the continent (Chapter 127). Kishiar and Nathan discuss establishing a dedicated medical system for the Cavalry (Chapter 127). Nathan begins to scout for doctors and priests as well as begins the construction of a medical room on the first floor of the building (Chapter 127). [Elder Priest Beltrail increases the number of participants for the Sharing of the Sacred Flame Ceremony by letting Revlin join, making his subordinate priests unhappy (Chapter 127).]

The next day, the Sharing of the Sacred Flame event is held in front of the Imperial Palace (Chapter 124). Only a select few devout followers can participate in this ceremony wherein flowers carefully cultivated in the shrine throughout the year are fairly distributed to everyone by the hands of young nobles (Chapter 124). At the beginning of the ceremony, while the priests help the noble children into ceremonial robes, Lusan helps a tense Revlin relax by imbuing him with divine power (Chapter 128). During the ceremony, a noise bomb goes off, causing most people to fall and cover their ears (Chapter 128). When Lusan is about to fall, Yuder happens to help Lusan up and Yuder asks him where the Elder Priest in charge of the participants’ safety was (Chapter 128). Revlin uses his ability and Yuder follows his instructions to break the mana stone inside the offering box (Chapter 128). The piercing noise stops and Kishiar arrives from the nearby Hill of Abundance, where he had been talking to foreign emissaries, to handle the situation and get people treated (Chapter 129). When asked if he wanted a reward for helping, Revlin asks to join the Cavalry (Chapter 130). Beltrail appears, tries to suppress the incident and the fact that Revlin is an Awakener, and has Revlin taken home when Revlin tries to defy (Chapter 131). After Beltrail and Kishiar talk, Lusan thanks Yuder for helping him earlier and heals a small wound on Yuder’s neck with his full power (Chapter 131). Kishiar is impressed and after hearing Lusan’s situation, he later helps Lusan get ordained as a priest behind the scenes and sends a request to the temple for a permanent priest (Chapter 131).

Meanwhile, people begin to gossip about the dispute between the Apeto and Peletta ducal houses (Chapter 131). Duke Apeto officially denies that Revlin is an Awakener and claims that ordinary people can’t join the Cavalry, but Kishiar uses his authority as Cavalry Commander to publicly transmit a request for a meeting and check on Revlin’s safety at home, citing the rumors of suspected confinement and abuse spreading throughout the capital (Chapter 131). Finally, Emperor Keilusa intervenes and orders them to resolve the situation according to the law (Chapter 131). Unable to withstand the unfavorable public opinion and unable to convince Revlin to change his mind about joining the Cavalry, Duke Apeto allows Kishiar to visit Revlin (Chapter 131).

The day before Beltrail meets with Lenore, three of the Awakener test subjects enter into their mating period, causing Beltrail to realize that Awakeners in heat exert an involuntary influence on Awakeners who haven’t manifested their second gender yet (Chapter 132). Nahan, disguised as a servant, hands Beltrail a letter that is supposedly from a foreign emissary interested in Beltrail’s research (Chapter 134).

The day before Kishiar visits Revlin, Beltrail writes a letter indicating his desire to arrange a meeting with the emissary (Chapter 135). Later, Beltrail asks Lenore for help to move all the test subjects elsewhere (Chapter 132). At night, Kishiar gathers the seven Cavalry members he plans to take with him on the official visit and explains the mission details (Chapter 133).

The next day, in the morning, as the Apeto servants take the test subjects through the food supply tunnel to the western forest in the morning, Beltrail receives a letter saying that the emissary looks forward to meeting him that day to discuss the details of his research (Chapter 132). Meanwhile, Kishiar arrives at the Apeto main house with Yuder, Kanna, Ever, Jimmy, Gakane, Hinn, Finn, and Nathan for an official visit (Chapter 133). As they are made to wait alone for over an hour, the Cavalry members chat, eat many snacks, and the Eldore siblings even carelessly break many items while playing (Chapter 133). When it is time, they all start moving (Chapter 133). When Yuder infiltrates the secret tunnel however, he finds many dead bodies, Beltrail howling in pain, and Nahan who had infiltrated the estate disguised as a servant (Chapter 134). Yuder saves Beltrail and tosses him out of Nahan’s reach, and he fights and defeats Gayle and Doyle of the Star of Nagran to secure the alpha Awakener captives/test subjects in heat (Chapter 137). Yuder ultimately fails to secure the omega Awakener test subjects, Nahan, and Hosanna, however, because of Hosanna’s teleportation ability (Chapter 138). Meanwhile, Kishiar rescues Revlin and deals with Duke Apeto, Ever saves Dandenion, and Gakane collects evidence of the Apeto’s inhumane research (Chapter 138). As a result, the entire Apeto family cancels all their scheduled festival activities (Chapter 138). Though Yuder doesn’t realize it, Yuder begins to show symptoms of second gender manifestation towards the end of the mission (Chapter 138). Within a day, Duke Apeto claims that Beltrail alone committed all the deeds and the Sun God Temple expels Beltrail from his position as Elder Priest (Chapter 139). Lenore is confined and under house arrest by order of Duke Apeto (Chapter 148).

The next day, everyone begins to gossip about yesterday’s events (Chapter 138). Enon listens to the newest rumors as he buys lemons from a shopkeeper he knows well (Chapter 139). The shopkeeper informs him of how Kishiar was looking for a physician and pharmacist, and Enon decides to go to the Giant’s Sleep inn to meet the Peletta Knights that have been conducting the job interviews all day there and apply (Chapter 139). Meanwhile, Kishiar treats Yuder’s hand in his office with a smile that is at first chilly but then soft (Chapter 139). Then Kishiar and Yuder talk about the Star of Nagran, the Awakener test subjects that they have freed, and the expansion of the Cavalry (Chapter 140). Yuder tells Kishiar that he doesn’t think anything Kishiar does is reckless when Kishiar asks and Kishiar comments how he sometimes thinks Yuder is a tempting demon who came to tempt him (Chapter 140). Kishiar continues to tell Yuder that he plans to use the Awakeners in Hartan, including the two Apeto-hired mercenary Awakeners who had escaped but were reported to be found by Lord Hartan that morning, to bring down the Apeto family (Chapter 140). When Yuder questions if Kishiar had always planned to overthrow the Apeto family, Kishiar answers that he had always planned to target not only the Apeto family, but also every noble family and ‘parasite’ of the Orr Empire (Chapter 140). Nathan returns with cake, tea, and sandwiches (Chapter 141). As Yuder eats his cake, Nathan gives Kishiar a letter that just arrived (Chapter 141). It is from Aishes shand Apeto who wants to overthrow his father and become Duke immediately (Chapter 141). Aishes wants to cooperate on the condition that they hide the mentions of Blood of Blessing in Beltrail’s research papers (Chapter 141). After the meeting with Kishiar, Yuder wants to go check on the mages, but his body feels so heavy that he decides to rest instead (Chapter 142). Yuder sleeps after checking many times that he is not having a second gender manifestation soon (Chapter 142). Yuder dreams of a memory he had tried to suppress for a long time only to repeatedly fail; it is a nightmare of the incident during his first second gender manifestation (Chapter 142).

The next day, Yuder’s tailored suit for the Special Award Ceremony arrives (Chapter 141). At breakfast, Yuder eats only three pieces of bread instead of his usual ten, making Kanna ask if he was feeling well as she hands out everyone’s formal attire (Chapter 142). Yuder tries on his suit, making many stunned by how well it suits him (Chapter 143). After finishing his formal attire fitting, Yuder goes straight down to the basem*nt; Yuder finds out that the mages had finished making a 24 layered defense line of many wards (Chapter 143). Thais informs Yuder of how, of the three medium materials that arrived a few days ago, dragon’s heart worked best in the tests, making Yuder agree to request Kishiar for more dragon’s heart (Chapter 143). Thais also asks Yuder if he can look at the Apeto’s Awakener research, offering his own recently conducted research on the correlation between magic and the power of the Red Stone in return (Chapter 144). Before Yuder leaves, Yuder asks Alik if anyone is willing to sell magic tools useful for defense and Alik gives Yuder his single-use defense tools for free (Chapter 144). At night, Yuder visits Gayle and Doyle for the first time with Kanna (Chapter 144). They interrogate Gayle and Doyle, learning more things about the Star of Nagran and the village base in the West (Chapter 145). Kanna tells Yuder of how her ability has developed to the point where she can read people (Chapter 145). [Meanwhile, Lenore receives a small note from Crown Prince Katchian informing him of Aishes’s letter to the Cavalry; Lenore begins to realize his precarious situation and writes back his cooperation with ‘the real mastermind behind the letter’ Duke Diarca (Chapter 148).]

The next day, in the morning, a second letter from Katchian arrives, asking Lenore to show his faith by handing over his response directly to him at the party (Chapter 148). Lenore returns a replica of the letter, keeps the original, and writes down the series of events that had befallen him on the back of the original letter and signs it in preparations for the possible event that Katchian and Duke Diarca don’t keep their promise (Chapter 148). Alik wanders around to set up traps and defensive circles (Chapter 145). Yuder notices and asks him about it and Alik says that Thais ordered him to do it to protect the basem*nt and Cavalry building while they were gone for the party (Chapter 145). At night, Emperor Keilusa, upon receiving his wife Faria’s request, sends a letter to Kishiar requesting a family meal after the Special Award Ceremony (Chapter 147). Meanwhile, Crown Prince Katchian’s servant smuggles in Dudureli mushroom for the Crown Prince (Chapter 202).

The next day, on the Day of Blessing, the Special Award Ceremony wraps up the Harvest Festival season as the last event (Chapter 141). In the morning, Yuder and Kishiar admire each other’s appearance, and Kishiar shows Yuder how to tie a belt properly by personally re-tying Yuder’s (Chapter 146). Kishiar gives Yuder new gloves, not knowing that the white gloves were very similar to the ones he wore on the day he died in the past (Chapter 146). Nathan arrives to report that the 30 Peletta Knights and Thais were ready to guard the building (Chapter 147). Kishiar, Alik, and the entire Cavalry board the carriages to the Imperial Palace (Chapter 147). On the way, Kishiar asks Alik to share their research (Chapter 147). Meanwhile, Lenore leaves the Apeto estate against the orders of his father to go to the party (Chapter 148). Lenore gives the original letter sent to him by Katchian to a servant before entering the Palace (Chapter 148). As Lenore tries to look for Katchian, bumping into a noblewoman and Yuder along the way, he begins to feel intense thirst and takes a goblet from a waiter (Chapter 149). Lenore vomits black blood and dies (Chapter 150). Kishiar listens to the testimony of the waiter, tests the other glasses he had with an enchanted silver spoon, and asks who the glasses were for after finding that they’ve been poisoned (Chapter 150). The waiter tells them that he was ordered to give the poisoned glasses to Katchian (Chapter 150). Katchian takes the opportunity to strengthen his image among the nobles and foreign envoys and knock down Kishiar’s, leading the servants to take care of Lenore’s corpse and arrest the waiter (Chapter 150). On behalf of the absent Emperor Keilusa, Empress Rosa Faria dismisses the attendees, ordering the Special Award Ceremony to be held on another day (Chapter 150). Although the event is canceled, many people stay for conversation on the first floor (Chapter 151). Kishiar gives Yuder an hour to find evidence (Chapter 151). After having Kanna read a shard of the poisoned glass and finding out that the waiter really had planned to poison Lenore, Yuder goes to the restroom for a ‘break’ and interrogates Kiolle, who happened to be walking out (Chapter 152). Yuder confirms that Katchian did this without Duke Diarca’s knowledge (Chapter 152). When some soldiers run over upon hearing Kiolle’s loud voice, Yuder pretends that they were doing improper things together (Chapter 152). Yuder leaves, Kiolle follows out of suspicion, and before Yuder can knock out Kiolle, they overhear the conversation of Katchian’s servants who had took care of Lenore’s body and killed the waiter (Chapter 152). Yuder knocks out the servants with a button and forces Kiolle to follow him and help (Chapter 153). Kiolle tries to recruit Yuder into the Diarca family, but Yuder tells Kiolle that the one he chose is Kishiar and that won’t ever change (Chapter 153). Yuder finds Lenore’s corpse in an underground liquor cellar and examines it to find the distinctive glow emitted by the thirst-inducing poison on Lenore’s skin, an identification badge, and a letter (Chapter 153, Chapter 154). Yuder secretly takes the letter (Chapter 154). As Yuder and Kiolle leave for the next destination Yuder wanted to check, Yuder’s second gender manifestation begins (Chapter 154). They happen to hide behind the Armor Knight of Deluma Palace when soldiers approach and then retreat when the Armor Knight moves (Chapter 155). Yuder decides to hide in a nearby cleaning supply room and he asks Kiolle to reenter the hall, pretending that he was lost, to tell Kishiar that his manifestation has occurred but also not to come (Chapter 155). Meanwhile, Gakane walks in the garden after having been subtly insulted by countless nobles and propositioned by bolder ones who find him handsome (Chapter 156). Gakane runs into Lenore’s servant, obtains the letter meant for Revlin, and sends the servant to hide in the Cavalry carriage (Chapter 156). As Gakane re-enters the hall, he sees Kiolle also entering in and Kishiar’s smile fading away for the first time (Chapter 156). Kishiar releases his alpha energy, making those who had manifested their second gender unable to breathe properly, for a moment before withdrawing it again (Chapter 157). Kishiar approaches Kiolle and Kiolle informs him about what happened to Yuder, making Kishiar vanish towards the terrace after thanking him (Chapter 157). Katchian orders his servants to follow him (Chapter 158). Meanwhile, Gakane catches up with Kishiar (Chapter 158). Kishiar orders Gakane to send the letter directly to his office and ask a Deputy Commander to oversee the Cavalry’s return on his behalf (Chapter 158). Meanwhile, Yuder is reminded of his time in prison before he loses consciousness again (Chapter 159). Yuder later wakes up to the feeling of someone approaching him from far away, sensing Kishiar’s presence through the walls, and he uses the magic defense tool just as Kishiar opens the door (Chapter 159). Although Yuder fears that everything will repeat itself, he realizes from Kishiar’s restraint that it’s different and allows Kishiar to approach him and carry him out (Chapter 160). Kishiar tells Yuder the story of his second gender manifestation (Chapter 160). Katchian’s servants catch up, but Kishiar fools them into thinking that he had a rendezvous with his lover (Chapter 161). Kishiar brings Yuder to the Eternal Palace wherein Kishiar had spent his princehood, takes the letter Yuder gives to him, and has one of Emperor Keilusa’s servants deliver it to the Crown Prince’s servants (Chapter 161, Chapter 163). Kishiar returns to the hall, talks with Empress Rosa Faria, and confirms Katchian’s plan from his reaction to having received the letter (Chapter 162). Katchian tries to frame Kishiar as the one who had invited Lenore to the hall with the letter and calls for an in-depth investigation into Lenore’s murder (Chapter 163). After having a talk with the Empress, Kishiar leaves to return to Yuder (Chapter 164). Meanwhile, Yuder has a dream of the past (Chapter 164). While Yuder is asleep, Yuder’s temperature and scent escalates because of the overlapping heat and he does not respond to touch (Chapter 168). Kishiar tries to give him fever reducers and painkillers, but the medicine has no effect, causing them to even make Yuder consume ground Fonesa powder, something difficult to obtain because of strict regulations enforced by Imperial law (Chapter 168). [Meanwhile, Thais sees some Sitanium when Alik brings out an extra defense tool and Sitanium from his bag before going to the party, and Thais places it into the pot out of boredom (Chapter 178). The Sitanium glues the two powerful other ingredients together, melts and melds, and forms a black gemstone (Chapter 178).]

The next day, Yuder wakes up (Chapter 164). This day officially marks the start of the first trial with the Apeto Ducal House (Chapter 164). It also has been exactly a day and a half after Yuder is placed in the Eternal Palace (Chapter 165). Yuder wakes up with his energy almost stabilized; the manifestation has ended (Chapter 165). It is only a few hours since Yuder’s high fever has subsided (Chapter 165). When Yuder remembers how Kishiar had restrained himself for him and nothing happened this manifestation, Yuder feels as if an old thorn has finally been pulled out and he can face Kishiar with a clear mind, without any regrets (Chapter 165). Yuder and Kishiar talk and Kishiar reveals how he had given the letter Yuder gave him back to Katchian to understand the intentions of Katchian more accurately (Chapter 166). Kishiar also gives Yuder the letter Gakane gave him to read (Chapter 167). When Yuder asks why he didn’t present it at today’s trial, Kishiar tells him of his plan to reveal the second letter after suspicions about him peaks, Katchian makes his move, and he figures out the identity of the fine powder on the letter (Chapter 167). Yuder tells him about the poison (Chapter 167). Kishiar asks about Yuder’s encounter with Kiolle, even mentioning the rumor going around that the two entangled, and Yuder confirms nothing happened (Chapter 167). Kishiar mentions how he is glad that Yuder has recovered after such a severe manifestation and heat (Chapter 168). Kishiar orders Yuder to rest, even to take another three days to rest when he returns to the Cavalry (Chapter 168). Kishiar promises to reward Yuder and leaves before Yuder could tell him that he didn’t need one (Chapter 168). [Before the trial, the Awakeners and Devran’s family from Hartan arrive and stay in the mansion that Kishiar provides as a safehouse for them (Chapter 200).]

The next day, at Lenore shand Apeto’s funeral, Aishes gives Kishiar permission to open the coffin and examine Lenore’s body (Chapter 168, Chapter 169). Devran lights a fire, causing traces of the Dudureli mushroom poison to be revealed, and Revlin reveals from the letter he received that it is the Crown Prince who invited Lenore to the party (Chapter 170). Aishes reads the letter and cancels the funeral, ordering the servants to bring Lenore’s body to the Apeto estate (Chapter 171). Aishes rebukes Revlin for not bringing the letter to them first, but Revlin renounces his connection to the Apeto family, declaring that he is an official Cavalry member with no intention of going back (Chapter 171). Meanwhile, after the funeral, Kiolle overhears Baron Durmand report to Duke Diarca what has happened at the funeral (Chapter 172). Meanwhile, Yuder, feeling uncomfortable with resting for so long and staying in his room all the time, but also having been ordered to wait until Kishiar returned to leave the palace, walks through the imperial gardens (Chapter 173). During his walk, Yuder meets Ejain Afnan Nelarn, the second prince of Nelarn (Chapter 173). After talking to Ejain, Yuder returns and gains permission to return to the Cavalry from Kishiar who had arrived earlier and had been waiting for him (Chapter 174). Kishiar orders him to also make a stop at the medical division and sincerely experience and provide feedback as the first member to use it (Chapter 174). Before they return to the Cavalry, Kishiar orders Yuder to take off his glove so he can heal his hand (Chapter 174). Yuder feels as if he was undressing in front of Kishiar when he takes off the glove and feels a tingling sensation when he places his hand in Kishiar’s, making him want to withdraw his hand but Kishiar traps it and asks if Yuder is afraid (Chapter 175). Yuder isn’t, they conclude that it may be related to his manifestation, and Kishiar heals Yuder’s hand (Chapter 175). The tremendous pain that used to accompany healing is reduced to a mere tickle, making Yuder conclude that the manifestation did change something (Chapter 175). Kishiar mentions how he is naturally drawn to Yuder, but even if Yuder wants to remain as before, Kishiar will always treat him as his most cherished and beloved assistant (Chapter 175). Kishiar playfully comments how he has been lavishing Yuder with praise and it’s customary for Yuder to return the favor (Chapter 175). Just as the carriage reaches the Cavalry, Yuder says that he often thinks that Kishiar is very handsome and Kishiar questions Yuder many times if there was really nothing else commendable about him (Chapter 175). As they enter the building, Yuder tells Kishiar that he does have other merits, like the fact that he is the only one who could command him (Chapter 175). Yuder goes to the medical division and is shocked to see both Enon and Lusan there (Chapter 176). Meanwhile, Thais finishes all his preparations for transferring the Red Stone into another medium (Chapter 177). Meanwhile, Katchian locks himself in his room, continuously trying to figure out how Kishiar knew about the poison, how everything failed (Chapter 205).

The next day, many Cavalry members, who hear of his return and him being in the medical division after his ‘secret mission’, rush over to visit (Chapter 176). After the Cavalry leaves because it’s time for training, Kanna enters and tells Yuder of Ever and her progress with Gayle and Doyle (Chapter 176). Kanna also tells Yuder of their training results and invites Yuder to train with them, which Yuder accepts, having wanted to modify the training schedule and teach the Cavalry things (Chapter 177). After Kanna leaves, Enon gives Yuder medicine and asks what Yuder is hiding because his energy wavers a lot (Chapter 177). At night, Kanna and Yuder go to the basemetn and Thais introduces them to a black gemstone made by mixing the heart of an ancient dragon, fairy dust, and a synthetic material called Sitanium (Chapter 178). As Alik finishes making the last batch of gemstones, Kishiar and Nathan arrive (Chapter 178). Kishiar is concerned for Yuder, but Yuder insists on standing in front to protect them, citing a strategy game as his reason (Chapter 178). Yuder uncovers the box with the Red Stone, Alik and Thais activate the magic circles, and they transfer the Red Stone’s energy into the prepared mediums (Chapter 179). They succeed about halfway through, but Alik makes a mistake out of exhaustion, falls unconscious, and knocks over the rest of the mediums (Chapter 179). The energies destabilize and the Red Stone energy spreads outwards (Chapter 179). Thais tries to control the energy but fails, Yuder uses a barrier but realizes that the imminent explosion would kill them all, and the red energy in his hand shines, giving him a feeling that he could use it to connect with the Red Stone’s energy (Chapter 179). Kishiar takes Alik’s place in controlling the energy with magic while Thais resumes sealing the Red Stone’s energy in the gemstones (Chapter 180). Yuder confirms that the energy and stone are completely separated with an experimental prod with his ability, and Kanna uses her own ability on the Red Stone (Chapter 180). Kanna faints, Kishiar holds the Red Stone and concludes that it is because of her ability, and Kishiar undresses Yuder to check if the spot on his hand had spread to his shoulders (Chapter 180). Yuder tells Kishiar that he doesn’t feel pain, even when he over-used his ability (Chapter 180). Kishiar orders them all to go to the medical division for treatment while he takes care of the things in the basem*nt (Chapter 180). Enon and Yuder discuss about the Red Stone, mark on Yuder’s hand, and his relationship with Kishiar (Chapter 181). Lusan tries to heal the mark, but it fails (Chapter 181). Nathan returns from where he had gone back down to check on Kishiar in the basem*nt (Chapter 181). Nathan delivers Beltrail’s research papers on the interactions between alpha and omega to Yuder (Chapter 182). Nathan confirms that Kishiar could use magic and also that he is wary of Yuder and his power, fearing that he may be an enemy of Kishiar (Chapter 182). Yuder tells Nathan to not trust him and keep observing him (Chapter 182). Nathan tells Yuder that he doesn’t understand him, but will repay Yuder someday for saving his life (Chapter 182). After the end of the experiment, Kishiar sends a letter to Emperor Keilusa to finalize the one month period they have been given (Chapter 186). Along with the letter, Kishiar has Nathan send half of the medium containing the energy of the Red Stone to the Sun Palace, advising Emperor Keilusa to keep it close to his body (Chapter 188).

The next day, in the morning, Emperor Keilusa affirms his promise to give Kishiar all priority in future Red Stone research in a letter (Chapter 186). Meanwhile, Thais wakes up and circles around Yuder excitedly (Chapter 182). Alik wakes up feeling different and worries about his magic changing because of the new separate energy he feels inside of him (Chapter 182). Yuder realizes Alik has awakened the ability to summon water and helps him use it (Chapter 182). As Alik experiments with his new ability for an hour, Thais finally speaks up about his new hypothesis regarding how the closer one is exposed to the Red Stone’s power, the higher the probability is of turning into an Awakener, citing how his friend living far north shared how the Northern island nation Kham only had one Awakener so far and the nearby nations are also known to have few Awakeners in comparison to the Orr Empire’s many (Chapter 183). As Thais leaves the medical division to ask Kishiar for more information regarding the Awakener soldiers in Airic, Alik explains what he knows of Luma’s magic revolution to Yuder (Chapter 183). Yuder tries to ask Enon about Luma, but Enon tells him that they aren’t close in this timeline, making Yuder apologize for overstepping (Chapter 184). Yuder reads Beltrail’s research papers (Chapter 184). Yuder goes to Kishiar’s office to find Thais outside, Nathan having told him to come back later because Kishiar hadn’t woken up yet (Chapter 184). Yuder plans to leave, not wanting to disturb Kishiar’s rest, but at the moment he is about to, Nathan opens the door and asks Yuder to enter (Chapter 184). Yuder enters Kishiar’s bedroom; Kishiar informs him how using magic makes him more exhausted than aura and divine power, gives him more detail on his vessel, and informs Yuder on the reason why the Red Stone retrieval mission and experiment was so important to him and Emperor Keilusa (Chapter 185, Chapter 186). Kishiar eases Yuder’s worry about Kanna who still hasn’t woken up yet and also compliments Yuder for protecting everyone (Chapter 186). When Yuder is at a loss of words, Kishiar unconsciously ruffles Yuder’s hair and then stares at his hand, saying that he’s developed a disease where he unknowingly wants to touch more when he sees someone who’s usually alert show an unexpected response (Chapter 186). Yuder informs Kishiar about Thais; Kishiar rises up to meet Thais and asks Yuder to help him bring over his clothes (Chapter 187). As Yuder helps, he asks if it’s alright to not assist Kishiar dress, averting his eyes when Kishiar says it’s alright to stare at his body (Chapter 187). After Kishiar listens to Thais excitedly ramble about his thoughts, Kishiar reminds Thais that mutual trust and caution is important and he has been considering entrusting the research to someone whose greed and excitement wouldn’t get ahead of their reason and potentially endanger them all (Chapter 187). Thais immediately asks for forgiveness and promises to not mistake his priorities again (Chapter 187). Kishiar tells him that the research location will change, a new oath must be written, and new personnel might be added; and Thais accepts and quickly leaves (Chapter 187). Kishiar gives Yuder the authority to appoint five subordinates directly under his command as reward for resting for three days (Chapter 187). After Yuder leaves, Kishiar tells Nathan how he becomes more certain each day that he must make Yuder entirely his (Chapter 188). After receiving a letter from Keilusa, Kishiar retires to rest again (Chapter 188). Upon returning to the medical division, Yuder learns that Kanna is awake (Chapter 188). Kanna tells Yuder that she felt as if she was ‘bounced off’ from the stone as if she was trying to see something not permitted to a human (Chapter 188). Before leaving with Kanna, Yuder tells Enon to come by his room later; he’ll talk about what happened in the basem*nt (Chapter 189). When Yuder adds that he has lemons, Enon agrees (Chapter 189). As they leave, Kanna tells Yuder of how Enon knew her ability and told her to learn to control it, otherwise her body would deteriorate, and she asks Yuder if they should investigate because no one should know about her ability to read people except Yuder and Kishiar (Chapter 189). Yuder tells Kanna that he knows Enon, that Enon even helped him before, making Kanna trust Enon immediately (Chapter 189). When Yuder returns to his room, he finds Kishiar’s second gift on his bed: his ceremonial suit from the Special Awards Ceremony, a fist-sized medium carrying the energy of the Red Stone, and little candies from The Candy Store of New Bellaria (Chapter 189). At night, Yuder tells Enon most of what he can and Enon infers that the Red Stone energy behaved like a poison that his body was trying to assimilate (Chapter 190). After the manifestation, Yuder succeeded in absorbing the power to some extent and became a living medium, able to use the Red Stone’s power (Chapter 190). As Enon leaves, Yuder gives him two lemons and offers to answer any questions Enon has next time (Chapter 190). After Enon’s leave, Yuder spends nearly all night formulating a training schedule for the Cavalry (Chapter 191).

The next day, as soon as Yuder finishes meditating, Yuder goes out to the training ground (Chapter 190). Yuder notes that he can clearly feel that Gakane is different now, and Gakane laughs and advises Yuder to stay away from alphas who exude a strong scent right before their heat (Chapter 190). Afterwards, Yuder places two revised training schedules on a nearby wall; one is a basic individual training schedule and one is a schedule for groups of ten with similar or complementary abilities, regardless of their divisions (Chapter 191). The training schedule even mentions an exam that is to be supervised by the Deputy Commanders once a month to ensure Cavalry members develop their abilities with diligence and make assessments for promotion (Chapter 191). Excited to become stronger, all the Cavalry members welcome the new schedule (Chapter 191). They also ask Yuder questions after writing class and Yuder takes the time to recommend a training method suitable for each person’s skill development, even skipping dinner to give training advice to everyone gathered around him (Chapter 191). Having been busy with Deputy Commander duties, Ever arrives late and asks Yuder for advice (Chapter 191). Instead, Yuder encourages her to continue as she is and also asks Ever for advice on how to use her power (Chapter 191). After Yuder tells them to go ahead, Yuder cleans up the recreation room (Chapter 191). Kishiar enters and lightly scolds Yuder for not resting and then takes Yuder outside for dinner (Chapter 191). They drink beer and eat at a tavern that Kishiar frequents with friends, subordinates, informants, or subjects of observation (Chapter 192). Yuder notes that the past Kishiar who would not answer anything and push Yuder away is different from the current Kishiar who would answer any questions asked (Chapter 192). Kishiar shares how he finds peaceful conversations fun to listen to because it reassures him that someone still thinks that the Empire ruled by Emperor Keilusa is good and that the path they have chosen is right (Chapter 193). While walking around, Kishiar brings Yuder to the Emperor’s Sword Mark and reminiscences the past as well as declares his need for Yuder (Chapter 194). After some contemplation, Kishiar decides to challenge the Emperor’s Sword Mark after wrapping up the Apeto Family’s trial (Chapter 194). They return after walking along the entire wall (Chapter 194). Kishiar ruffles Yuder’s hair again (Chapter 194).

The next day, Sunz and Emon from the Red Stone Retrieval mission visit Yuder at the Cavalry before heading back to their original post (Chapter 194). Despite being just low-ranked provincial soldiers, the Southern Army officers had appointed them as temporary peacekeepers for the Harvest Festival because of their ability (Chapter 195). Sunz shares how they’ve been recognized; thanks to General Gino and the influence of Kishiar and the Cavalry, their situation is changing for the better, their salaries has increased, and they may even finally have a chance for promotion (Chapter 195). Yuder gives them a tour through the training grounds, allowing them to see the Cavalry’s first day of newly revised training which happened to be today (Chapter 195). As Sunz and Emon leaves, they happen to meet Kishiar who also encourages them (Chapter 196). Kishiar, happy with Yuder’s agreement with him to build connections with the Southern Army soldiers, reaches out to ruffle Yuder’s hair again, but Yuder quickly dodges (Chapter 196). Yuder notices two boxes in Nathan’s hands and Kishiar asks him to follow him to the office (Chapter 196). After asking about the Cavalry’s training, Kishiar opens a box to reveal the mushrooms used in Lenore’s murder, telling Yuder of how the Peletta Knights and informants have succeeded in tracking down where the Crown Prince got the poison (Chapter 196). Yuder is relieved that Kishiar would be able to strongly clear his name (Chapter 197). Kishiar opens the second box to reveal medicine he obtained from the Court Mage Office, sharing with Yuder that he used to take the medicine every three months to forcibly discharge his energy before it completely overflows and shatters his vessel; after awakening, this is the second time he needed to take the medicine (Chapter 197). Due to Kishiar’s trust in telling him this, Yuder resolves to not put up even a shallow wall between them (Chapter 197). Upon connecting all the information, Yuder realizes that there is a problem with the Imperial bloodline (Chapter 198). Kishiar tells Yuder the history of the Imperial family and Dukes with the surname of ‘la Orr’ and the lightens the conversation with playful banter through which he forces Yuder to say he thinks him handsome (Chapter 198). Kishiar asks about his relationship with Enon and Yuder tells him of his encounter with Enon in his previous life (Chapter 199). Kishiar also asks for Yuder’s thoughts of his interest in him (Chapter 199). Yuder tries to leave quickly after feeling an intense attraction to Kishiar when their bare hands are touching and later when Kishiar slowly traps him against the door, but succumbs to his thoughts and the two kiss (Chapter 199, Chapter 200).

The next day, Devran mentions Yuder’s chapped lips and asks if he is alright (Chapter 200). After breakfast, Yuder goes to a different training grounds, not wanting to run into Kishiar, but he finds Kishiar sparring against all of the Shin Division members at once (Chapter 201). Kishiar defeats them, Yuder expresses his concern about his vessel but Kishiar tells him that it’s better to use up the power before his cycle, and Yuder notices some Imperial Knights who don’t give Kishiar a greeting and pettily remembers their attitudes (Chapter 201). Nathan appears to inform them of Aishes’s arrival and Aishes informs them of the investigation behind Lenore’s murder and events leading up to the current enmity between the Apeto and Diarca (Chapter 202). Kishiar gifts Aishes the poisonous mushroom in celebration of their meeting (Chapter 202). Aishes returns the favor by giving Kishiar a letter regarding the proposed research stamped with his father’s seal of approval (Chapter 203). Aishes asks about Beltrail’s research papers and leaves after Kishiar tells him that he sent them to the court (Chapter 203). After Aishes leaves to bribe the court to let him see the papers, Kishiar reveals to Yuder that he has doctored them, erasing the details that have too much potential for misuse (Chapter 204). After hearing Yuder’s sincere praise, Kishiar asks Yuder to come closer and Yuder kneels before Kishiar (Chapter 204). Kishiar kisses Yuder lightly twice (Chapter 204). Meanwhile, Katchian looks at his reflection in a mirror that had once been given to him by Duke Diarca (Chapter 204). Having a headache, Katchian drinks Ponegri tea, a tea made from Ponesa which contains potent narcotic, pain-relieving, mood-enhancing compounds (Chapter 205). While Katchian considers how things became like this, even his anger and fight with Duke Diarca before he started his plan, Duke Diarca discusses the Crown Prince and his plans with Baron Durmand (Chapter 206). Duke Diarca sends a secret letter to Emperor Keilusa, saying that he would like to help in some small way in the trial, and he has one of the Seven Grand Judges act in Kishiar’s favor despite Emperor Keilusa rejecting the help (Chapter 210). Meanwhile, Yuder and Kishiar tell Revlin, Dandenion, and Lenore’s servant Pip that they didn’t have to testify if they didn’t want to, but this encourages the three to do so (Chapter 208).

Two days later, the disrupted trial, the second trial, of the Apeto family resumes (Chapter 196). Yuder stands with the Deputy Commanders behind the high seats on the right side of the Grand Imperial Courtroom where the imperial family sits (Chapter 206). The trial begins with the Apeto family’s defense; starting with Duke Apeto’s representative, Beltrail, and then back to the representative (Chapter 207). During the intermission, Yuder follows Kishiar to the waiting room and Kishiar delivers a speech to encourage the witnesses gathered (Chapter 208). Intermission ends and Revlin, Dandenion, and Pip testify first (Chapter 208). [Sitting in the courtroom, Pruelle van Tain listens to everything and feels hope for his situation; he decides there to join the Cavalry and begins to make his own plans to protect his siblings and bring the downfall of his own ducal family (Chapter 344). During one of the breaks in the trial, Pruelle also sees Ever catching people trying to harm the witnesses and throwing them onto the courtroom floor (Chapter 374). Since then, it is Pruelle’s dream to stand with Ever someday (Chapter 374).] After them, Kishiar calls on the victims from Hartan, Lord Zachlis, and arrested criminals to be the next witnesses (Chapter 209). In the short break that follows, the Seven Grand Judges decide by majority vote to read the research papers, including the part related to the Blood of Blessing that the Apeto House tries to hide (Chapter 210). After Beltrail’s writings are read, Kishiar presents the letter signed by Duke Apeto as the final proof of their involvement, ending the trial in the Apeto family’s defeat (Chapter 210). The Apeto family receives an astronomical fine and confiscation of about one-third of their official assets (Chapter 211). Many involved parties are sentenced to exile or imprisonment (Chapter 211). Having not been a well-liked family, many people in the Apeto House also begin to speak out, testifying against the Apeto Family’s crimes (Chapter 211). Similarly, Beltrail is stripped of his entire fortune and is sentenced to 15 years in the prison Regien Tower, where most noble criminals are incarcerated (Chapter 212). As this is happening, an assassin sent by Duke Apeto infiltrates the Bright Palace and wounds Katchian’s face with a poison-coated dagger (Chapter 211, Chapter 217). Duke Apeto collapses from illness and all his power is transferred to his only remaining successor, Aishes who proceeds to rid his faction of traitors (Chapter 211). [As soon as the trial ends, several Peletta Knights help Pip leave the Empire with his family (Chapter 209). Meanwhile, the other witnesses return home in the middle of the night (Chapter 212).] Before his cycle, Kishiar explains to everyone about it so that they do not worry about his disappearance (Chapter 211).

The next day, Kishiar’s cycle begins and as Yuder helps Kishiar with papers in his office while Kishiar rests, Nathan provides him with many cookies of various hues smeared with jam on Kishiar’s orders (Chapter 211).

The next day, Nathan provides him with five slices of cakes on Kishiar’s orders (Chapter 211). Yuder and Kishiar meet very briefly (Chapter 212).

The next day marks the third day of Kishiar’s cycle wherein Kishiar forcibly discharges the overflowing energy within him (Chapter 211). As Yuder sorts letters in Kishiar’s office, Nathan sets a cup of tea and a mountainous assortment of chocolates beside Yuder (Chapter 211). Kishiar finally enters the office and as he looks through his pile of papers, he reads a report that someone (likely Aishes) recently poisoned Beltrail’s food such that it was likely that he would die within the day (Chapter 212). Kishiar asks about Yuder’s day and then if Yuder can stay longer despite having finished work (Chapter 212). Kishiar asks about Yuder’s morning training with Ever, his visits with the mages and later the medical division, his monitoring of the Deputy Commanders’ training, and investigation of the two Star of Nagran Awakeners (Chapter 213). Yuder wonders why Kishiar knows his routine better than he does while answering when Kishiar asks why he is asking for more work in addition to what he does now, that he doesn’t mind more tasks even now (Chapter 213). Kishiar tells Yuder that he can stay if he wants even without having more work (Chapter 213). Yuder asks if he can help with anything, especially because the cycle is apparently lasting longer than usual, and Kishiar asks if he can touch Yuder (Chapter 213). Yuder gives him permission to touch a lot of places as long as it doesn’t cross inappropriate boundaries, but Kishiar restrains himself because he doesn’t think he can stop if he starts (Chapter 213). Yuder sees Kishiar laugh sweetly for the first time (Chapter 213). As Nathan returns with tea and Yuder returns to work, Yuder reads a monster subjugation request letter from Imperial Knights Commander Theorado van Tain and an escort mission request from Second Prince Ejain (Chapter 214). After Kishiar reads them, he decides to deal with both requests at once (Chapter 214). Meanwhile, Nahan and Hosanna sneak into Regien Tower as disguised priests and kill Beltrail with a more painful death (Chapter 215). Nahan and Hosanna teleport out just as the real priests appear and they head to an old house in the Sixth Wall to meet with one of the Sage’s subordinates and then Baron Durmand who had heard about them from a friend from Apeto and wants them to heal a chronic headache he has which magic ring tools cannot cure (Chapter 216). Nahan uses his illusion to find out the reason Baron Durmand is looking for them (Chapter 217). Under the illusion, Baron Durmand confesses that the Crown Prince has been seeing red scars and smashing mirrors despite the scars on his face healing completely (Chapter 217). Meanwhile, Yuder oversees the preparations for the Cavalry’s mission to the West, implementing Kishiar’s instructions after Kishiar decides how to divide and mobilize the Cavalry for it (Chapter 220).

Three days after Kishiar announces his plan to deploy the Cavalry to accomplish both tasks at once, Kishiar’s cycle is not finished yet, Ever asks if they really are going to be dispatched to the West during their morning training together (Chapter 217, Chapter 218). As they talk, Ever mentions that Kishiar said he was jealous of their one-on-one sessions in a letter to Yuder’s bewilderment (Chapter 218). Meanwhile, Duke Tain learns from Imperial Knight Commander Theorado, Duke Tain’s cousin, that Kishiar sent a reply saying that he wouldn’t help him, but he would dispatch the Cavalry to deal with the monster situation separately (Chapter 219). Duke Tain asks Theorado if he can borrow some Imperial Knights to deal with the monsters because most of his knights have been sent to protect a large number of goods Duke Tain has sent through a newly developed sea trade route (Chapter 219). Duke Tain asks Theorado to personally ask Kishiar to leave the Imperial Knight’s territory and Theorado mentions that Kishiar might not be well enough to visit since he hasn’t left the grounds since his visit to the Court Mage Office (Chapter 219). Realizing that Kishiar might not personally appear for the mission if his condition is so bad, Duke Tain asks Theorado to send a letter urging the Cavalry to be sent to the West as soon as possible (Chapter 219).

Some time later, Yuder receives both responses to the letters Kishiar had sent in reply to Duke Tain and Prince Ejain (Chapter 219). Yuder heads to Kishiar’s bedroom to inform him of the urgent situation, but hesitates to knock on the door and disturb him from his rest (Chapter 219). At that moment he is about to knock, Kanna knocks and Yuder heads back to the office to attend to her (Chapter 219). Kanna informs Yuder that she managed to locate the three Star of Nagran’s bases, one within the Great Sarain Forest, one near the Southern Desert, and one in the Rik Mountains, from Gayle and Doyle who were helping with the dishes that morning (Chapter 219). Not long after, Nathan returns to the office and Yuder gives him the letters and relays Kanna’s report for him to tell Kishiar (Chapter 220). Yuder is about to leave, but he notices Nathan holding a familiar box and asks why Kishiar needed the potion again (Chapter 220). Nathan shares that Kishiar’s heat might coincide with the end of the cycle so Nathan requested and brought another dosage just in case (Chapter 220). Upon hearing that Kishiar is near his heat, Yuder decides to not be near Kishiar for a while because he is an omega and tells Nathan that it would be better if they corresponded with letters (Chapter 220). Yuder leaves and checks on the mages who are researching ways to harness the Red Stone’s energy within the medium and changes caused in the human body by that energy (Chapter 220). Thais once again mentions his desire to research Yuder, but once again gives up because Kishiar had not permitted it before, citing unproven safety (Chapter 220). When Alik returns, the mages show Yuder their new discovery of how the medium can absorb an Awakener’s power and amplify it (Chapter 221). Thais writes Yuder a letter of introduction to his ‘friend’ Micalin Punt, the Head of the Western Mage Union (Chapter 221). Yuder dreams of the time he first discovered that his ability doesn’t work against monsters and wakes up in the middle of the night (Chapter 223). Wondering about his irregular dreams of the past, Yuder decides to see if Enon is still awake to ask (Chapter 223). However, as he heads out, Yuder finds Kishiar leaning against the corridor wall (Chapter 223). Yuder says that he was going to see if Enon was awake; Kishiar asks why not talk to the person awake in front of him instead (Chapter 223). Yuder asks Kishiar why he is in front of his room without knocking on the door and Kishiar confesses that he doesn’t really know, making Yuder worried that he might be sleepwalking (Chapter 223). Yuder invites him in and makes tea for him, using his ability (Chapter 223). Kishiar mentions that he was waiting for Yuder to open his door this morning and then was disappointed to not only feel him leave but also hear Nathan tell him to only correspond with letters for a while (Chapter 223). Just as Yuder is about to avert his eyes at Kishiar opening up about his feelings, Yuder notices a freshly healed mark on Kishiar’s arm and tries to interrogate Kishiar as calmly as possible (Chapter 224). Kishiar tells him that drawing blood is the most effective way to drain out all his energy and, after Yuder realizes, that Kishiar did it, wanting to see him (Chapter 224). Kishiar shares with Yuder that the easiest way to identify a broken imperial family member is by their inability to control their energy; the energy leaks out and hurts those around them (Chapter 225). Kishiar shares with Yuder his fear of hurting those he touch, but Yuder reaches out to touch Kishiar and tells him that he trusts him (Chapter 225). Kishiar kisses the hand on his cheek and holds Yuder’s hand until sunrise (Chapter 225). Just as Kishiar rises to leave, Kishiar collapses and falls asleep (Chapter 225). Since it is dawn of a new day now, Yuder moves Kishiar to his bed instead of risk being seen by others moving Kishiar to his own room (Chapter 225).

The next day, at dawn, after moving Kishiar into his own bed, Yuder sits in the chair besides him and notices Kishiar’s energy also ‘falling asleep’ (Chapter 226). Yuder places his hand on Kishiar’s stomach to discern the flow of Kishiar’s Awakener energy, but Kishiar’s energy repels him (Chapter 226). Yuder tries again and as he clasps the energy tightly, Yuder begins to see each of Kishiar’s energy like a moving painting (Chapter 226). Yuder focuses on the Awakener energy, using all his strength to grasp and move it so that a clear pathway is created for the energy to flow (Chapter 227). Removing one tangled knot of energy causes the spots to spread to below the chest (Chapter 227). Yuder tries using his abilities afterwards but realizes that his power has been amplified by the Red Stone energy within him, his control over his abilities is gone, and the spots have faded (Chapter 227). Yuder releases the foreign energy inside of him and gets rid of the spots by lighting a fire with the energy before falling into a deep sleep (Chapter 228). Later, Kishiar wakes up to find Yuder sleeping by his bed (Chapter 228). Kishiar lifts Yuder up bridal style and tucks him under his overcoat and blanket (Chapter 228). Kishiar leaves with Nathan to check on his condition; the Head Court Mage and Emperor Keilusa’s personal physician both confirm that Kishiar’s cycle has passed (Chapter 228, Chapter 233). When Yuder wakes up, Yuder folds the overcoat and goes to the Commander’s office to check on Kishiar (Chapter 228). Before he reaches the office, Yuder meets Sul Deputy Commander Steiber Rendley who tells him of Kishiar’s departure and of an incident happening in the training grounds (Chapter 228). Yuder agrees to help with the situation and Yuder leads the Sul Division members in to find Phieny Moffle’s lost item despite the Imperial Knights’ threats and hostility (Chapter 229, Chapter 230). Kiolle enters the training grounds late, makes the Imperial Knights do the hardest basic training drill for their insolence towards him, and allows the Cavalry time to find the lost item (Chapter 230, Chapter 231). When Phieny returns with her broken item, Yuder remembers this and gives Kiolle a chance (Chapter 231). Kiolle chooses not to interfere and Yuder beats up all 23 Imperial Knights so thoroughly that they no longer have the spirit to react to the Cavalry members laughing at them (Chapter 231, Chapter 232). The Imperial Knights confess who destroyed Phieny’s pouch, Phieny shoots invisible arrows at him in revenge, and they all return to the Cavalry (Chapter 233). Kanna greets Yuder, informing him that Kishiar decided to leave with the first detachment to the West (Chapter 233). Yuder goes to Kishiar’s office to confirm his health, and Kishiar tells Yuder how his energy has calmed down and even the early symptoms of his upcoming heat has completely subsided (Chapter 233). Worried that he might have accidentally touched something that was functioning normally in his attempt to deal with the tangled energy mass, Yuder confesses that he manipulated Kishiar’s energy while he was asleep (Chapter 234). Kishiar asks to check for spots on Yuder’s hand, taking Yuder’s gloved hand and pulling off the glove with his fingers (Chapter 234). Kishiar confesses that it’s surprising to see how much Yuder worries for him and frustrating to see how much Yuder doesn’t care for himself no matter how much he says; Kishiar feels anxious and at a loss of words (Chapter 234). Yuder asks if Kishiar’s angry for his heat disappearing and Kishiar asks how he can be mad at someone who acts for his sake; Kishiar just worries (Chapter 234). Kishiar reminds Yuder of the way Yuder was worried about him when he saw Kishiar’s self-inflicted wound, making Yuder understand and promise to not try it again until they know more about the energy manipulation phenomenon (Chapter 234). After agreeing, Yuder asks when Kishiar would let go of his hand (Chapter 234). Kishiar asks if Yuder’s permission to touch approved parts of him was just a throwaway comment as he strokes Yuder’s hand (Chapter 234). Yuder says no, but Kishiar senses his discomfort and lets go anyways (Chapter 234). As Yuder leaves, Kishiar kisses him with even deeper emotions than yearning and hunger (Chapter 235). After the kiss, Kishiar informs Yuder that he received a report that Prince Ejain has arrived in the West ahead of schedule so the first Cavalry expedition would leave tomorrow (Chapter 235). Kishiar also lets Yuder know that Emperor Keilusa was going to announce Kishiar as the owner of the Divine Sword (Chapter 235). Later in the day, Yuder asks Enon if he could go, but doesn’t force him to go when Enon doesn’t want to (Chapter 235).

The next day, the first Cavalry expedition to the West (Kishiar, Nathan, Yuder, Kanna, Gakane, Emun Philang, Hinn, Finn, and Lusan) departs from the capital on Misty Wind Horses at dawn (Chapter 235). It is Lusan’s first time riding a horse (Chapter 235). Meanwhile, Emperor Keilusa announces Kishiar as the owner of the Divine Sword (Chapter 235).

Two days later, the Cavalry expedition reaches the boundary of the West (Chapter 235). As they head to the agreed upon meeting location, they find monsters attacking a group of people along the way (Chapter 236). Yuder saves Melbon and Melbon reports how they had encountered assassins along the way (Chapter 236). According to Melbon, after dealing with the assassins, monsters had started appearing to attack them (Chapter 236). After recognizing the unrecorded underground monster, Yuder shakes up the ground to expose the monster’s hidden body and the Eldore siblings kill it (Chapter 237). Yuder brings Prince Ejain to get healed by Lusan (Chapter 237). Since Prince Ejain’s entourage lost their horses and carriage, everyone shares a horse with Ejain sharing Yuder’s, having switched places with Melbon (Chapter 237). Yuder gives Ejain permission to call him Yuder (Chapter 238). As soon as Nathan completes his inspection of the assassins and scene, Yuder erases all traces of the battle by burying it deep underground (Chapter 238). After going through security check at the gate rather quickly because of the heavy rain, they arrive at a lowkey, rundown mansion that the Peletta Knights had prepared in advance as a safe house (Chapter 239). Nathan asks Yuder to accompany Kishiar since he has business with the Peletta Knights and Yuder agrees (Chapter 239). Before Nathan leaves to secure horses and a wagon with the Peletta Knights, he asks how Yuder knew about the monster and Yuder shares that the monster is something he encountered before joining the Cavalry (Chapter 239, Chapter 247). Yuder goes to Kishiar to find him looking at a map of the West (Chapter 240). As Kishiar and Yuder walk to dinner, Kishiar plucks a silver strand of hair left by Ejain as they were traveling from Yuder’s head (Chapter 240). Kishiar also asks Yuder how he felt about Ejain, telling him that the escort mission is also to assess Prince Ejain’s character and if he would keep the promise he made with Emperor Keilusa (Chapter 240). After dinner with everyone, Kishiar and Ejain discuss the route Ejain wants to take to return home (Chapter 241). Ejain shares how his brothers already blocked off the other routes and intend to use any means to ensure that Ejain does not return to Nelarn before the King passes away so there is no choice but to go through the Great Sarain Forest (Chapter 241). Since they encountered assassins anyways, however, there must be an information leak on Ejain’s side (Chapter 241). Ejain confesses that he has no idea who it is; he wants to believe in all the servants he personally handpicked (Chapter 241). Kishiar offers another way and Ejain gives permission, ordering his servants to hand over the tokens they brought from the Nelarn Palace to Kanna (Chapter 241). Kanna finds out that the first attendant Jenn betrayed Ejain for the position of administrator of Musetti and because of old gambling debts and the other two have also passed on Ejain’s information to others before (Chapter 242). Faity confesses that it was because he thought the path Ejain took was wrong before committing suicide via poison (Chapter 242). Melbon confesses that he was once a spy for Durban before he decided to devote himself to Ejain (Chapter 243, Chapter 244). Ejain decides to judge the two remaining servants after their return and Kishiar has the Cavalry lock them in one of the empty rooms (Chapter 244). While Ejain and Kishiar talk and the Cavalry decide guard shifts for the traitors, Yuder talks with Kanna, who is worried about the possibility of traitors in the Cavalry in the future, and assures her that she doesn’t need to worry about that; Yuder will take care of it if there are ever any traitors (Chapter 245). [One of the priests in the last town before the Great Sarain Forest leaves because the situation is too dire (Chapter 249). In the afternoon, while monitoring the changes in magic power distribution in the Magic Spring Ruins, Skelly, a mage, sees a crack in the air (Chapter 262). Skelly reports it to Micalin, but it is dismissed because it is common for tired mages to see things (Chapter 262).]

The next day, near dawn, Yuder’s guard shift begins (Chapter 245). Ejain wakes and Yuder escorts the troubled prince outside, repelling the rain with his ability (Chapter 246). Ejain asks Yuder how he should handle someone who stood in his way because of different beliefs (Chapter 246). Yuder shares how he has decided to believe in whichever path and choice the person he serves makes (Chapter 246). When Ejain asks if they serve Kishiar because of his power, Yuder realizes that letting Ejain be the same as he was in the first timeline isn’t ideal so he asks Ejain to observe how the Cavalry serve Kishiar (Chapter 246). [Meanwhile, at dawn, the Western Mage Union’s base is breached by monsters (Chapter 260).] After dawn breaks, Nathan takes over the guard shift and asks Yuder to accompany Kishiar again (Chapter 246). Kishiar gives Yuder another piece of candy, makes Yuder eat it, and ruffles Yuder’s hair (Chapter 246). Kishiar praises Yuder for bringing Ejain back inside (Chapter 246). When they leave, the Peletta Knights ride behind Ejain and the Cavalry with the servants in the wagon (Chapter 247). Meanwhile, Baron Wilhem receives Duke Tain’s letter about the Cavalry, complains about Duke Tain’s investments which add more uncompensated work to them, hears the announcement about the Divine Sword which he dismisses, and tries to pit the mages against the Cavalry with misinformation (Chapter 248). Micalin Punt, who secretly accesses the incorrect information spread by Baron Willhem, gets angry and heads straight for the Great Sarain Forest (Chapter 248). When Ejain, Kishiar, and the Cavalry make it to the last town before the Great Sarain Forest, they encounter mages; Lusan heals the seriously injured one and they are led to the mages’ temporary facility for resupply at the edge of the forest (Chapter 249, Chapter 250). Lorna Beit informs them of the situation: the history of the relationship between the mages and Baron Willhem who made them cull monsters in his stead for years and how in the morning, monsters began to appear in the Western Mage Union’s fortified base (Chapter 250). Lorna offers to take them to their base within the forest (Chapter 250). As she leaves to give them some time to think about it, Yuder asks her quietly for the name of their leader and smiles (Chapter 251). After deciding what to do next, they are about to reveal their identity but they overhear the mages talking negatively about the Cavalry and decide to figure out the situation first (Chapter 251, Chapter 252). To prevent further misunderstanding, Yuder reveals that they are the Cavalry and gives them Thais’s letter of recommendation (Chapter 253). Meanwhile, just as Nathan’s group finds Kishiar’s note to follow slowly, the backup team hurriedly catches up to them, reporting that skilled individuals broke into their safehouse, dug up the body of the dead servant, and escaped (Chapter 254). When Nathan asks, Melbon infers that the assassins might have come from Aeril and that the hairband Faity gave to Ejain might have the same trackable scent (Chapter 254). Yuder checks up on both Kishiar and Ejain (Chapter 255). The mages find a crack and a monster called Maraedon appears through it (Chapter 256). Kishiar uses his Divine Sword and sword aura in public for the first time (Chapter 256). The crack also disappears (Chapter 257). As they get closer to the base, more monsters appear and Yuder hinders the monsters, leaving the finishing blows to the Eldore siblings (Chapter 257, Chapter 258). Yuder admits his weakness to monsters to Kishiar when Kishiar points it out (Chapter 258). Kishiar wipes away the blood on Yuder’s scratched cheek, ordering him to not get hurt anymore (Chapter 259). As they move into a formation with monster-hunting Kishiar, tree-cutting Yuder, and guide Lorna in the front to reach the base faster, they notice that the spell used to find the base is gone (Chapter 259). Meanwhile, the Western Mage Union base/research site is being attacked by numerous monsters (Chapter 259). Kishiar and the Cavalry rescue them (Chapter 260). As Micalin leads the Cavalry in for further discussion, particularly on the misunderstanding, Lusan heals the injured (Chapter 260). Yuder gives Micalin Thais’s letter (Chapter 260). Micalin agrees to cooperate with the Cavalry and shakes hands with Yuder (Chapter 261). Yuder and Micalin talk with a mage who had witnessed a crack before the monsters attacked their base (Chapter 262). After talking with Skelly, Micalin orders his mages to interview the other mages that had once reported seeing illusions in the ruins; they soon find out that cracks have been appearing since over a month ago and this coincides with the significant changes observed with magic power distribution at the ruins (Chapter 262). While Micalin takes care of some things, Yuder talks with Kishiar and Kishiar informs Yuder that he is leaving Yuder at the base with Lusan to maintain their relationship with the mages (Chapter 263, Chapter 264). After informing Micalin, Yuder meets with Ejain who tells him that he had learned many things from watching him and asks to be Yuder’s friend (Chapter 264, Chapter 265). Yuder agrees, the Cavalry finishes preparations, Kishiar gives three candies to Yuder (Chapter 265). Before Kishiar leaves, Yuder tells him that if he returns even slightly injured, he will never listen to such an order again (Chapter 265). Once his companions leave, Yuder begins to help the mages repair the buildings (Chapter 265). At night, Lorna and some mages invite Yuder to have dinner with them; over dinner, they ask Yuder questions about Awakeners and his ability, leading to other mages opening up and asking their own questions (Chapter 266). Lorna invites him to the Magic Spring Ruins the next day, Lusan continues to heal people, Yuder tries to fall asleep as he thinks about his comrades (Chapter 266). Meanwhile, Kishiar heals an injured messenger bird and tells Ejain, who is watching instead of sleeping, that assassins are tracking them through his hair tie (Chapter 267). Before Ejain throws it away, Kishiar stops him and advises him that he can’t keep discarding things to live nor does he have to because the assassins that will retrace their steps will run into Yuder (Chapter 267). Because of the presence of pursuers, Kishiar has the Cavalry awaken to continue their rushed journey (Chapter 267). Meanwhile, many mages are so curious about Awakeners and Yuder that they are unable to sleep properly at night (Chapter 268).

The next day, at dawn, Yuder visits the overworking Lusan and they eat breakfast together (Chapter 268). Afterwards, Yuder follows Lorna and two other mages to the Magic Spring Ruins (Chapter 269). Yuder overhears the rumors that the Tain family are creating a route to smuggle rare items and conduct human trafficking for the Southern illegal fighting arenas (Chapter 269). When there are signs of a massive monster heading to the Magic Spring Ruins, the other two mages retreat to report back to base while Yuder accompanies Lorna to the ruins and feels the Magic Spring (Chapter 270). Yuder spends the rest of the day helping mages (Chapter 271). Yuder skips dinner, Lusan continues to work and sleep by the side of the injured, Yuder dreams of Pethuamet (Chapter 271). [Meanwhile, ten assassins follow the trail of Ejain’s scent, become a group of five after an unexpected encounter with a monster, and infiltrate Yuder’s room, waiting for him to fall asleep (Chapter 273).] Yuder wakes up to a sword pointed at his throat (Chapter 273). Yuder deals with the five assassins, uses water to prevent them from committing suicide, and interrogates all the information out of them (Chapter 273). Although Yuder knows that Nathan’s group is following after Kishiar’s, Yuder longs to go after Kishiar too, but he stays and eats one candy to soothe his nerves (Chapter 273).

The next day, Yuder asks Micalin for a holding place for the five assassins (Chapter 274). Yuder asks Micalin about the magic circle he has seen in his dream and copied onto a sheet of paper, learns about the Western Mage Union’s magic amplification circle, and learns about monsters that can absorb magic circles (Chapter 274). Meanwhile, after staying up all night to follow a trade route, Kishiar and the rest of the group approach the meeting place, but find less than ten of the twenty subordinates that should have been there (Chapter 275). The Cavalry and traitors fight, but some of the traitors escape (Chapter 276). Ejain resolves to kill the captured traitors himself and Awakens when one of the traitors nearly kills him with a hidden dagger (Chapter 276). The Cavalry chase after the remaining traitors that have escaped and find them taken care of by the Awakeners in the Star of Nagran village base (286). When a misunderstanding is about to arise while they are in the village, Kishiar forcibly creates a situation for conversation, clears up their identity and purpose for being in the forest, and the Star of Nagran Awakeners calm down, believing Kishiar and the Cavalry to be mercenary Awakeners hired by the Western Mage Union rather than Lord Tainu’s men (Chapter 288). Kishiar and Nathan’s groups reunite and depart ways with Ejain who decides to temporarily stay longer at the original meeting location for the sake of his wounded subordinates (Chapter 288, Chapter 289). Meanwhile, as they fix a control circle and return to the Magic Spring, Yuder and Lorna encounter a small Pethuamet (Chapter 278). After the Pethuamet swallows a magic stone fragment, Yuder kills it and pockets its tongue (Chapter 278). After Lorna reports to Micalin, Yuder stays behind to ask Micalin to deactivate the magic amplification circles (Chapter 278). Micalin refuses, but before he leaves, Yuder brings up his conjecture that the amplification circle may be directly correlated with the emergence of cracks and monster anomalies in the forest (Chapter 279). [Yuder’s last words cause Micalin to take Lorna and a few other mages to inspect the Magic Spring Ruins himself (Chapter 281). They encounter Pethuamet and ‘kill it’, but Pethuamet absorbs the attacks, inflates, and begins to rapidly absorb more materials and magic power from the circle (Chapter 281). When Pethuamet attracts other monsters with its call, the mages retreat with Lorna who has been injured in the battle (Chapter 281).] On his way out of Micalin’s office, Yuder runs into Lusan and after feeling warm that he isn’t alone, Yuder consults with Lusan in their room, telling Lusan everything that has happened (Chapter 280). Lusan agrees with Yuder and asks if there is anything he can help with; Yuder asks Lusan to ask about the mages’ research (Chapter 280). Lusan is about to heal Yuder’s hand when a mage comes in, asking Lusan to help heal Lorna who got hit by Pethuamet’s venomous tail (Chapter 281). Yuder extracts the poisoned blood, Lusan heals Lorna, the mages use a detoxification spell, and Micalin explains the story (Chapter 281). Yuder creates a plan and gives the tongue from the Pethuamet he killed earlier to Micalin (Chapter 281). Micalin orders some mages to help him extract information from the tongue and disable the circle (Chapter 282). Yuder heads out with some mages to lure the Pethuamet away from base to a high location, but while rushing to the monster, they encounter Awakeners already attacking Pethuamet (Chapter 282). Yuder stops them, asks them to help the mages deal with the other monsters, and attacks Pethuamet and lures the enraged monster along the path that the mages had set for him (Chapter 283). Yuder gets hit and drops his sword when he gets distracted by his eardrum bursting from Pethuamet’s roars (Chapter 284). An Awakener helps him find his sword while Yuder continues leading Pethuamet to the highest hill (Chapter 284). At the highest hill, Yuder causes an earthquake to collapse the entire hill and create a large pit filled with earthen spears to impale the Pethuamet (Chapter 284). Yuder cuts off the pinned Pethuamet’s tongue, the body fluids soak Yuder as he makes sure that it’s dead, and Kishiar catches him just as Yuder faints (Chapter 284). Yuder wakes up shortly after and talks to Kishiar before blacking out again (Chapter 285). [Just before this, Kishiar and the Cavalry hurry to the base after seeing many Pethuamets and monster corpses (Chapter 289). Lusan explains the situation, Kishiar orders the Cavalry members to standby and gather more information, and leaves after telling Lusan to reserve his strength (Chapter 289, Chapter 290). When Kishiar brings back Yuder, the Cavalry think that he is dead (Chapter 290).] [Meanwhile, also just before Yuder defeats the monster, Micalin and the mages work upstairs on finding a way to separate the absorbed magic power from the tongue (Chapter 293). When they get news that Yuder is almost done luring the monster, Micalin orders the dismantling of the amplification and protection circles in advance (Chapter 293). When some mages find a small Pethuamet near the Magic Spring ruins however, greed consumes them and they capture several small Pethuamets for future research, feed them parts of the amplification circle’s magic stones, and don’t dismantle their magic circles as is their mission, feeling it unjust to end their research despite the dangerous situation (Chapter 293). When they return to base however, Kanna, who has been going through the mages’ reports meticulously finds out that the mages that should have helped Yuder didn’t (Chapter 293). Since Kishiar has not yet returned at this point, the Cavalry confiscates the hidden monsters and isolate the involved mages and the mages who were sympathetic to these mages (Chapter 294). Many more mages, including Micalin, help the Cavalry so there isn’t much quarrel despite this (Chapter 294). When Kishiar brings Yuder back to base, Kishiar stays with Yuder the entire night long treatment (Chapter 294). It is Kishiar who changes Yuder out of his venom-soaked clothes (Chapter 296). When day breaks and Yuder’s treatment ends, Kishiar finally leaves the room and reveals his identity to the mages (Chapter 294).]

The next day, Kishiar reveals his identity as the Cavalry Commander and asks Micalin to confirm the truth he has heard from Kanna, Lusan, and the Cavalry (Chapter 294). Kishiar commands the guilty mages to defeat the captured Pethuamets as their punishment (Chapter 294). At first, the guilty mages try with confidence, but eventually, they try to escape the monster, even fight against the Cavalry members blocking their escape, but fail (Chapter 294). After the mages surrender, Kishiar personally cuts down the small Pethuamet (Chapter 294). The guilty mages are then expelled from the Western Mage Union and sent back to the Pearl Tower to face proper investigation and cold punishment (Chapter 294). Kishiar orders Peletta Knights stationed near the base to escort the mages and assassins out immediately (Chapter 295). Micalin pledges full cooperation in all future dealings between the Cavalry and Western Mage Union, even offering to step down from his position as Union Leader and cease all research, but Kishiar just commands him to do nothing until Yuder recovers (Chapter 295). Meanwhile, a few hours after the battle with Pethuamet and Lusan’s treatment, Yuder wakes up to a commotion (Chapter 285). Kanna tells Yuder about Ejain’s awakening and most everything that had happened on their side until Yuder defeated Pethuamet (Chapter 286-Chapter 290). Kanna tries to get Yuder to promise to never do something like this alone, even if it was dangerous for others, again and Yuder only promises to try, knowing that he can’t lie with Kanna holding his hand (Chapter 290). Kanna gets Yuder to touch his sword and the string Enon once gave him collapses under his touch (Chapter 290). Lusan arrives, explains Yuder’s situation, and gets Yuder to try using his ability, which he cannot (Chapter 290). When Yuder’s attention is drawn to outside again, Kanna gets him to drink a sedative and Yuder falls asleep (Chapter 290). [Meanwhile,

The next day, Yuder wakes up after dreaming of a time when Kishiar snuck into his bedroom at night to find Kishiar besides him (Chapter 291). Since it feels like nighttime, Yuder asks if Kishiar should go to sleep and immediately apologizes after Kishiar dryly asks if Yuder is worrying about him now (Chapter 291). Kishiar shares how he used to want to be a hero when he was young, but he had never thought of what the people around a hero felt; Kishiar wonders how he could have ever praised Yuder for things that had himself in danger or allowed such things to happen before (Chapter 292). Yuder realizes that Kishiar, both the Kishiar from the previous life that has always came to look for him and now, were sincere and Yuder feels so much regret and pain that loses consciousness again (Chapter 292, Chapter 293). Yuder’s fever becomes so severe that he experiences drastic temperature changes (Chapter 293).

The next day, in the morning, Kishiar thinks that Yuder’s unchanged and severe condition is not an issue of divine power or method of treatment or even Yuder’s weakness to monsters, but something else and Kishiar meets with the Western Mage Union mages to ask them to resume the task of finding a way to neutralize the traces of magic in Pethuamet and now Yuder (Chapter 293, Chapter 298). When Yuder regains consciousness, Gakane is by his side; Gakane tells Yuder how they are taking turns looking after him while he helps Yuder drink water (Chapter 293). Lusan uses herbs to treat Yuder again because the divine power isn’t working well; the venom spreads back after a while (Chapter 293). Yuder finds his condition odd and Lusan tells Yuder that Kishiar thought the same and is in a meeting now (Chapter 293). Lusan also tells Yuder what happened the day he first woke up (Chapter 295). Gakane shares that Kishiar called for the second dispatch team to come, half to Tainu and half to the Western Mage Union base, and that Kishiar handed over the monster subjugation tasks that were originally supposed to be led by Yuder to Gakane (Chapter 295). Yuder encourages Gakane (Chapter 295). The Eldore siblings come in for their shift; under Gakane’s persistence, Yuder tells him what he was going to say before the Eldore siblings came in and the Eldore siblings say that they want to be appointed as Yuder’s aides too (Chapter 296). As Yuder tries to see with his eyes when the bandages around them are temporarily taken off, Yuder remembers the last piece of candy in his pocket and asks about his clothes (Chapter 296). Yuder learns that Kishiar changed his clothes when he was unconscious (Chapter 296). Yuder wakes up from a nightmare to Kishiar holding his hand still so that he doesn’t tear off his own bandages (Chapter 296). Yuder tries to hold a cup to drink, but has no strength and drops it; Kishiar, having expected this, uses this as a reason why he should feed Yuder (Chapter 296). Kishiar carries Yuder out of bed and feeds Yuder soup with a spoon while sitting Yuder on his lap (Chapter 296). As Yuder thinks about his feelings, Yuder realizes that his dreams of the past are not mere dreams and there are many gaps within him, familiar yet strange fragments of memory and emotion (Chapter 297). Kishiar shares the results from the Peletta Knights covertly investigating the Star of Nagran village outpost and how they would need to investigate the Tain Duchy for illegal trading because the rumors of them setting up a trading hub in the Great Sarain Forest is true (Chapter 297). Yuder asks about Kishiar’s meeting with the mages and Kishiar shares how he thinks that Yuder absorbed two powers, venom and amplification, just as he had once absorbed Kishiar’s energy (Chapter 297). Yuder feels bad about giving Kishiar more work, but Kishiar admits it’s harder to endure now than when his vessel was gradually breaking every hour and if Yuder doesn’t get better, he doesn’t know what he’ll end up doing (Chapter 298). The two embrace each other (Chapter 299). Kishiar shares how he found Yuder that night when he fought Pethuamet; he had followed an invisible thread from which Yuder’s scent wafted (Chapter 299). Kishiar asks if Yuder is afraid of not being able to see; Yuder replies that he is not, but he regrets not being able to see Kishiar’s expression (Chapter 299). Kishiar helps Yuder trace his face until Yuder is touching Kishiar’s face entirely of his own strength and volition (Chapter 300). Yuder kisses Kishiar, initiating the kiss for the first time (Chapter 300). Kishiar stays with Yuder until Yuder falls asleep and then returns to finding a way to remove the traces of the amplification circle with the mages, telling Yuder that he is planning to reveal his power as a mage so that others wouldn’t take him or the Cavalry lightly again (Chapter 300).

The next three days, Yuder wakes up in a state where he has not dreamed at all (Chapter 301). He spends the longest time doing absolutely nothing he has ever had throughout his two lifetimes, spending most of his time sleeping and when awake, sharing conversations with his comrades who take turns guarding him (Chapter 301). Yuder also shares his weaknesses and limitations with them (Chapter 301). When Emun finds it impressive that he found a way to work around his weakness of monsters, Yuder admits that it isn’t his idea and gives them the impression that he had a mentor before joining the Cavalry who died (Chapter 301). Yuder thinks of past memories as he sits by an open window; Kishiar comes in and closes it, using magic to warm the heat-retaining grain pouch on his stomach and wrapping Yuder with a blanket (Chapter 302). Kishiar excuses his use of magic for Yuder’s convenience by saying that he needs to practice with small spells in preparation for removing the amplification circle (Chapter 302). Yuder informs Kishiar that he told the Cavalry members of his weakness and limitations; Yuder adds that he also can’t use his power on items made by monster byproducts to Kishiar (Chapter 302).

Meanwhile, Duke Tain hears rumors of how an Awakener caused an earthquake in the Great Sarain Forest, monster anomalies ceased afterwards, and numerous Sun God Priests in the West have detected a massive divine power moving within the forest (Chapter 302). Then the Cavalry announces official news of how the first Cavalry dispatch team, including Divine Sword owner Kishiar, is already in the West and the second dispatch team is coming soon (Chapter 302). Frustrated that Theorado, Kishiar, and Baron Willhem are ignoring him, Duke Tain goes gambling (Chapter 303). Meanwhile, Emperor Keilusa hears a report from the spy he has on Duke Tain and comments on Katchian, Duke Diarca, and Duke Herne (Chapter 303). Emperor Keilusa reads another letter report from Kishiar concerning the second dispatch team and wonders who Yuder Ail is because Kishiar has never shown such haste for even Nathan and the Peletta Knights he raised himself (Chapter 303). Meanwhile, Gayle and Doyle meet Nahan and Hosanna in front of the Imperial Knights’ grounds (Chapter 304). Gayle refuses to leave, Nahan tells the brothers that the Cavalry discovered their western base, and Nahan gives them time to rethink their decision and leaves (Chapter 304).

Kanna tells Yuder that the mages found a way to heal Yuder and Kishiar ordered Gakane, Hinn, and Finn to investigate and inspect the Magic Spring Ruins in preparation for the magic (Chapter 305). Kishiar informs him about the amplification circle removal plan (Chapter 305). Kishiar suggests to carry him for a public stroll as a reward (Chapter 305). Yuder refuses, unsettled by the thought of causing unnecessary rumors (Chapter 306). Kishiar apologizes, realizing Yuder was upset, but tells Yuder that he doesn’t find being with him even slightly disgraceful (Chapter 306). Kishiar also tells Yuder that the opposite is more likely, that people would criticize Kishiar for blocking a promising young talent’s path (Chapter 306). Kishiar reminds Yuder that Yuder once said that he could forever remain Kishiar’s assistant if that was what Kishiar wished, but Kishiar wishes for more for his heart has already been taken and Kishiar would wait for his answer no matter how long it would take (Chapter 306). Yuder feels his heart warm at the proposal, but also pain (Chapter 306). Yuder relents that Kishiar can carry him at night (Chapter 306). Kishiar sneaks into Yuder’s room through the window and brings Yuder to the top of a tree to enjoy the new moon (Chapter 307). Kishiar describes the Great Sarain Forest and the sea near Peletta to Yuder and asks Yuder to come to Peletta one day; Yuder remembers how Kishiar had once asked the same in his first timeline trainee days and tells him he will go see the sea there even if his eyes don’t recover (Chapter 308). Kishiar is happy, but tells Yuder to leave out the ‘eyes don’t recover’ part because Kishiar would make sure Yuder’s eyes are cured (Chapter 308). Yuder is reminded of how Kishiar said he wanted to be a hero when he was young and resolves to make sure that Kishiar becomes one (Chapter 308). When Yuder asks, curious after having felt it once, Kishiar shares that his ability is to push or pull power towards him (Chapter 308). Kishiar also shares that the night Kishiar went to find Yuder who had gone to kill Pethuamet, Kishiar had noticed the flow of power he used was different; at that moment, he desperately wanted to pull something towards him (Chapter 308). Kishiar brings Yuder back to the room to rest, but Yuder can’t fall asleep, making Kishiar give him the candy that Yuder thought he had lost (Chapter 308). When Kishiar learns that Yuder was planning to eat it before going out to find him if Kishiar hadn’t returned in three days, Kishiar kisses Yuder’s forehead and then lips softly, asking him to sleep well (Chapter 308).

The next day, Yuder wakes up and eats the candy still in his hand (Chapter 309). The Red Stone medium falls out of a pocket when Lusan moves his old clothes and Yuder puts it into his uniform cloak (Chapter 309). Lusan gives Yuder more pain-relieving herbs (Chapter 309). Lorna drops by with Kishiar’s permission and apologizes for not heeding Yuder’s warning before the incident (Chapter 309). Gakane shares that he doesn’t like mages, but Lorna worked really hard to find a way to cure Yuder, even forsaking her health and sleep (Chapter 309). Afterwards, Hinn and Finn teleport Yuder to the Magic Spring Ruins; and Kishiar catches him (Chapter 309). After Emun and Kanna support Yuder to the center, Kishiar and the mages activate the magic formations and succeed (Chapter 310). Yuder’s black spots disappear and when he unties the bandage around his eyes, Yuder is able to see Kishiar smiling with his good eye (Chapter 311). An earthquake emerges and Yuder, using the Red Stone medium because his own ability has not yet recovered, forcibly calms the earth (Chapter 311). Once they return to base, Yuder gets a group hug from everyone (Chapter 311). After a while, Kishiar asks them to let go so he can assess Yuder’s condition and the Cavalry members want to refuse and scold Yuder with a hug even more, but retreat when Kishiar says that he wants to join in and scold Yuder with a hug then too (Chapter 312). Lusan examines Yuder, finding the venom rapidly disappearing and Yuder’s body temperature normalizing (Chapter 312). Lusan applies divine power and the black spots finally stop reappearing (Chapter 312). After his treatment, Yuder asks Lusan to examine Kishiar discreetly in his room later (Chapter 312). In his room, Yuder contemplates the Red Stone energy in his hand and the medium and the Magic Spring Ruins (Chapter 312). Kishiar visits through the window, asks if Yuder is alright, and takes the empty medium (Chapter 313). After they discuss more things, Yuder forces Kishiar to sleep, leading him and pushing him onto the bed and tucking him in with a blanket (Chapter 313). Yuder offers to hold his hand when Kishiar says that he can’t sleep and Kishiar gives up on behaving and pulls Yuder to sleep with him (Chapter 313). Kishiar falls asleep while holding Yuder tight (Chapter 313). Yuder intends to stay awake to later wake Kishiar up, but he too falls asleep (Chapter 313). [Meanwhile, the Cavalry members take turns keeping watch over the Magic Spring Ruins throughout the night (Chapter 314). Kishiar, who later inspects the area, has a long conversation with Micalin and Micalin announces that their research objectives have changed from trapping and amplifying the Magic Spring energy to monitoring the slow leakage of magic from the Ruins and examining the monsters appearing in the forest (Chapter 314).]

The next day, in the morning, the Star of Nagran village ‘disappears’ and the Peletta Knights begin to investigate and track all the village members down (Chapter 314). Meanwhile, the Knights of Tainu enter the forest to check on their trade base and are killed by Ershi (Chapter 315). When Yuder wakes up, Yuder finds an origami flower folded from the candy wrapper he left out on the pillow next to him (Chapter 314). Although Yuder finds the folded candy wrapper flower and promise to give a real flower to him later embarrassing, Yuder stores the paper flower in the deepest part of his bag where no one else can find it (Chapter 314). Kishiar orders Gakane to take command of the search operation with the second dispatch team and half the Cavalry leaves to search the abandoned village (Chapter 315). Kishiar leads Yuder, Emun, and Lusan to check on Duke Tain’s illicit trade bases and finds three Tainu Knights’ corpses on their way to the fourth outpost (Chapter 315). At the fourth outpost, Yuder senses something off and saves Kishiar from Nahan’s hidden lethal attack (Chapter 316). Nahan is surprised by Kishiar’s face, causing Yuder to realize that Nahan had seen the illusion he has placed him under last time (Chapter 316). Nahan uses his ability on Lusan when Lusan rebukes him for killing the Tainu Knights, Kishiar attacks and goes after Nahan and Ershi who flee, and Yuder chases after them to find Kishiar standing still after inflicting an injury so deep that Nahan’s arm almost got amputated (Chapter 316, Chapter 355). Kishiar confesses that he saw Yuder in the illusion Nahan used on him and asks Yuder what he saw in the past; Yuder lies and says he doesn’t remember (Chapter 317). They return after waking Lusan up, Kishiar informs Micalin about Nahan, and Kanna returns and reports how Nahan moved all the Awakeners out of the village (Chapter 317). Kishiar has Lusan and Emun take Kanna to do a search at the Tain Family outposts (Chapter 318). At sunset, all the Peletta Knights and Cavalry members, including the second dispatch team, arrives (Chapter 318). After being initially saddened that Yuder had not yet fully recovered, Yuder’s skin still discolored and left eye left blind, Jimmy begins to ask Yuder about the rumors (Chapter 318). Kanna shows the second dispatch team the dissected Pethuamet corpse in the Magic Tool Materials Storage (Chapter 319). Lorna is drawn out by the noise and apologize to Kanna who sees her, saying that she wanted to see the small Pethuamet one last time before it’s discarded (Chapter 319). Kanna explains that they kept the pure Pethuamet Lorna found for research and were going to dispose of it now that they succeeded with the magic trace removal (Chapter 319). They find out that the Pethuamet thinks of Yuder as kin because of the venom he absorbed (Chapter 319). Yuder suggests that they keep the Pethuamet after considering that researching it might solve the problem of Kishiar’s vessel among other things (Chapter 320). Later, Yuder sees Enon and as Enon talks with Yuder, Enon gives Lusan, who is resting after Nahan’s illusion, medicine and makes him rest (Chapter 320). Yuder tells Enon about the string; Enon tells him that it was an amulet that absorbed and dispersed any shock that shakes the holder’s power and soul, meaning Yuder almost died (Chapter 320). Enon gives Yuder another string (Chapter 321). Enon tells him that the Magic Spring Ruins seems to have been formed artificially, making him seem like an aged elder to Yuder for the first time (Chapter 321).

The next day, Yuder wakes up at dawn and advises Gakane that surviving and staying safe even if it meant failing the mission is the best outcome (Chapter 321). Micalin tells Yuder that he will never forget the immense favor he owes Yuder and that he would like to use the name ‘Yuder No. 1’ to name the new magic spell after him (Chapter 321). Yuder agrees after Kishiar says it’s best (Chapter 321). Yuder asks about small Pethuamet and Kishiar gestures to a veiled box in the pile of luggage (Chapter 322). Kishiar, Yuder, and half the second dispatch team heads to Tainu by carriage (Chapter 322).

In the carriage ride to Tainu, Kishiar mentions that he would need to portray the rumored ‘lecherous dissolute Duke Peletta’ to everyone, but to do so, he would need to play with strangers which was not only a waste of time but also highly dangerous or have someone acting the role of a lover receiving much attention from Duke Peletta (Chapter 323). Yuder reluctantly agrees, not thinking that he would be the one playing the role (Chapter 323).

The next day, Kishiar assigns everyone’s roles in their pretense and gives Yuder the role as his lover in front of everyone (Chapter 323). When Yuder protests, Kishiar silences him with a perfectly reasonable expression (Chapter 323). Kishiar adds that he would change his mind if anyone else volunteered, but no one does until they arrive at Tainu (Chapter 323).

Meanwhile, Baron Willhem hears many rumors, gets a letter report that the Cavalry found the bodies of the Tainu Knights and were heading towards Tainu, and gets written commands from Duke Tainu concerning the Star of Nagran Awakeners, trading post, and Cavalry (Chapter 322). When Baron Willhem meets Kishiar for the first time and offers his guest house to him and the Cavalry, Baron Willhem thanks god that Kishiar seems to be a fool like the rumors (Chapter 322). Near dinner, Kishiar ignores the servants waiting outside his room to convey the Baron’s request to attend his banquet; instead, Kishiar has tea with Yuder and Yuder consumes most of the many refreshments on the table (Chapter 323). Once Yuder rises from his seat, judging that they made the servants wait enough time, Kishiar clarifies that the ensuing scandal is entirely his responsibility so he’ll bear all the responsibility; Kishiar doesn’t want Yuder to even think about it or accept anything else people may say (Chapter 323). When Yuder absently leaves the room, he finds himself standing by the door for a long time, dumbfounded and losing an old, suppressed, thought to have been gone resentment as he stares at the ground (Chapter 323). [Meanwhile, Baron Willhem gets a report from the servants that Kishiar had called one of his Cavalry members into his room and spent a long time with him in broad daylight; they found the Duke drunk and sheets disheveled (Chapter 324).] Kishiar, Yuder, and the Cavalry attend Baron Willhem’s banquet with the Baron’s family and many nobles (Chapter 324). During the banquet, Kishiar shamelessly offers his drunk wine glass to Yuder (a very secretive and hot act done only in bed), causing Baron Willhem to bring another glass to Yuder (Chapter 324). Baron Willhem asks about the hero who defeated Pethuamet by himself and Kishiar cheerfully introduces Yuder as his cherished assistant, the promising talent in the Cavalry, and hero who defeated the giant monster to the nobles’ disbelief (Chapter 324). Kishiar begins to sing more praises for Yuder as if he had been waiting for the opportunity (Chapter 325). The nobles find Yuder impressive, especially because of how he was able to remain calm throughout Kishiar’s nonsense, a feat no noble could do (Chapter 325). The nobles try asking Yuder questions directly, but before Yuder can open his mouth, Kishiar obstructs them and says that he is the only one who can talk to his assistant; Baron Willhem pities Yuder for having to endure the humiliation of being treated as a toy by a petty, dissipated Duke (Chapter 325). Baron Willhem notices that all the Cavalry and Peletta Knights seem to be pained, shaking their shoulders in agony and probably finding the situation anything but amusing (Chapter 325). Finally, after a long time, Yuder stops Kishiar’s nonsensical praising and asks Kishiar to continue his meal; instead of being angry, Kishiar complies with a lustful look in his eyes and sultry smile (Chapter 325). Baron Willhem takes the opportunity to ask Kishiar if he is really the owner of the Divine Sword (Chapter 325). Coming to a conclusion of what kind of person Kishiar is, Baron Willhem eases up the surveillance on the Cavalry and sends Duke Tain a reassuring letter (Chapter 325). Before Kishiar leaves with Yuder, Kishiar kisses Yuder’s forehead before all the nobles (Chapter 325). Back in their room, Yuder asks if Kishiar is really alright with this arrangement; there is no need to play the role of a dissolute duke so thoroughly (Chapter 326). Kishiar replies that Yuder asks if he’s okay, but Kishiar’s having a lot of fun (Chapter 326). Kishiar adds that he has a personal motive; he’s taking advantage of this opportunity to do everything he wants to do to Yuder in public (Chapter 326). Yuder carefully examines Kishiar’s eyes and feels weak upon realizing that Kishiar really harbored no resentment for the scorn and insults he has to bear (Chapter 326). Kishiar and Yuder drink wine together (Chapter 326). As Yuder brushes the salt-sugar off of Kishiar’s lips with his fingers, Kishiar sucks Yuder’s fingers, Yuder pulls his fingers back and kisses Kishiar, Kishiar kisses back, and Yuder finds himself laying on top of Kishiar on the sofa (Chapter 326). Yuder belatedly realizes that he is aroused when Kishiar points it out and Yuder wonders if something is wrong with him because of his injury, making Kishiar laugh (Chapter 327). When Yuder feels ashamed of being aroused by such a little thing while Kishiar is not, Kishiar confesses that he exerts a considerable amount of strength to stabilize his vessel and suppress his arousals (Chapter 327). Kishiar lets go of his restraint and Yuder asks why he is holding back (Chapter 327). Kishiar confesses that he wanted to walk at the same pace as Yuder and that he finds conversing with Yuder, even if it’s just a single word, more enjoyable than physical desire (Chapter 327). Yuder finally is overwhelmed by intense longing, desire, and desperation, saying that Kishiar is too much (Chapter 327). Kishiar admits that he thinks so too, scheming every day to monopolize Yuder all for himself (Chapter 327). When Kishiar tries to stop Yuder from touching himself and provoking him because Yuder hadn’t fully recovered yet, Yuder tells him not to worry about his unhealed eye because he saw everything he wanted before losing it and that was enough, making Kishiar hug Yuder so tightly he can’t breathe (Chapter 328). Kishiar kisses Yuder and Yuder frees Kishiar’s arousal while thinking that it is the first time he has ever climbed on top, took off clothes, an saw Kishiar’s lustful face so clearly (Chapter 328). Yuder and Kishiar give each other hand jobs against each other and deep kiss (Chapter 328). Kishiar confesses that he’s finally come to realize that Yuder is alive, sharing that he saw Yuder in his Commander uniform in Nahan’s illusion (Chapter 329). Kishiar cleans them up before Yuder can do it himself; Kishiar also cleans Yuder’s fingers (Chapter 329). Kishiar tells Yuder that his scent has gotten stronger; it’s almost the first time someone has told him about his own scent, making him realize anew that he can emit one (Chapter 329). Yuder thinks about his guilt for hiding the secret of his previous life and how he had decided to do everything he could to protect Kishiar and decides to go with the lovers act (Chapter 330). [Meanwhile, in a nearby village, several groups of people wandering aimlessly and without memory of who they were or why they were there, appear in nearby villages, causing unease among the locals (Chapter 334).]

The next day, when his Cavalry colleagues sympathetically (teasingly) ask him how the night with Commander was, Yuder says that it is pleasant, making their suppressed laughter stop and Ever whisper urgently in his ear that it’s better to say nothing (Chapter 330). Lusan quickly calls him over, away from the eavesdropping servants, and Enon bluntly tells Yuder that he might as well just open the window and yell that it is all a setup (Chapter 330). Yuder doesn’t understand what the problem of his behavior is, asking if he seems unsuited for his role (Chapter 330). When Lusan is called by others to do something, Enon quietly asks him why he’s interested in role-playing all of a sudden and Yuder remembers Enon asking if Kishiar is someone important in the future or his lover (Chapter 330). The answer then is no for both, but now… (Chapter 330). Nathan follows Kishiar out of his meeting with Baron Willhem, his effort to conform to the role of the idle Peletta Knight apparent in his deliberately disheveled outfit; Yuder feels deep sympathy for Nathan for the first time (Chapter 331). Kishiar officially gives the Cavalry a week’s rest to freely spend money and have fun in Tainu and unofficially has them search for traces of the Tain Family’s illegal trade (Chapter 331). Kishiar brings Nathan and Yuder to town and spends a lot of money buying things for them (Chapter 331). Kishiar has one of the merchants writing a letter of introduction to the Red Deer Consortium for him (Chapter 331). Once they enter the Red Deer Consortium, Kishiar orders Nathan to ‘get lost’ while finding the restroom and assess the interior structure and personnel (Chapter 332). Although Graham Willhem, Baron Willhem’s younger brother and advisor of the Red Deer Consortium, initially refuses to sell anything to Kishiar because of the firm’s policy, Kishiar kisses Yuder’s forehead, causing Graham to realize who the Duke’s precious person is and wanting them to leave his sight more quickly out of disgust, takes them to the warehouse to help them find what they want (Chapter 332). As they leave, Kishiar, Yuder, and Nathan share their findings; and Kishiar and Yuder realize from Nathan’s inability to describe one person that stood out to him that Nahan was there (Chapter 333, Chapter 334). Back at their temporary base (Baron Willhem’s guest house), while Kishiar goes to meet Baron Willhem, Ever reports to Yuder that ten lunatics appeared in a village near Tainu and other similar things have happened in other villages as well; she suggests that these might be the ordinary people driven out from the Star of Nagran’s village base (Chapter 334). Yuder then visits Enon and shares recent events; Enon calls Nahan a Modar type: better to weed out before they become too strong (Chapter 334). Yuder shares that Enon had disappeared in his previous life and Enon realizes that he did die, but not in the way Yuder was thinking of (Chapter 335). Enon shares that he is a created entity, asks how Yuder regressed, shares Luma’s time-reversing magic research obsession, and gives Yuder a potion to stimulate his vitality (Chapter 335). Meanwhile, Baron Willhem increases patrols around Tainu after hearing from Kishiar that they came across Nahan, the one who killed the Knights of Tainu in the forest (Chapter 336). Kishiar takes advantage of the patrols to figure out where Baron Willhem is trying to protect the most by following the areas with the most knights (Chapter 336). Yuder becomes more conscious of Kishiar as Kishiar undresses and Yuder blames Enon’s potion (Chapter 336). Yuder mentions Enon’s interest in studying the small Pethuamet, Kishiar asks about Yuder’s opinion of Enon and expresses his jealousy that he can feel Yuder’s deep faith when Yuder says Enon is like bread, hard but soft on the inside (Chapter 337). As they sleep together in the same bed, Yuder gets a wet dream of the past (Chapter 338).

The next morning, Yuder wakes up (Chapter 339). Because he looks pale, Kishiar tries to check on him, but Yuder avoids his hand, making Kishiar ask if he had a nightmare, comfort him, and cross his arms instead of reaching out to him again (Chapter 339). While Kishiar attends a salon gathering of Western nobles, Yuder feigns exhaustion from an intense night and rests (Chapter 339). Ever drops by to check on him and deliver letters from Gakane, Kanna, and Jimmy (Chapter 339). Gakane shares how monster activity dropped back to normal levels, allowing mercenaries to return to hunt in the area (Chapter 339). Kanna shares her investigation findings and Jimmy recounts his monster-hunting stories, asking to spar with Yuder next time they meet (Chapter 339). Ever asks what they said and Yuder shares that he learned Kanna is making Ever watch over him; Ever playfully confirms, saying that Kanna promised to make her a dress herself as payment (Chapter 339). Baron Willhem takes advantage of Kishiar’s absence to privately meet with Yuder and recruit him to Duke Tain’s side; Yuder informs him that if Duke Tain wishes to contact him, he must speak to the Commander first (Chapter 340). A servant soon interrupts to announce Pruelle van Tain’s arrival at the estate (Chapter 340, Chapter 341). After Baron Wiillhem leaves to deal with Pruelle, Ever returns to check on Yuder and share her mission to visit the Security Management Team, a prison, to check for the missing Star of Nagran ordinary ex-villagers (Chapter 341). After Ever leaves, Yuder visits Enon and tells him that his sexual desires had increased since he took the pill (Chapter 341). Enon interrogates him, telling him that his desire is not because of his medicine, but rather natural human reaction; Enon still gives him aphrodisiac suppressants before making him leave (Chapter 341). When Yuder returns to Kishiar’s room, he finds Pruelle waiting for him to inquire about joining the Cavalry (Chapter 341). Pruelle asks for an audience with Kishiar, wanting the same kind of deal as Revlin to reform the Tain family (Chapter 342). When Kishiar returns, they share their day; among which, Kishiar shares how he had to listen to Petrikun’s Aria, a song tragedy warning of male lovers, five times in a row (Chapter 343). Pruelle returns after dinner, sneaking in as a servant helping with cleaning up (Chapter 343). Pruelle shares his situation, the Tain Ducal Family’s financial disaster situation, and asks again to join the Cavalry (Chapter 345). Kishiar makes Pruelle a temporary Cavalry member like Revlin and promises to protect Pruelle and his siblings, including Nipollen who is a cat shapeshifting Awakener (Chapter 345). Kishiar tells Yuder the history of magic stone stoves (Chapter 346). Kishiar asks Yuder if Yuder will be with him in the future and Yuder nods with conviction “Yes”, making Kishiar pull Yuder to his lap and kiss him (Chapter 346). After the kiss, Yuder asks if Kishiar is still deliberately controlling his arousal and then realizes and asks if Kishiar goes to bed after he sleeps and wakes up early before he wakes up and suppresses his power and arousal, which must be burdensome, is because of him (Chapter 346). Kishiar promises to not suppress himself forcefully once Yuder’s eye heals completely and promises to sleep at the same time starting tonight if it bothers Yuder so much (Chapter 346). That night, they sleep facing each other, Kishiar strokes and plays with Yuder’s hair, Kishiar asks if he had ever slept like this with anyone and Yuder remembers doing this with his grandfather (Chapter 346). Because of his half-recovery and Kishiar caressing his face, Yuder falls asleep first despite trying to make sure Kishiar slept (Chapter 347). [Meanwhile, after meeting with Kishiar and Yuder, Pruelle meets with Baron Willhem to fulfill Kishiar’s request for more information about the secret trade (Chapter 348). [Earlier in the day, Ever brings Finn and Emun to the prison and after giving Kishiar’s note to Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer Phil who had initially refused to believe they were Cavalry, they find the ex-villagers inside (Chapter 349).]

The next day, Yuder wakes up without dreaming at all (Chapter 347). Yuder tries to use his power, but still hasn’t fully recovered yet, making him wonder for a moment if he should gouge the top part of his eye and receive divine power (Chapter 347). When Kishiar asks what Yuder is thinking about, Kishiar tries to make Yuder promise to not have such a terrible thought as gouging out his eye (Chapter 347). At breakfast with Cavalry, Ever shares yesterday’s finding on the amnesiac ex-Star of Nagran ordinary villagers at the prison (Chapter 347). While on a walk, Kishiar and Yuder unknowingly meet Nipollen and coincidentally bring him back to Pruelle (Chapter 348). In their private meeting, Nipollen turns back to human and shares that he can sense power, not just the energy from Awakeners share (Chapter 349). Nathan returns from buying cookies from a popular store in Tainu and informs Kishiar about the movement of Tainu Knights and the locations they now suspect are the warehouses holding items of the secret trade (Chapter 349, Chapter 351). After Nathan withdraws, Kishiar calls for Ever and Ever guides them to the Security Management Team (Chapter 349). Although the Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer tries to look down on the Cavalry, Yuder ‘accidentally’ uses his ability to cause a small earthquake, making the Tainu Knights treat them with respect and fear (Chapter 350). Jeymer allows them to see the mentally unwell ex-villagers and take away the prisoners (Chapter 351). Back at the estate, Kishiar orders the ex-villagers to be washed and taken care of, and then eats cookies with Yuder and Ever (Chapter 351).

The next day, while Nahan leads a faction into the Red Deer Consortium to dig up Duke Tain’s secrets, the moderate faction Awakeners sneak into the Security Management Team prison to find the ordinary ex-villagers (Chapter 352, Chapter 355). An explosion wakes up Yuder and Kishiar (Chapter 352). Messenger birds from the Peletta Knights tell Kishiar that there has been a mysterious intrusion at the Tainu Security Management Team prison and Red Deer Consortium firm (Chapter 352). While Baron Willhem handles the chaos outside, Kishiar and Yuder feign ignorance and rest all day together, playing card games and chatting noisily with Cavalry members in the reception room (Chapter 352). At night, Pruelle comes to dine with them, inform them about recent events, and give them a history book in which he marked possible locations of smuggled people (Chapter 352). [Meanwhile, Nathan secretly inspects the site of the explosion all day and infiltrates the Red Deer Consortium at night to find the second-floor safe shattered with all of its contents gone (Chapter 353).]

The next day, Nathan reports his findings and Kishiar orders him to investigate the places marked by Pruelle and buy chocolate cookies (Chapter 353). Kishiar, Yuder, and the Cavalry play again (Chapter 353). Meanwhile, Lusan and some others help care for the ex-villagers (Chapter 353).

The next day, Kishiar leaves to meet Pruelle and Lusan leads Yuder to the ex-villager, Marty, who had regained consciousness (Chapter 354). Marty tells them more information about the Star of Nagran and what happened on the day Nahan came and relocated the village (Chapter 354). Meanwhile, Nahan is reading the documents he stole when the moderate faction Awakeners confront him for causing trouble in Tainu (Chapter 355). Robel, a moderate faction Awakener and Marty’s lover, gets news that the ex-villagers were taken by the Cavalry and decides to sneak into Baron Willhem’s place to find them (Chapter 355).

For the next few days, Kishiar and the Cavalry continue to ‘play’, Ever and some others continue to secretly investigate and search for the Star of Nagran, Lusan continues to take care of the ex-villagers, and Enon studies the hidden Pethuamet in Nathan’s room whenever Nathan returns to the guesthouse (Chapter 358).

Some days later, Baron Willhem’s servants are accustomed to Kishiar’s debauchery (Chapter 356). Baron Willhem hears a report of Pruelle meeting with Kishiar, of the ongoing investigation for the Awakener culprits, and then of the Red Deer Consortium’s warehouses being destroyed and Graham being injured (Chapter 357). The explosion happens in the warehouse area of Tainu and the culprits take advantage of the knights rushing to handle the situation there to deface the prominent sites throughout Tainu with curses denouncing Duke Tain (Chapter 358). Baron Willhem orders a lockdown, but fails to find anything (Chapter 358). Meanwhile, Baron Willhem orders the Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer to guard Graham (Chapter 361). Sometime today, Nipollen behaves differently with a servant, making Pruelle suspect that the servant is an Awakener in disguise (Chapter 359). Meanwhile, Robel loses contact with his colleagues, making Robel have a bad feeling that his information was leaking to Nahan’s side (Chapter 363).

The next day is Baron Willhem’s 20th anniversary and Baron Willhem’s butler invites Kishiar to the special dinner to be held at night (Chapter 358). At night, Yuder endures being forcibly dressed into formal attire by Kishiar for several hours and attends the anniversary dinner, feeling like a walking pile of jewels (Chapter 358). During dinner, Fayfe and Nellisabel, Baron Willhem’s brother and sister in law, absently wonder if water formed by Awakeners is real and scream when Yuder fills their cup with water (Chapter 359). They leave dinner to change their wet clothes and are killed by Ershi (Chapter 360, Chapter 361). Meanwhile, after dinner, as they walk back, Pruelle asks Yuder and Kishiar to call him Elle (Chapter 359). Pruelle mentions Nipollen’s behavior around a new servant and Yuder offers to investigate the potentially disguised Awakener himself (Chapter 359). Although Kishiar worries, Yuder promises to be gone for only a short while, especially because they both had matters to attend to, and Kishiar gives him permission to go ahead (Chapter 359). Yuder follows Pruelle to his room, Pruelle calls the suspected servant, and Yuder chases after Robel who runs after recognizing Yuder and realizing that Yuder recognized him as the Awakener who had helped him during the Pethuamet incident (Chapter 360). Yuder catches Robel, ties the unconscious man with his tie, and then forcibly wakes him up to interrogate him after seeing Fayfe and Nellisabel’s corpses nearby (Chapter 361). People come in, following the commotion from Yuder’s previous chase, and Yuder and Robel are arrested and isolated in a room (Chapter 361). Although Kishiar, who had rushed over as soon as he heard the news from Pruelle, stops Baron Willhem from sending Yuder to prison immediately and defends Yuder, Yuder interrupts their argument and offers to go to prison for the investigation so that he can see and interrogate Robel before Baron Willhem can kill him off (Chapter 361). Kishiar concedes and sends Yuder for a fair investigation to the Security Management Team, announces the Cavalry’s intent to formally participate in all investigations, leads Yuder out to quickly discuss with him and when the frantically pursuing Baron Willhem reaches them, Kishiar kisses Yuder and sends him off (Chapter 362). In prison, Yuder gets Robel Gemson’s cooperation and gets information (Chapter 364). When Yuder and Robel are called to Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer for interrogation, Ever, Pruelle, Emun, and Finn are also there, Kishiar sending Pruelle to make sure that the Tainu Knights didn’t do anything bad to Yuder (Chapter 364). After the first interrogation, Emun secretly passes a bag sent from Kishiar to Yuder and Yuder finds a bottle of holy water and a red heating stone inside (Chapter 364). Although Yuder is moved, Yuder gives them to Robel (Chapter 365). Yuder tells Robel about Marty and advises to clear up the misunderstanding between them (Chapter 365). Around the time Robel falls asleep, Kishiar sneaks in for a visit and warms Yuder’s cheeks with his hands (Chapter 365). Kishiar also infuses magic into a heating stone, gives Yuder a heat-retaining magic cloak that ‘will become invisible’ to the eyes of those he bribed, and listens to Yuder’s report (Chapter 365, Chapter 366). Kishiar asks what Yuder thinks is Nahan’s goal and after thinking, Yuder concludes that everything was a distraction to divert forces away from the Red Deer Consortium and Graham, who probably had the information Nahan wanted (Chapter 366). Nathan and Kishiar leave to block Nahan (Chapter 366). As Yuder sneaks out of his cell to investigate the prison, he hears a distant scream that sounds like the wind blowing through an improperly closed door during a snowstorm in winter, but it isn’t winter and he is underground (Chapter 367 says it is not yet winter so this event is set after late September (Harvest Festival) but before late December). Yuder finds the Tain Duchy crest on a wall where stairs if there really is a fourth floor should be located, but returns back to his cell because the soldiers’ patrol interval time limit he mentally calculated is almost up (Chapter 367). Meanwhile, Kishiar and the Cavalry find the real murderer and rescue Graham who was nearly abducted by them (Chapter 367-Chapter 369). At some point in time, Kishiar also gets a magic stone stove for his room (Chapter 369). [Meanwhile, Finn is angry after seeing Yuder get put in prison and desires to throw a piece of dog dung he sees nearby at the knight’s feet; he succeeds and it’s the first time Finn is able to use his teleportation ability without Hinn (Chapter 393).]

The next day, Baron Willhem formally asks for Kishiar’s help in capturing those disturbing Tain (Chapter 367). Meanwhile, Yuder eats breakfast with Robel (Chapter 367). Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer tells Yuder that there is no second investigation; Yuder is to be released soon (Chapter 367). Jeymer also shares that the Cavalry found the real culprit the previous night (Chapter 367). When Yuder is released out of the prison, the Cavalry welcomes him back and then charge into the prison to turn it into Cavalry Investigation Headquarters under Kishiar’s order (Chapter 367). Kishiar leads Yuder into a carriage back to the mansion (Chapter 367). Baron Willhem formally thanks Yuder fo his role in saving his brother and formally apologizes to Yuder for the misunderstanding his Tainu Knights must have had for giving him a hard time in the investigation (Chapter 369). Finn secretly makes a retching gesture behind Baron Willhem’s back while Yuder accepts both calmly (Chapter 369). After Yuder and Kishiar share stories, Lusan and Enon check on Yuder (Chapter 369). Yuder tells Lusan about Robel, Lusan leaves to ask Marty if she was fine with meeting him, and Enon pinches Yuder’s obediently offered cheek, scolds him, and comes up with another theory about Yuder’s condition upon hearing that Yuder feels as if his energy is blocked (Chapter 370). Meanwhile, Duke Tain is gambling with a Southerner named Athon in a high-end gambling house in the capital; they discuss about moving goods and hiring Southern mercenaries to send to Tainu (Chapter 370, Chapter 371). Devran overhears a little of the conversation, him and Steiber having been ordered by Kishiar a few days ago to get undercover employment in the gambling house with a fake identity Kishiar had created for them to investigate Duke Tain and the Southerner around him (Chapter 371). Devran tries to follow Athon later, but Athon disappears without a trace after leaving the gambling house (Chapter 372). Meanwhile, Yuder dozes off after a conversation with Enon (Chapter 372). Kishiar wakes him up after finishing his talk with Baron Willhem and shares his plan now that all the pieces fell perfectly in place thanks to Yuder though Yuder feels pained when he sees Kishiar kiss his hand and hears Kishiar’s praise because he doesn’t think he deserve it, especially when he remembers a certain memory paralleling how Kishiar had kissed his hand (Chapter 372, Chapter 374). After making sure Yuder is lying down in bed, Kishiar leaves so Yuder can rest and talks with Nathan (Chapter 373). Nathan informs him that Hellem and Mick Shuden have arrived (Chapter 373). As Nathan contemplates Kishiar’s odd behavior towards Yuder since the incident in the Great Sarain Forest, Kishiar abruptly asks Nathan if he ever disliked receiving praise from him, making Nathan flustered but answer no (Chapter 373). Kishiar tells Nathan to just forget what he said and Nathan complies but wonders more about the mystery that is Yuder (Chapter 373). Meanwhile, Baron Willhem shares with Pruelle that he is planning to host a charity party at the same time as the upcoming auction (Chapter 373). [Sometime today, Emun accidentally eats some spicy Reaper grass during lunch and his tongue and lips remain swollen even to the next day (Chapter 385).]

The next day, Kishiar arranges a meeting between him, Yuder, Pruelle, Ever, and Nathan (Chapter 373). Pruelle informs them about the charity party and how he will be leaving Nipollen with the Cavalry while he persuades certain forces within his family, including his siblings, to join him (Chapter 374). Ever promises to do her best to protect Nipollen and asks Pruelle what she needs to be cautious of before Pruelle leaves; Pruelle’s eyes soften with relief at Ever’s care for his brother (Chapter 374). After Kishiar shares a plan regarding the Divine Sword being verified and Pruelle transforming into Baron Willhem to talk to Graham, Pruelle shares how he had admired Ever since the day he saw her protect the witnesses at Duke Apeto’s trial and it is his dream to stand with Ever one day (Chapter 374). Ever is astonished by the words but informs him that his ability would make him Sul, not Shin (Chapter 374). After hearing from Pruelle that the first Duke Tain was Archmage Luma’s disciple when asking about the fourth floor, Yuder visits Enon (Chapter 374). Yuder also tells Enon that he is coming with him and Kishiar to see the monster experts from Peletta, whom Kishiar introduces as a small business owner and the only mage in the Peletta Knights (Chapter 375). Hellem examines Pethuamet; Mick comes downstairs and introduces himself as the owner of Shuden Trading Company (Chapter 376). Yuder demonstrates how the Pethuamet follows him, Hellem shares her hypotheses, and Mick adds the myth and actual cases of monster by-product objects blocking monster attacks (Chapter 377). Hellem introduces herself as former Head Mage after they decide with Kishiar’s approval to continue researching the Pethuament for Yuder’s treatment (Chapter 377). After they break up into small talk, Yuder asks Mick if he’s an Awakener (Chapter 378). Mick shares his ability to look inside others and how he sees many empty spaces, countless holes, inside Yuder (Chapter 378). When Kishiar and Yuder return to the mansion, leaving Enon behind with the monster experts, Kishiar asks Yuder to summon Lusan for him for the meeting with Baron Willhem and the Western Sun God Temple Priests (Chapter 378). Yuder finds Robel helping Lusan take care of the ex-villagers even though Marty refused to meet him; Robel asks Yuder to take him with him if he finds Nahan, thinking that catching Nahan is his only revenge and atonement toward Marty (Chapter 378). Yuder and Lusan meet up with Kishiar to find Nathan and Micalin there (Chapter 378). Kishiar explains that, wanting to escalate matters to increase his influence if Kishiar is proven lying and provoked by Kishiar, Baron Willhem invites the Western Mage Union Leader Micalin to attend the private Divine Sword verification meeting (Chapter 379). The group goes to the small chapel in the back of the estate for the meeting (Chapter 379). When the priests asks Kishiar to use the Divine Sword to verify it, Kishiar says he can’t because he’s still recovering after having used it excessively in a dangerous situation recently so the priests should verify it using their divine power (Chapter 379). The three priests fail to gather enough divine power to verify the sword so Kishiar asks Lusan to do it instead and scripture appears on the Divine Sword’s blade as it receives Lusan’s divine power (Chapter 380). Baron Willhem admits his defeat; Micalin proclaims to spread news of this miracle he had the honor to witness (Chapter 380). Meanwhile, Pruelle interrogates Graham using Baron Willhem’s form (Chapter 381). At night, Pruelle shares the information he found regarding the illegal trade in Tainu (Chapter 381). Yuder suggests that the prison must be the location of the trafficked people (Chapter 381). When Yuder and Kishiar are alone, Yuder shares how Mick told him that there are many holes in his core (Chapter 383). Though Yuder says that it is alright, Kishiar asks for permission to look into this matter, not thinking that such a thing is good since what Mick sees is the soul (Chapter 383). When Kishiar sees Yuder staring at him, Kishiar tells him that he wants to reward his assistant for speaking honestly; he will come over and if Yuder didn’t like it, he should stand and go call the servants to clear their dinner table (Chapter 383). Yuder doesn’t, reminded of the time of their first kiss against Kishiar’s office’s door, and they share a deep kiss (Chapter 383). The door knocks, Kishiar continues kissing Yuder, Ever asks for permission to enter, Kishiar lingers, not wanting to separate much like Yuder, but Kishiar opens the door and listens to Ever’s report about regarding the hidden floor in the prison (Chapter 384). Ever reports how Jody Sliem, a Cavalry member with the ability to launch various patterns of attacks with his scream, confirms that the sound is akin to that of an Awakener with sound-based abilities similar to his (Chapter 384). After concluding her report, Ever gives Yuder the letters from the other dispatch team sent and asks if Yuder has been eating spicy food because his lips are swollen (Chapter 384). Later, Kishiar asks if Yuder was going to let go of how Kishiar had bitten his lip and Yuder tells him that he wouldn’t get upset over that because it’s something he wanted to do and it didn’t hurt (Chapter 384). Kishiar realizes that honesty really can be the greatest weapon, having felt more pleased by Yuder’s words than any other praise he’s ever received (Chapter 385). Kishiar deeply wishes for Yuder to heal quickly (Chapter 385). [Meanwhile, rumors of everything going on in the West spread in the capital (Chapter 385). Kiolle overhears Duke Diarca discussing the rumors with his close friends in his rose garden (Chapter 385). Kiolle is about to return home when the group spots him and Duke Diarca calls him their way (Chapter 385). Duke Diarca asks Kiolle to ask Imperial Knight Commander Theorado van Tain about his family the next time he talks with him and praises Kiolle, asking him to keep going as a knight as he is now (Chapter 385). As Duke Diarca pats Kiolle on the back and praises him for growing up, Kiolle’s oldest brother, the Diarca heir, ignores Kiolle openly because of his dignity and his third oldest brother, who didn’t receive much attention from Duke Diarca, is jealous and angry (Chapter 386). While Kiolle pretends to not see his brothers’ stares, one of Duke Diarca’s friends ask if Duke Diarca is planning to send the people who cured Baron Durmand’s migraines to the Bright Palace, making Kiolle wonder if Crown Prince Katchian’s illness was so serious that they would resort to superstitions (Chapter 386). As the nobles began to offer introductions to the commoner healers they knew, Kiolle takes the opportunity to leave (Chapter 386). Before Kiolle leaves, Duke Diarca tells Kiolle that he will be placed as Crown Prince Katchian’s guard (Chapter 386).] Meanwhile, Yuder reads the letters Ever delivered to him (Chapter 386). Gakane writes about an incident a few days ago wherein he met a new monster that absorbed magic power and regenerated too quickly in the Great Sarain Forest that has been filled with magic since the opening of the Magic Spring Ruins (Chapter 386). Gakane considered luring the monster by himself, but because he thought of Yuder’s words of how it is best for everyone to be safe, they retreated, discussed, and lured it to an area with less magic (Chapter 386). Gakane gets a long injury in his chest but remains alive (Chapter 386). Gakane continues to write about their discovery of a new magic ore vein in the Magic Spring Ruins (Chapter 386). As soon as Yuder finishes reading Gakane, Kanna, and Jimmy’s letters, Kishiar asks if there is any alarming news in the letters (Chapter 387). Yuder just replies that he is just surprised that Gakane was injured (Chapter 387). Kishiar shares the history and formation of magic stones to Yuder (Chapter 387). [A few hours before, Ever reports that Baron Willhem, who had slipped out of the mansion, makes an appearance at the prison (Chapter 387).] While Baron Willhem is in prison and the patrol guard is relaxed, Kishiar, Yuder, and Nathan invade the Red Deer Consortium (Chapter 387). While sneaking in, Yuder feels a tingling sensation in his left eye whenever Kishiar uses magic (Chapter 388). In the secret underground warehouse, Kishiar, Nathan, and Yuder find numerous items (Chapter 388). Kishiar pierces a bag of white powder and tastes it to realize it is Calanesa, an addictive hallucinogenic analgesic (Chapter 388). Kishiar tells Yuder that he brought Yuder, though Yuder isn’t fully recovered yet, because he wants to give Yuder more experience since the Cavalry hasn’t done these kinds of missions yet (Chapter 389). As they scout out the warehouse, Yuder finds the red magic stone of his previous life’s staff (Chapter 389). When they find an exit connecting to a tavern, they sneak out into the tavern and pretend to be customers (Chapter 390). Yuder tries to use his wind ability to eavesdrop on the Southern merchants they see talking to Jacob, the tavern owner, but instead abandons his attempt, calling a waiter over to obscure the sight of the perceptive Southern merchant looking in his direction (Chapter 390, Chapter 406). Yuder downs his liquor when the waiter questions why he is ordering a new one despite having not drunk the one in front of him; Kishiar is amused and interested when Yuder says he doesn’t get drunk when Kishiar asks if he’s alright (Chapter 390). Back in their bedroom, Yuder asks about the plan and Kishiar mischievously asks Yuder to come closer (Chapter 391). Although there is no reason to speak secretly in their private room, Yuder does and is pulled into Kishiar’s lap (Chapter 391). Yuder obediently surrenders, accommodating Kishiar’s wish to talk in this position (Chapter 391). After answering Yuder’s question, Kishiar asks his own (Chapter 392). Yuder shares how ordinary alcohol and poisons do not get him drunk; only alcohol mixed with monster blood does (Chapter 392). [Meanwhile, Ever, Emun, Jody, and Finn secretly trails Baron Willhem in the prison after the baron speaks with Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer (Chapter 392). They witness Baron Willhem disappear with a large bag and reappear empty-handed on the third floor (Chapter 392).]

The next day, Finn reports what happened last night in the prison (Chapter 392). As Finn leaves, Yuder privately appoints him as an aide and asks him to investigate the southern merchants at the tavern (Chapter 393). Finn shares how he had succeeded in using the teleportation ability by himself not long ago (Chapter 393). Finn starts the Cavalry’s Secret Information Team’s first mission after reporting back to Ever (Chapter 393). Yuder visits Enon and asks about the research progress and the best recovery method for an exhausted mage (Chapter 393). Enon asks why Yuder wants to know that before interrupting himself and demanding Yuder to not tell him (Chapter 393). After hearing about the research results so far, Yuder asks if there is a way to speed up the research; Enon is mad, but gives in and gives Yuder a test sample of a medicine he made by processing the Pethuamet’s venom, teaching Yuder how to use it (Chapter 394). Enon also gives Yuder more pills to prepare his body for the toxin removal and a vitality recovery potion for ‘his mage friend’ (Chapter 394). Yuder shares with Enon about the hidden fourth floor and the magic ore vein discovery (Chapter 395). While they rise at Mick’s call for lunch, Enon mentions how he doesn’t like Mick’s stares (Chapter 395). Yuder shares Mick’s ability and Enon curses but overall doesn’t care about it now that he knows what’s going on (Chapter 395). As Enon sees Yuder out the door, Enon asks if it’s true that second gender Awakeners are only attracted to the opposite second gender; he has a complicated expression when Yuder says he thinks it’s generally true (Chapter 395). During the day, the southern merchants make no movements; only going out at night at the same time Baron Willhem ordered his office to be closed to everyone, making Kishiar assume that the southern merchants are absent to meet with Baron Willhem (Chapter 395). At night, Yuder, Kishiar, and Nathan sneak back into the Red Deer Consortium’s underground storeroom at the same time as Ever and Pruelle’s mission to enter the underground prison’s fourth floor (Chapter 395). While Kishiar looks through the magic tools, Yuder gives him the vitality recovery potion from Enon (Chapter 395). Kishiar duplicates, disguises, and stores countless items in the underground warehouse; he also uses tracking magic tools so that they can trace those who buy them at the auction (Chapter 396). Finally, Nathan shows Yuder how to open the Bottles of Infinity, asks Yuder to be careful this time, and they switch out the Calanesa with a ground grain mixed with Alos grass which is good for insomnia and making fertilizer without a rotten smell (Chapter 396). Yuder realizes from Kishiar’s knowledge of Alos grass, something nobles wouldn’t know, that Kishiar didn’t grow up as privileged as he seemed (Chapter 396). Shortly after finishing, Yuder senses a powerful mass of energy rapidly approaching, extinguishes his flame, and the three hide quickly (Chapter 396). The door connecting to the tavern explodes and after the perceptive southern merchant has the other southerners take away the angry tavern owner, the perceptive southern merchant thinks that they are the Star of Nagran and tries to draw them out (Chapter 396, Chapter 397). Since Kishiar used a lot of magic energy and Nathan has the bags of items, Yuder takes the recovery medicine, attacks the southern merchant, and deals with the intense pain Enon warned him about (Chapter 397). In the moment Yuder deals with the medicine’s effects, Nathan clashes with the southern merchant (Chapter 397). Yuder finds Kishiar through their connection and asks Kishiar and Nathan to go ahead, but Kishiar insists that he has no intention of leaving Yuder behind; if they go, they go together (Chapter 397). Yuder feels Kishiar’s desperation and decides to have Nathan leave first (Chapter 398). Kishiar tells him that he should be the one going first, but Yuder tells Kishiar not to worry because he took Enon’s medicine (Chapter 398). They plan, the pain and burning sensation within Yuder increases, sharpening his senses, and Yuder analyzes the opponent’s ability before shaking the earth between Nathan and the southern merchant (Chapter 398). Kishiar has Nathan go ahead first, Kishiar uses martial arts and repelling force to deflect the southern man’s attacks and send him into the bags of Calanesa, and Yuder sends water at the southern merchant and bags of Calanesa, causing the black stain in his eyes to melt away into golden light (Chapter 398). Kishiar grabs Yuder and they run (Chapter 398). After using his earth ability to block the passage, Yuder stops moving and bleeds from his nose, making Kishiar look down at him and take off Yuder’s hood to see his face more clearly (Chapter 399). Yuder sees the golden light in his left eye in his reflected image in Kishiar’s eyes (Chapter 399). Although Yuder tries to tell Kishiar that it’s not as bad as it looks and that Enon’s medicine is a success, blood pools out from his mouth as soon as he tries to say Commander (Chapter 399). The deep scar he sees hidden in Kishiar’s eyes make Yuder desperate to explain, but Kishiar commands him not to speak and urgently carries him out (Chapter 399). As Yuder listens to Kishiar’s heartbeat, holes inside of Yuder open up as if silently screaming that he will regret it, making Yuder wonder what he had done to regret as he faints (Chapter 399, Chapter 401). Yuder dreams of the second to last and last time he saw Kishiar: how Yuder asks him to deny the intent to rebel and how Kishiar still didn’t change his mind, instead sharing last words and dealing with the connection as promised (Chapter 399-Chapter 401). [Meanwhile, Enon and Lusan are dragged out of their sleep in the middle of night to help Yuder (Chapter 403). While Enon and Lusan treat Yuder, Kishiar watches with still and dark eyes, not responding to anyone’s calls (Chapter 403). Although normally Nathan would say something, even Nathan found it uneasy to speak in the atmosphere and just looked at Kishiar with an unknown expression (Chapter 403). Eventually, Enon snaps and tells Kishiar that Yuder is alright so stop looking at Yuder like he’s about to die and deal with the people trying to summon him because a noisy environment is toxic to a patient’s recovery (Chapter 403). As Kishiar leaves, Kishiar orders them to help Yuder rest and to have someone watch over him until he wakes (Chapter 403).] Yuder wakes up and wonders where Kishiar is (Chapter 401). Yuder apologizes to Enon, but shares that he thought it is a situation where he needed to take the medicine, making Enon annoyed because he thought Yuder would say something like that (Chapter 401). Enon explains about the Eye of Magic phenomenon that affected his eye and how the spots have transformed into something resembling veins (Chapter 402). When Yuder experimentally clenches and unclenches his hand, he realizes that it doesn’t hurt (Chapter 402). Enon wants to punch him when he hears that and Yuder considers letting him to calm him down (Chapter 402). Enon wonders what kind of life Yuder has lived before and Yuder replies that Enon knows and it’s not that hard, making Enon even more troubled (Chapter 402). Enon has Yuder experiment using his ability and notes how the magic energy in his eye glows simultaneously with the spots in his hand that wriggle (Chapter 402). Enon explains that the blood Yuder vomited before was purged toxins (Chapter 402). Yuder asks again where is Kishiar (Chapter 402). Lusan returns and starts a prayer of joy upon seeing Yuder awake (Chapter 403). Lusan shares what happened the night before; the herbal tea and medicines they give Yuder makes him fall asleep (Chapter 403). [Meanwhile, Pruelle cuts his palm to open the way to the fourth floor (Chapter 405). Ever gives Pruelle her handkerchief as they go down to find people trapped inside, and give the sound ability Awakener captive inside a fruit intended for tracking (Chapter 404, Chapter 405). Although the underground warehouse Kishiar, Yuder, and Nathan were in had been wrecked and many items were broken, the Southern merchants hide the incident such that tavern activity remains normal and Baron Willhem still knows nothing about the intrusion (Chapter 404, Chapter 405). Nathan destroys the Bottles of Infinity with Calanesa inside (Chapter 404). After Pruelle returns to his residence, Pruelle finishes organizing a list of previous and current charity party and secret auction invitees (Chapter 405). Although Pruelle heals his wound with holy water, he keeps the handkerchief Ever tied on his hand there (Chapter 405).]

The next day, at dawn, Yuder wakes up to see Kishiar sitting by him (Chapter 403). Kishiar asks how is his body; Yuder says he’s fine (Chapter 403). Yuder asks if he has slept; Kishiar does not respond (Chapter 403). Yuder steps out of bed and approaches to kneel in front of Kishiar, but Kishiar stops him from bending the knee so Yuder stands in front of Kishiar and apologizes for causing him worry and concern (Chapter 403). Kishiar shares that it hurts him how certain Yuder is to take actions he thinks is acceptable for a greater goal despite what might happen to him (Chapter 403). Kishiar then apologizes for leading them to this result despite having considered all the variables and knowing better than anyone that his assistant had such certainty (Chapter 404). Kishiar realizes that they both would have done the same regardless of how many times the situation repeated because they both were certain, did not doubt that they did the right thing, and would not let pain discourage them from getting what they want no matter how much the pain would repeat itself (Chapter 404). As a result, Kishiar concludes that Yuder shouldn’t apologize or diminish his judgment; Kishiar would deal with his own pain on his own… but Kishiar just wants Yuder to remember his promise to accompany him on his path to the future they wanted forever (Chapter 404). Yuder is stunned to the point of embarrassment by how different this honest Kishiar who reminds him of their promise to walk towards their desired future together is from the Kishiar of that day that doesn’t answer his questions and reminds him of the promise he made to severe the ‘connection’ (Chapter 404). Kishiar tells Yuder that being alive means he can do anything (Chapter 404). Kishiar examines Yuder’s hand and eye and then informs Yuder of matters Kishiar dealt with while Yuder was asleep (Chapter 404). Yuder sees the vitality recovery potion still in Kishiar’s hand and asks Kishiar to drink it, making Yuder feel entirely free from the remnants of the dream of that pained Kishiar (Chapter 404). As soon as morning arrives, Ever rushes to Yuder’s side to report about the hidden fourth floor; Ever congratulates Yuder on healing, surprised to see the black spot in his eye gone (Chapter 405). Kishiar informs Ever of what happened on their side last night (Chapter 405). Pruelle gives Kishiar his compiled information on the charity party and secret auction (Chapter 405). Pruelle asks if he can give back the handkerchief after he returns from the capital, Ever tells him it’s fine if he throws it away, and Pruelle asks how could he throw away the symbol of her compassion and insists that he will surely return it soon (Chapter 405). Before Pruelle returns to the capital at night, Pruelle recommends Marty and other ex-villagers to Baron Willhem as temporary workers for the party (Chapter 406, Chapter 408).

A week later, in the morning, the Star of Nagran replaces some of the workers at the auction house (Chapter 414). Similarly, Robel and some other Cavalry members infiltrate the auction house as servants (Chapter 415). Later, numerous carriages begin to line up and enter Tainu and the Willhem Estate (Chapter 405). While half of the Cavalry stay with Ever in the Security Management Team, the rest guard Baron Willhem’s mansion where the charity party is held (Chapter 406). Since attendance is limited to invitees, only Kishiar and the partner he designated, Yuder, attend (Chapter 406). After greeting Baron Willhem who congratulates Yuder for his healed eye, hyena-like nobles surround Kishiar and Yuder, making Yuder admire Kishiar’s talent with words, especially the way Kishiar uses outlandish words among other tactics to strike at nobles, ‘unintentionally’ make a spectacle of them, and then retreat at unexpected moments to reveal their base intentions (Chapter 407). Yuder realizes that it is the first time he has seen Kishiar act this way in a party because before, there is no need for it, but now Kishiar has to affirm all the rumors about him and yet maintain the perception that he was merely a duke (Chapter 407). Since charity fundraising is traditionally hosted by the wives, no one notices as Baron Willhem disappears after merely greeting guests (Chapter 408). When it’s time to dance, Yuder deliberately shows discomfort, playing into the perception that commoners know nothing about dancing, and moves to the food tables to ask the disguised maid, Marty, for Baron Willhem’s whereabouts and if there are any covert infiltration by the Star of Nagran or movements of people to the secret auction (Chapter 408). When Yuder returns just as Kishiar finishes the first dance with Baron Willhem’s wife, Yuder goes to a lounge and Kishiar follows him, kissing him before all the watching nobles just as the door shuts (Chapter 408). Yuder reports Marty’s observations (Chapter 408). After Yuder turns his special cloak inside and out, he leaves out the window to support the Security Management Team Cavalry members (Chapter 409). Kishiar blows him a princess kiss, reminding Yuder that the rumors of how long they play in the private room depend on when he will return (Chapter 409). Finn gives Yuder his sword and informs Yuder of how Kanna arrived in Tainu earlier, but saw a carriage from the Great Sarain Forest and went to follow it (Chapter 409). Finn teleports Yuder out of the estate and Yuder leaves (Chapter 409). [Meanwhile, Pruelle meets Imperial Knight Commander Theorado van Tain and gains his cooperation after hinting about Duke Tain’s soon downfall much like the former Duke Apeto’s and reminding him of Kishiar and Emperor Keilusa’s hidden claws (Chapter 410).] When Yuder arrives at the Security Management Team, Yuder rolls his eyes at Ever, not hiding the laughter in his eyes, at Ever’s words and he hugs Kanna back (Chapter 411). When Yuder agrees with Kanna about making someone who had been rude to her pay, the nearby Cavalry members all smile, agreeing that this is the quality that their Cavalry takes pride in; it is a fitting response for the spirit of the Cavalry, making Yuder frown at the unfamiliar words whose meaning and origin he could not guess (Chapter 411). Then, Emun rushes in, announcing that the smell of the fruit is getting stronger so Baron Willhem must be bringing out the captives, and the mission begins (Chapter 411). [Yuder takes a moment to read the note Finn left in his sheathe concerning the southern merchants he independently investigated; Yuder looks at the symbol drawn and recognizes it as the symbol of the largest tribe in the South (Chapter 414).] When Baron Willhem brings out the 37 captives and Yuder is about to signal the attack, the Star of Nagran attacks first (Chapter 412). Upon misunderstanding that the Star of Nagran Awakeners he met the other day (Kishiar and Yuder) are at the auction house, the perceptive southern merchant decides to leave Baron Willhem to go to the other location, but Yuder finally sends the signal to attack (Chapter 412). The Cavalry save the human trafficking victims (Chapter 412). Yuder stops Ershi from killing Baron Willhem in the middle of the chaos (Chapter 413). Yuder notices that Ershi is going berserk; Ever tells Yuder and Kanna to go ahead to the auction house, Ever will handle Ershi (Chapter 413). Yuder carries Kanna on his back to move faster (Chapter 413). At the auction house, Kanna reads the gate for a moment and they enter the mansion through the secret entrance (Chapter 414). Robel informs them about the seven Star of Nagran Awakeners he found inside (Chapter 415). As Yuder moves to a secret spot in the garden to create walls trapping the auction attendees, he happens to see Apeto family representatives that insulted Kishiar at the trials and escaped judgment and the capital afterwards and Yuder memorizes their carriage (Chapter 415, Chapter 416). Yuder creates an earthquake and the Cavalry announce everyone’s arrest (Chapter 416). Meanwhile, Nahan infiltrates Baron Willhem’s estate with Hosanna and the other Star of Nagran Awakeners to find Graham; he encounters Nathan who Kishiar posted on the third floor to guard Graham and practice fighting against Awakeners (Chapter 417, Chapter 418). Nahan and Hosanna struggle against Nathan; eventually, Nahan orders Hosanna to teleport and kill Graham by himself while Nahan holds Nathan down by sacrificing his abdomen (Chapter 418, Chapter 419). After trapping Nathan in an illusion, Nahan hears Hosanna scream and sees distress signals from his colleagues (Chapter 419). Before he can do anything about them, however, Nathan unleashes his aura (Chapter 419). [Hosanna screams in shock and faints at the sight of transformed Finn in the bed where Graham should be; Finn drugs him with a sleeping potion (Chapter 425).] Meanwhile, Lord Moet knocks on Kishiar’s door, demanding him to take responsibility and deal with the dangerous situation outside (Chapter 419). Kishiar ignores them until he surprisingly hears Baron Koelt defend him, saying that Lord Moet should be the one giving his life for the imperial family not the other way around (Chapter 419). As Nathan’s aura flashes, briefly coloring the night sky, Kishiar receives a letter from Finn that everyone except the Southerners have been captured (Chapter 419, Chapter 420). Kishiar then finally gets out of bed to open the door in a disheveled state (Chapter 419). While taken aback, Lord Moet quickly informs him of the situation and asks him to go take a look (Chapter 419). The other nobles bow their heads in agreement; only Baron Koelt does not and says the opposite (Chapter 419). The nobles argue again and Lord Moet demands that Kishiar orders Yude Al to solve the situation, making Kishiar angry for a moment (Chapter 419). Kishiar regains his composure though and tells Lord Moet that he doesn’t know a Yude Al so he can’t give the order; the person with him is Yuder Ail and Kishiar closes the door (Chapter 420). Lord Moet apologizes and asks if Kishiar can ask Yuder Ail to check the situation outside; Kishiar just walks out of the lounge, asking if it is necessary to ask his assistant when he is able to do it himself (Chapter 420). Everyone tries to stop him because of his inappropriate appearance; they try harder when he removes their blockade and opens the door (Chapter 420). The nobles stare when instead of bandits and a bloody sight, they see the Cavalry and Peletta Knights kneeling down with bound individuals on the ground (Chapter 420). Meanwhile, Ever returns to Yuder’s side after defeating Ershi (Chapter 420). As the Cavalry transport the arrested nobles to the prison, Yuder spots the Apeto trial representatives and has them herded into a garden maze where they get hunted by Cavalry members until they beg to be captured (Chapter 421). Ever and Yuder check on the arrested Star of Nagran Awakeners temporarily placed in the warehouse and listen to Kanna share how Robel got injured protecting Kanna and the list of auction attendees from his former colleagues (Chapter 421). Ever holds Kanna in comfort when she blames herself for letting the southern merchants escape (Chapter 421). Yuder returns to the party, landing into Kishiar’s arms and they embrace, Kishiar touching Yuder to make sure he’s safe, while reporting what went on at their sides (Chapter 422). Kishiar tells Yuder about Baron Koelt and how he suspects Baron Koelt to be one of Pruelle’s secret sources of timely, high quality information; Kishiar tells Yuder how relieved he is that he now knows who to recommend for work in the West after Baron Willhem’s influence wanes (Chapter 423). Meanwhile, Baron Willhem, imprisoned on the third floor of the Security Management Team’s underground dungeon, shouts all night to be released (Chapter 423).

The next day, at dawn, Graham and many auction attendees testify that everything happened on Baron Willhem’s orders (Chapter 424). Meanwhile, Baron Willhem witnesses the Cavalry finally lead the hunted and captured Apeto family representatives into prison (Chapter 423). Later, Baron Willhem is led into the interrogation room to see Kishiar’s genuinely ominous and bright smile (Chapter 423). Baron Willhem tries to pass the blame to Graham, but Kishiar has his men bring Graham in, revealing that his little brother was listening (Chapter 424). Meanwhile, Duke Tain paces his study because he had not received any word from anyone in the West (Chapter 425). Pruelle, Priscilla, Theorado along with over a dozen relatives inform Duke Tain of their investigation results of how Duke Tain lost over half of the family fortune and driven away many capable financial managers among other things (Chapter 425). Steiber, under the orders of Emperor Keilusa and Kishiar, escort Duke Tain to be investigated for colluding with an Awakener from the southern countries to disturb the Empire (Chapter 425). A meeting is held among the Tain Family to make Priscilla van Tain the next heir (Chapter 425). [Before meeting the Star of Nagran members, Yuder nails the knight that maliciously expelled Kanna the other night upside down on the mansion’s gate (Chapter 426). The knight shouts that Kishiar and Yuder spent the entire night in the lounge during the party, causing the rumor to spread (Chapter 426).] While Kishiar interrogates nobles, Yuder examines the laborers brought by the Star of Nagran and southern merchants (Chapter 425). Lusan, Enon, and Yuder examine Hosanna and Yuder asks those guarding Hosanna to tie their wrists together using a rope to prevent him from escaping (Chapter 426). [Meanwhile, the last person Kishiar meets before returning home is Baron Koelt who is fine with governing Tainu when Kishair subtly asks (Chapter 426). Kishiar also orders Baron Koelt to investigate the fourth floor with Ever as soon as the investigation of the nobles ended (Chapter 429).] When they return to their room and meet, Yuder asks for Kishiar’s thoughts on creating regional branches for the Cavalry (Chapter 426). Kishiar mentions how he originally planned to recruit regionally for the first recruitment for the Cavalry but faced much opposition; now, however, they may be able to renegotiate, move up the second round of Cavalry recruitment, and initiate regional enlistment (Chapter 426). Kishiar plans to make the Security Management Team, their temporary headquarters, into their official western Cavalry branch with Tainu Knight Commander Jeymer being dismissed and standing trial for his crimes and with Baron Koelt handling any opposition to the start of the branch (Chapter 426). Before Kishiar can further explain the plan, Kishiar receives a message from the capital that Emperor Keilusa has collapsed (Chapter 426). Kishiar and Yuder drink, finishing a bottle, before Kishiar tells Yuder about how Emperor Keilusa has always been healthier than Kishiar but they think because of the nobles’ trickery, Emperor Keilusa’s health has become as it is now (Chapter 427). Kishiar explains what had happened in the Crown Prince Selection and then his hope that the Red Stone would save Keilusa as it had for him (Chapter 427). Yuder asks how much time they have left and Kishiar answers that according to past precedents, Emperor Keilusa has about less than a month to six months to live (Chapter 428). Yuder offers to try the method he used to untangle Kishiar’s energy and Kishiar allows him only if he experiments it on Kishiar first (Chapter 427). Emun knocks, informing them of Ever’s request for them to come to the prison’s fourth floor immediately (Chapter 429).

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