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Cleveland, Ohio

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110 Sale Suburban Property 1 121 Boats Marine Supplies Conunae I trom lTeeding i onltnued I tom irereding qJtmat 108 Sale Apartments Sites typ co 650 type of 20 220 CO 550 type 2 earh 45 220 type West 0 220 WMt type 220 type CO 1 6720 In thl ell Mr mo BR 1 2535 home 8 ROOM space eu uy uir ruiiiurcj aim vai i ng til ftir of Peterixiroiigh England I EG 2 V47W any time for ipoolntment no this country Broker 0: storage secretarial ntB SK CH 1 060 Sfrurrr raUtn chick BUCKEYE Rd forced hnt nC plumbite Rd Poinit I railer Sale tn late model: RuMv off inuw OPEN OR land1 i and 3 bail rem $4 J5 rm 4ed i KrtfUl 2 nom UP 'hiMSi Down Hui son avtm 7)10 CkERNLMA AV Clcve ARM Cataiotui condition 500 iRNIMGMDk AVE Oidx tuge chest JU) standard 7115 stClatr rmn DINING room set 9 piror walnut Sites 114 Uma UH davhrnt 2 Ideal lure Bl'll PR BY pa am 11 Sale Loh 106 84 R1 Monticello Blvd h'R imi IT nd 1 i I fiCIOnS SOLON 515800 oo 2a rid IO1 RA 66 and tn 2 Ml 4 $4 Hi ft Rode ih 65A $30 500 ew I IOU1 Town rdai 0 ad in Cal ion up ird inc rijy bile veneer vemi I 1 1 vo I 1 1 heat double tar re and HL1 SEE ft ITS Hgeirt 1 room 75 ai 6 00 REALTY th uim LOT 4 LA near Prnl l7320 WANTED AH 'kind of real list 5 6 SK 1 2441 in RA 0: fl si 00 SH JW im CORNET 7710 ON REPAIRS CH 1 1060 ipfnrenttori repairs (Continued in' ft 3200 10 ma i Rd 3 4uf Hundreds hsfsnina: XA 9 i $165275 185 $185 er 5 rOtun const tint rnmlimatiiin IL! emdiahe rods Lei And co alm at JbOoO tor summer rot 96333 326 ITY Bl liable in li ba 1 5355 makes bar bar mnior din 2 nice Britton Realty Solon jf a 1 1 HeatlM CH 1511 Mavfield Village i't bedrooms i i tan it rtbanfa aniffr man ui ti ruri plt In farms with jr'Hd in Aahta aitalghl dump $1350 $1250 TWIN maple br dsriniefit box BpAngs and mattresses new Call VE 2 4987 TELEVISION tables Blond or mahogany lid Til 11 i MI 6 rear 32x50 and aiiOlJvi south or With CUTS i laree itnraee ei bedroom full hasem*nt with caa bst and extra lavatory In basem*nt nice lot Hh car 'h4 cement has many extras an be sure you call to this prene bP jpdiak' i bus passes tkxn cheek and calculators tttos to wnpola nr home ituated f'h 31 usual 1 it plus horary vatmjr 4 bedrooms 2 a a suit Hh Jiving and bath 3 car tarace Country Inc ef Cnvrnry 0 500 HQ ET 3UiO lb capacity electric lift truck Many Other Cull rank at Corban RAJ 373? Eves SK 16455 landward tg fW ortipirm 2d lull base iiddings floor type f3BB hori zontal adjustment 62" vertical 54" bar fioud condition Box 4457 Platu Dealer ELECT RIC MO TORS ALL MZES AND TYPES Mpcay Bootti ans tn Stock Blowers Shulltia Tools Etc HORVITZ MDSE 1060 St Clair dnve in but suitable for nutaeiv sales: you could hete and build a lifetime hriiL'Pzvim i 01 i two djocks soutn oi ruuuv ripen Monday and riday till Call SU 1 2090 tor rvenlng and fixtures tor realauianU fruit markets meat markets ec 3 bedroom un rxbanslnn un loads eoreeous bath: tec jm Thia will studios spinr tizi'd style Woodman Piano Co RD2 322P HL HCift fW MCHNAR QI'AUIA B' 1LT K)MK ore Drecut cottages orveut inis hose tn $14 900 Oi bedroom and bath down Alex ouor Realtor mk 1 ni REDUCED PRICES! WESTS 7 ijtueu Bldg Ptonn RR Rd ft nv nwnpr mg loom dinette 160 ess heat very nice ounomg nt n't CCCiC IlZlKA vv adiHV NOPTHIKLP l4nn VT l37A0 I UP terms pc 2L51 rOJT'O JL22s Im 1 1 Cn I ii ti 1 aond i 40x1 20 If A S700 Ci mt! 6 220 ranee rr mi nn A automatic screw machines up tn diameter Bi am and steel materials available EN 1 5161 Dr 3 brd actories 12 250 64 Tto pot WurlHzcr electric single martuel Call Mr Glynn at ILL J439or CH 1 5150 I iH I 3305 Rd EXPERJNCED operator will buy or lease your machine Box 17 860 Plain DrdcL 3 ton srmlt UAgakrw situated on a home tr dining and bih sale 34 lewu Kolb man Obcilin nhune 42159 HufGfc lain iivagc Cari Caitansth PAN £AR eludes China 4069 204 riAVENft IRT: inp rliair' niarlirallv new pdreo leaving cHy GL 1 6067 DINING room set beautiful 9 piect Landscaped Ot an acre of land ThwH QIAllYkllir uMU LHierf $17 900 and 4f900 tnc'ATKD ON AUBCA fD Kt nA transrtajon HiA flush dooti br mu air mndiiiona! recces non room of Columtiua Ave Sataduskv Ohio iriT? twin 145 engines sleeps fi large deck iiuuae ni'JU'ra cumpirriy uvcuiouitq spring: mint be seen to appreciate ccpt small boat in frade priced to thia wees ED 1 0903 will 41 fur 6 room 3 bedroom houv nre nvitiw mnrn i reiilace ctrriier eniitbnrd hif oor WMtei included 3P LAKE LUCERNE Rrautiful lot with 7ft ft front age on Woodmere Dr Cash or land rn i a of TH 5 1 4V LAKEWOOD COMMERCIAL Consisting of 6 units with in nvirtual gas furi'i nf ft 4Hn li wills an exrnse of nniy 000: 13 AW CONDITION EAST SIDE OR HEIGH I CE 1 0501 hrtrAnmc anrt xuuid easily cunv'ii io ad ana auto ThU orou fVstauidut I 'HIPPWA Lake cottage 1 tdrxm $4700 I all AT I 171 fer A head lathe rolL fijrnnnx ilHi near Kmeiy OMPfETE Tine of retrlgeraHon equip ment cilia t042i Edgerton neti 130 ich Colonial gnu bnactduA living Geneva kitchen with and hible sink lava axtei tied rooms txth up 05 foot QUICK PO 1000 4 TOP BRICES PAID OR ALL I INKS TOILETb USED URMTUHE HAl 5050 or LI 1 51SB' Must hae: Pay cash tor bedroom liv ing futiutuie electric appliance tugs EX 1 3239 tveniogi A 1 used BIN TYPE SHELViNG metai or wood cHi 7155 (CnntitiHed oro Preteding Cnluiun) IARGES SI LECTION WALL CAES SHOWCASES OR IMMKDIATB DELIVERY LOWEST PRICES IN To AN VISIT OUR SHOWROOM AND SAVE These raaev are suitable for ALL TYPES STORES fw Like nt solid tling bell: will sell for of value ON 1 4418 after 7 any time Sun piano fine condition ai tone neat style oniv $350 cusv terms Op t'es till ft: 30 MatHin2()27urBd Real Estate WILL iillY OR LEASE SHAKER HOUSE urnished or Uufurniahed hwarti SW 1 2635 SOLD 2 e0 ederal inclinable fly wheel punch presses struke throat 16x Ipvel CaU offfic for fuitln't ot Ca Storage Ol I S'' IJH0? Openj'iday 1 1 a 9 REDHuOM rriwun uak double I ihts Bl x7'no ft deep win uit Located at 30206 Loke Blvd a far giwtng tnduMnai wned for rpovy industry COUNTRY HOME thouaf 18x7 5 contain over Plants Machinery A supply Co 701 96th of St Clair GL 1 2104 Open Daily tn 5:30 SCREW MACHINE i Automata Cleveland 4 apindie: A cur tent Lima drfve Serial r33971: good condition good supply of nw collets GRINDER VERTICAL SPINDLE SUR ACE' No 10 Blanchard Serial rPO good condition: built in motors cun ent A Generator toi ciiucx Box 25363 Plain Dealer 3 A with ioolhi JAL turret lathe fooling 1'4 Milwaukee milling machine double up full hasem*nt 2 car shed attached for ibnat ns 111 fruit 1 1 ee grapes nice 60x435 LH in a nice non oi jiumm SUBURBAN ESTATEretne acres are included RJC farm aubuiban bulletin lAritt MH lLP KlkALTY Geneva Chi' 2 Out of town Leal Estate fSDLl MRU just what vuu me Ioskina for 3 BEDROOM BUNGALOW Beautiful rne large living rfrun in fireplace large kitchen with dmeite 2 bedrevma and tejrxm up un spare nv last lane slving junm nn Jhermd Pane wind' paneled spring mattiCBk and box springs like Duncan Pnyfe table buffet and 6 chairs $125 davenpoit 2 chairs and desk BLDG 7U1IU I i Nt Main Nnrwaik Phone 2671 ARM Suburban all Cataiuguv Main ot I ice 1 (AN 1 fth'JO 127 Machinery Tools Motors (Continued rom Preceding Column) crane motors can be bought right Gw 4 Best Prices Paid Calf GLENVILLE 1394 Pianos Wanted (JSU PEERLESS prwer ford HR 11 m3 1 RONTENAC racing cngine'uith chassisi lielita CL 1 1219 AUTO PAINTING' "baking oven $79 50 McDonough motors inc ty 1 4400 143 Trucks Trailers Tractors 1950 OLIVER froni'en1 loader Howard Ernst 214 South rpardon 0 phone 7061 3 bodler 194S and 1949 good condition Call 1 4392 TRAfLMOBILE semitrailer vacuum Marks PHlVAi'E party wants to buy ranch type home from owner up to $20 000 6710 Euclid or Bo 31829 Plain Dealer CASH OR YOUR PARMA BROOKLYN OR WEST SIDE HOMES LOTS CENTRAL REALTY A LUMBER CO 4538 ITO sun 1 4 jOifie Onlyx iri ctuset and butlii $75 Park Extra large wth match reason i)iv reduced for quick sale Mr Elham AST CLEVELAND 10 suites of 3 and 4 room 6 garage the Incation and number nf nwms the suite makes this building a highly vwiucq nrtniru inr me luruir anen 24 HOUR PHONE SERVIC I Kll ASHTABULA for eiv ut lz) rt inllr 4 I mxI rCMtrna tin and 1 ilAui' bath down large living room full huh bast'ment rth hot air heal well dec nratrd and tn fond repair bnth in and)! owner leaving state must be anid oulrk 410 AO0 hardwood flonrs fully insulated latke barn sar garage a chicken rop Case tractor and farm implements 3 cow 4 pigs sov nertiis and wheat are in: nice tiuame tana information PARMA Off York Rd 5 lovel rooms en 1 floor only 6 months old cntiHUlinx large living ronrn large kltxhen with bteaafaxl pmls and scpaiate dinette 2 good sire bathrooms roomv eloseU tiled bath with colored flstmes insulah heated 24 floor with pace for 2 d'tlonal rwrns: full basem*nt gaa fui na aluminum and screens and Venetian blinds large kt 40x234 veil iUUkl hvdro mafk Sparks Simplex lathe Model taper a'tachmrnt lathe motorized tebeft oud drive emtWAL rwiru home ip a tine Psrma A71UNA1 HUME WK I find THE ST CUT Rjwwh Hnertea in ah CMe tiy an nrTi riv 4ni i an 1 rK I A Ill A A 4 0UM A WAUL i 950 Lorain 1 I 1 1 74 WANTED double East Sidr Prefer Cellar or Kinsman single with 3 bed Lxflii in Emlid also rooming hou in good toraHon tri: ala Realty JCE1 9315 dav eve ARM acre 4room house bank cistern electric ty price State large living room tilooanrg aired mehn! 1 mrhiii a pleasure and easy to demand loi tnoora and rtlati hot wafer peenuousr bpner with yhzr of 7 io and nath nd rct i Urge sultry nous 1 2 car arage 22 S'is kn1 partly wjwkIm mm au rounded nv nit' tiees nyuat be tees lb be appieridsfrd 6 mne OMthuMt vf Cleeland BEAGLES A 3 UHerg of pups also older dogs ouulxnditig qualify Groige Cowan Richmond Rd Bedford BRLUKSVHJl Hy 9n Immediate Hhest inion: spot cash RA 1 948 SPOT rash foi musical instruments Tup ree Prospirct Excha igt 736 PROSPECT AVE MA 1 5409 WANT responsible party to assume a few minimum payments on a Lostei Betsy Ross spinet or detail Mr Daccy Credit Dept Maresh son VU 3 4 500 Commercial Noh restrict rd New East ftOoO i ft JI tiding abundance iad KZ I ojo ft ono sQ ft 1e lease bldg 3 I year old tdeat f' rv War etc Vjj I Pianos Wanted HIGHEST PRICKS PAID MA I 1 ()73 Pianos Wanted CQTIAGS in Gland River ami Lake Miscellaneous lengths 6" 12" I 60 A ft Af Angles are walls plates reinforcing rod steel casem*nts and factory wish abricating and Erecting ttoss Builders Steel supply 19749 St Clair KE 1 6323 Eves LI 1 0310 'furnace messed in fluor for 4 rooms $50 Square blue 4 ft Standard Satiltai'y bathroom outfit never unpacked com plete with all trim i Hollywood stvle Gas bailer American Radiator good for 16 rooms tmrl or rooming house ued Deale 3 3 3 7 7 line of uualitv lumber and ounaing luwibi loicva 'Ut Kd axl 5 houses THE Wi 1 3171 6 Daily very day 2 to 53U J50 tn 11 00 BLACKMAN ISC 1 Re 4 Wt 3 24K5 eves 4 000 SQ I Jp 'th 60 ft Blond Spinet Thl is truly a beautiful modern spinet Save S125 Terms Open nights till 9 Run 2 6 Kchrer Piano Co 2064 uelld MA 1 2848 ELECTRIC player piano and lofls Bush anp LA 7073 130 Sale Household Goods KN MOTORS GET" more fm 6500 EUC1 ID 14 ftrirre funk cars and trucks WY 1 2266 PAY TOP DOLLAR Downtown Chevi cilti 1935 Euclid will buy vo'ur car 1 4 4 0CH ESTER CH 1 51 5 WE 'bay fuo' Cash Price Dnwd eder 40th at Euclid UT 1 3006 OR YOUR CAR Eudtd 95lh Motm GA 1 4032 BUYING used lunk and wrecked cars 8322 Woodlawn Ave TY 1 2481 TOP DOLLAR OR Y5UR TAR Ben Hart Motors f10 Euclid PAY TOP DOLLAR OR KOURY AUTO 1967 55 EX 1 34 341 We Buy WRECKED nr Junked Cars en Auto Parts Repairs AII oof surface Yus 9x12 $29 Star urniture co 1720 K55 HEl 46b8 APPLIANCES furniture and Jewelry onlinued I tom reiedinx eRmat Special Eall Prices On new 195 1 Uhru Oaft boat we have in ck list price cannot drop and with the special price hav on out new inventory boat YOU CANNOT A ORD TO WAIT UNTIL SPRING! Cume in or call Sanduasv 72 and see how much you can actually ave we 1o have ime interesting used boats at to 19 year Inemne only $1 400 Mr bufM land liadtKjnl tir fluu ab Wuitccl Bret Pitres Paid XOK 1 UDEISOX TRUCK SALS INC 3216 W(KDlAND SU 1 lfioft CRANK shaft grinder Van Norman mode! No 666 new Jan 1946 Al a ii a Uffi a I It rxiia wneeis win nuuurf inn i operatrr in my shop Write for informa immrdlate delivery all model of Lyman outboard boats Ohio's largest Johnson Dealer' EUr'KJi MARI NK 53U0SL Clall 15 Lyman speed' bout 69 completely equipped: trailer dockage: excellent cvudrUuii very $4 50 WY 1 4 145 Johnson Moton Marine Supplies BARNES BQAT MART 310? DETROIT" CIIi 426 16 pci boat Chrysler 6 cylinder engine $4i0 oiest City YaiLt Club 45 EXJ 9M1 J7 Downeaster sailboat 192 si ft of sail hilly equipped rxct'lhnt condi tion $475 KE 2525 LYM A BOATS EV LN DE MOTORS INTERLAKE MARINE 2920D troll CRUISER flke new 4 BR o20Pu after 5p nT sailboat new: Uestcffcr tAes need room l'511 Kildeer ER 1 2551 MARTIN 72 outooaid good cun AT 21' ARROW'IlEAD Raigftin Zucker Marin supply cou 5300 hi (lair Clothing urs Repairs BUlTS tropical close out Hanv Weinraub 1267 6 gH UNUSUAL ine i'ard Hi IjShi? Resale SHEARED braver coat irr 12 verv with handy 2 bediooms garage with etc about 6 rows of ROYALTON IVE MODEL to be lot 200x54 3 hiee urdv irk veneer vest! xt'ker mu and COAICO MO 2 66 TOPSOIL New field now open 0)03 State Rd wily 9 mile from square Call Gt 1 3651 or EV 1 1272 RICH virgin top sail if prepared no weeds or waste laixe load $1150 da Mvef'd ast Sid and IfeighD only GJ 1 6577 TY 2ftl Liberty house trailer and ulxf ki'kil Must see to appreciate HE 1 5797 be tween 9 30 5 STREAMLTTE 2 must sell wtit*aeTC fu must see to appreciate Ideil Trailer Park Lot 4 5th St 2700 Brcak7)arkld pN 1 6273 MODERN house trailer 26 awning porch storm eiielosuie' lot avaUabie Maiun 1st tiiuier center row Lead ers Irailer Ct Willoughby LATE model trailer? A 'ift conveniences make offer EE 2 2133 eves SrE our fine selection of trailers for vacatnui or permanent hnme 3 r8S Wt 140 West Park 7 railer WANTED used house trailer not in lerestcd in interior furnishings ONE IN 0020 i sfovbron fOfal mnditinn WAJ 0M7 I SUMMER and fail dresses tw 42 to yrrtlClU I I athe (44 lust Cleaned Cali AC 1 1 1 3 TlURdl lUGLl DdlllL I I Sale 1 BOSTON RD lol $950 it jft' a I ILTER Rd I'l acre mt 41100 I SNOW Rd 53X170 paid fnr $2 200 HAUSRMAX Rd Ott 3PP 2 9 I all improvement 51600 Rout Hinckley 300 front i'4J 300 each $100 Gown ule 2 ie J1B0Q $800 flAwn BRIGHT REALTY 129 Pianos Musical Instruments (Continued iom Preceding Cnlumnj REMODELING SALE A JOB WE MUST DO We need a lt of f'tr thfa work to be dona but our flour is packed with pianos So uev are going tu sld Many people will get the most wundertu! haigains we exer offered in uur 42 year as piano dealers Georgeous high grade Spinets Cbnwlrs and Grands in Blond Mahogany Walnut Lime Oak Ebony Prcef will revelation to anyone in the market tor a fine piano Just come and convince yourself Terms to suit Mittlin 2027 Euclid Open eve till 8 30 Sun 1 to 3 in Brand New Can willnughbv 2 2272 1948 STUDEBAKER 2 ton van bxiv perfect condition: must sell Inst mtract LI 1 8257 IMS inteSnationat toa wnd: an unusual htiv $495 Mills Kirtland 6 3695 f'Ho truck Pj body dual rear tires A $325 1 1 1 2 15 1 2 '1948 I ORD 6 KE 1 734 1 1947 Chcvrki Van Tvpe Truck Dual wheels: A condition CE 1H222 3 NEED stake body a 1946 EV 1 7500 South Euchd lannber ran'be bought right 13710 Aspinwall ULI 488ft 1949 INTERTcaTIONAL KBS 16 tre tor flat bed tandem axle trailer ita Mnable CH' nopo tor used trucksT Chrvsler Porris 9216 Superior 1946 ORD truck ton t'5 van A condition $6nn EN 1 343Q 140 ORD stake bodv nw mo toi Uro reasonableUT 4 87 4 1 9 4 DODf ih tnn ton molor? 1 1 5070 TOW tiuck: 1940 IH ton ex crllent shape $495 PR 1 1511 1947 ORD truck: i Vanette mw motor $64 5 WO 1 3ft 1 6 VANS Lrr nle Al 96? 1046 CHEVROLET tractor good shapk: vacuum bnykrsj 425 Di 1 0228 194 CHEVROLET sedan (leRvrry: Ht claw condition reasonatlej I 1866 USED TRUCK HEADQUARTERS COLE MOTORS 65 1 0 JiUCLID 1931 2 TON ORD DUMP TRUCK RA 1 2 17 2 i ai i riniivri'nrin ic truck ltnimr crane bi i HP3 (Continui on Vext Page) I teb! sxilvaffine in Rfl ft nitlhfiarrt tme xmail biu personal beionxing etc recovered at reasonable umt ON CALL 24 HOURS UT 1 £146 AUXILIARY sloop nt sail awnT Ing and sail cover: 26 gray: am rubiw mattrease galley Uige ice bos xtainleas steel w'ster tanks Aate boat ully tq tupped tot ciuUing ReaMJiiahlP AC 1 9323 after 4 CHRIS CRAT cruiser marine engine at o'ltftoard RICHARDSON cruisers CHRYSLER engines pan end senice Cleveland Boat Service 549 Lake Shore HR 1 0707 30 17 cabin motor: A dependable afe In any watei fall fishing si asou just starting fish in and cntnfnrt: simple to operate only CASH buyer waiting free estimate on you properly west and auburb REALTY MART Dvntoon Oft Reallnr AT 1 4 500 HIGHEST CASH PRICES Alex 'odor Realtor Hi iru LC'ts and arm 3324 Lmatn Av ME 1 0116 BARGAINS Leaving city Chinese light leak camphor chest Japanese 12 dinner aetvke Admiral 3 way phn tadio Emerson table radio Durineyer unaer wattle iron toaster iron kitchenware GA 1 3900 1 ch 1 1 I'EDSpPING n3 mattrrMl 124 actory Bargain Basem*nt 4997 Broad way Open dally till 9 BHEAKPONT fine crutch mahoganyV high 4 6" wide perfect condition $375 WI 1 1954 BED' Double blonde complete like new cost $150 acrlfice $75 or best offer 1671 Lee Rd BOOKCASE UNINISHED $1695 ISH URN ITURE I 829 EUCJID AVE BEDROOM set davenport Crosley set: reasonable 1 1 0 1 1 BEDROOM suite: 3 piece maihle top walnut 962NChf stnut Jefferson BED: mahogany 4 larie oreeaer trail after OR 1 1896 CARPE'J ING UNION XT MADiMiN Handy to eveerthmir this 1 0 room hnue can re easily cooverted into aiits Priced at $7 0h0 fr flUick uair Open Sunday 1 tr 5 nj HART 1' MR RISON 44 Main Geneva ohv H'M Cene a 4656 6656 MAttlS'in JHI wofk ON 1 after 3 Bl'iDY iinment complete $66' VU 3 RtODL park conveyor jlr belt i9'i motor 1 6177 6G POTTER Johnson automatic tur ret luthe crinplctc SK 4331 WELDING urk wan'ed im jntraft certified piuducUun HE lbT7 WE buv end adl air comp'raw Can lue V'seika 1 26J1 taps etc efflvlentlv removed TO i 4797 ANTED 200 amp Lincoln welder' or equal l3ft17 MR electric motdis boughtold or rcaJrt'd 1375 3d 1 4QS1 LARGEST selection utill reamer" rnlters PtCJn Jlhlo UT I 7 076 NEW atr compressor rom to SO CH 1 40M1 fNHARED ovens conveyors: nme used' or can do your work HE 1 22 1 0 BULLDO7ER John Deere ciawlcr'UaTl Kent 4 0ift A screw machine MD A RManh Mv hinerv SH 1 1234 StT TON jack hew $50 pH 1 0956 after 5 (tnnitnuril in Next Column) MrRKIEVHHl HI TABIJ ACBlE CO 15509 MDISr BOJ 7IM INVESTMENT pOpetiy 2 family house funded for tettl purwsn firsts utility bu'lding Bill busmen cornet frontage on 200 st principal only Inquire weekday! 74k 71 Washer Refrigerator TV Dinette 3Uc PER A ADOtv to nurchaxe 1 1990 ED 1 0787 ED 1 3304 Ris RIGS RUGS Brokdlomn 9 and 12 ft Variety rf 9x12 su Some slightly railroad damaged Greatly reduced R34 HURON RD SEWING MACHINES: dliise uut sale on all present stock treadles desk con Rule? and purtables prices tx i in at $8u5 Tessier Bros Sewing Machine Co 2650 25 MA 4848 Open riday till 9 STOVE: W'hite kitchen 2 broadb um rues 9x15 and 9x12 burgundy traverse drape 10 Venetian blinds 27" end tables etc reasonable A 1 7573 SEWING MACiflNES clearance sale: portable treadles consoles desks writ ten guarantee Best Sewing Machine Co 14112 Clair LI 1 3710 open Mon Uh 9TUC Thuci JU1 8 SEE this $369 with electric refrigerator gas ranee rueste All brand new Easy terms A CTOR RN I TV 4997 Broadway blMMUNS AS IS' Reg $99 50 sofa beds $49 50 JACK BELKIN URNITURE CO 55 Opposite Payne Ave Magic Chet fate drl divided table tup timer and light: like new $75 2993 Euclid Heigh Blvd Used real bargain $10 up actory Bargain Basem*nt 4997 Broad way Open daily til 9 nij SIMMONS ''Beautyrest 'spring and mat tress full size good condition GEKMAN ncrt hau pointer puim 3 month age from Saodr Von Schwar enburg sired by B' Joe guai an teed In top condition and hunt tins fall Your choice of solid liver or liver and ticked Al) started on trained pheasant $40 and up Call 4723 Huron or write arms and Acreage i ftd tr light mfg or xtoiace Le' man Realty GL ftNSft GL 1 5552 Henman Moving Ar 7: evrfi ON 1 7336 A TriRDH IN l2o bs lignt wight model isle Hal make nevei tiaed will aacrtfl'e WQ 1 2962 PIANO exquisite hand carved" mahogany baby grand isher Amplra elri lric A properly priced SK 1 8188 13500 Shaker Blvd AnL Ant' SCHOOL SPEClAtS maii upiignr upright $149 14911 Dotrnit uAil Hat Selmer 55 aeiics full ring and articulated aharp Ex cellent condition professional instiument a 11 ER 1 0543 iTME oak blond spirit most beautiful modern style made a real bar gdin Easy terms Open Sun 1 to 5 MATTLIN 2O27Euclid Ave HECtRlC'rgah e'mnntiis Maiesh Son 3303 5blh VU 3 45H0 A "Tniulhe: tine walnut finish A 1 condition sacrifice aecounjl moving 10 1 2254 CORNET? 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OIL heater with fan new tor rooms 95 Dealer RA 1 0219 COLEMAN oil heater for 4 5 rooms $49 Dealer RA 1 0219 OIL heater new 5 6 rooms $75 Dealer RA 1 0219 WARDROBE trunk Hartmann used large size $50 OR 1 8458 LUMBER steel pipe and brick HARRIS WRECKING CO CHl 1907 LUMBER 2x10 No 2 ft and 10 ft long like new EN 1 8409 VICTOR sound projector screen ana stand reasonable ON 1 6346 ENLARGER mm condenser type good condition $25 YE 2 1706 I3S Typewriters Office Mach Adilrcsmgraph I quipinent Used manual and electric addressnernph frames trays and cabinets used adding mac nine i vi writers comptometer for 'le or retd 48 HOUR SERVICE rose 1213 Prospect BUlU'hR Pr ALJ PARMA HEIGHTS Tbrnn viii Muc 3 aue ot $1 906 s')kr' AN TED New or used house trailer No down payment but high month! ptvmffi Box 495'1 Plain Dealer GENERAL A condition perma nent location best offer IV 544 141 Wanted Autos Trucks I Bl I LARDS i BULLARD 1 1 24" Rrldcefotd gpretl forniing machine 1 cut off ma hine lwhfnft ierti' al htonuh 1ft" stroke: year manufactured presses i4" stroke 91" hnlctto n)at 7 tnn 3 Biyant tubular gas boiler mudel 23 SPO gallon 1 Electric drying oven 2 high thermostat control 250 degree A 1 1 URNACE 1 Holland raa motor rtrivrn air hidusmal office furnace capable of PAYS MORE OR YOUR CAR ERGUSON WST SIDE USED CAR CENTER 11522LORA1N WI 1 53CQ $20 100 UR ANY JUNK CAR uR TRUCK' SU days syl 0740 evealtig 1 1 iricst (Sash Prices or used itinked or wrecked cars BR i 1444 WILL PAY Ptemium price tor any old automobfla Over 25 yearsof are Call ON 1 1937 SELL US' YOUR" 'CAR BRING YOUR T1TLP BARNARD ORD 15317 KINSMAN LO 1 0073 SELL YOUR CAR" AT TOP" BAKER SING CO Your De Soto Plymouth Dealer E71st and Euclid EX 1 3255 TOP DOLLAR 6yri MODELS 1940 1951 recardle of make or con dition: will aisu trade Euclid Auto Sale 5101 Euclid EN 1 200 i WANTED 'AUTOMOBILES 'ANS TRUCKS HIGHEST PRICES PAID WE PICK UP BE 2 1166 WE NEED CARS We Pav High Price OHIO MOTOR co 24 and Euclid WE'NEiDTARS NOW! 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make room for cafeteria our ladv of Gcxl Counsel Church 4423 Pearl Rd 300 PIECES thtekncM mawmite tempered long 10 000 piece long Will sell very cheap MO 2 4430 PARTIALLY orefab new Hood garage cl Hr sidiug all necessary materials $250 rank or Andv DI 1 2193 gas urnaces orced air: 100000 BTU $230 can install terms SW 1 4628 CE 1 842 GARAGE and gas suilon equipment and part any reasonable ofter accented ee week ends after 12 noon daily after 5 2o4 Mars Aye GARAGE equipment: EJeftrlC welder floor lack hvdraulic ltor crane axel stands Van Dorn valve aiachine Porto pvwer Phone TY 1 5806 after 3 pm STATUES Martha and George Washing ton 15" high very reasonable 50 piece water set Initial Mrs Gallo 2719 Cedar GAS healer with blower and theimostaf for 5 6 rooms new: $125 Dealer RA 0219 Golf Caddie $1095 Dealer 1916 Clark Ave MARIONETTE Mage Semiprofmionai size with full lighting equipment also Sirneixjmd properties MU 1 2397 LAT executive desk full size $75 private party Box 16462 lam Dealer COMMUNICATIONS receiver Model NO 57 $65: Hickok Oscillograph Model 505 $125 Used veryjhttle 1 2436 LARGE selection of good used lumber CUYAHOGA WRECKING CO 6311 Kinsman HE 1 0326 1931 INDIAN" motorcycle as is best offer 194 6 Chevrolet radio XI4 2 1 850 uller Ave have Cleveland's largest selection um carnet a and equipment BRYAR PHUTUbUPPLY Rr 4 WHEEL truck" cardboard box stapler typewriter automatic tape machine KE 1 8833 URNACE coal hot air Centurr No 351 extra large size complete with blower 2 12 0 TUT 6991 NEW gas gravity furnace 70000 sell or trade lor heater make offer UT 1 4851 DOWN spouting: plain round 4000' at 9c Pi ft 5185 Lee Rd MO 2 2424 eves CE 1 6939 ALL SIZES TYPES GARAGE DOORS 8x7 8x66 sections: overhead $59 15x7 $149 KD 1 7550 HALLICRATERS' 42 BaVENPOR Modern turquoise frieze must tell (heap 1 9680 DfMNG room odd piece of fur niture good roridlllon A 1 4R15 DINING room table and buffet walnut AJl oik1iUoo ac 1 9UR2 ELECTRIC Westinghouse net a nd inter $50 AT 1 80 1 3 ELECTRIC stove only months old $150 4 319 HrnrltZP Ave URNITURE Showroom simples 3 rooms complete with refrigerator stove rugs etc $379 EASY TERMS Open Daiiv Till 6 ion and rL Till 9 urniture Showrooms 101 High St near Ontario loor Samples Repossessed and trade ins: Living room sets 2 pr odd davenports lounge chMr electric washT I'aciory urniture 4997 BROADWY Opntlll 9 URNITURE AND Save 40 Cail at urniture Showroom 101 High St near Ontario Oprn Mondav and riday till 9 rn Cali 8U 1 2090 for eve appointment RIG I DAI RES: Uird" thbiOinJiiy reconT guaranteed Kudav Electric Co 13012 Brrkey Rd LG 1 4000 OR DEM ANTIQUE SHOP AT 1 3563 PR 1 4892 Modem and a lque8fl In rond RICIDAIRE 7 CL GOOD CON D1TIGNX $2ft TR 11 203 OLD A WAY BEDS new 9 CRAMER 681Q SU PR1QR GAS stove Tinnerman eood condition £3012603 Hartfield off St Clair 117 TH svMrald I story masoniy bldg for distnbutor or general ue concrete floor drive in ihi Km! cornel I Urr rill Iifci etlon with prkinc owner 2EAlU''( l2iS 0 Sl CORNTR butlnes mi nlt Av and 112lh St Owner EQ 2 063 1 0x2 19 IMPROVED on tuv Lakeland 108 Sale Apartments Sites rt rl? ON 1 1966 farm ataixigue free! 24 Does Poultry Supplies of ftm home and bulnM I 1 rvunip vwyynaa 110 Salp Suburban Prnnprlv ROUIE AUST1NBLRG 'tvni uihr tiuuse dltiunni 4 mrim 1st new oil hearing unit hot water basem*ntrty I IdeM for a jct priced at 49OUO ARMS Ue hae some good buy ranging from mall large building and located mxinlv hula Count 105 Brooklyn Parma tQntinmd mm Preceding Page TU A Gall Selection RAME RANCH la Parma on Yoh Rd Just what vnu have been locking for a niceiv land caped lot with a xd variety of tiuit tire breeay garage with overhead door cement (true full basem*nt heat city water cPDer plumbing: aluminum storm window and screen with tainieas steel rrav aiirtien and dinette space 3 nice hednroma and Plastic (tie bath down' I extra large bed ruom up see this while it lasts onlv $19 000 RANCH TYPE BUYERS Give a look at thia unusual custom built pia on RidaeMd Di before you put vur money down on anything hnk with huge recessed Patio: sand stone fireplace wonder ful kitchen iavout seany mg uinvrte rn rinnr fpaoe ror of cloet spate and re non room 4 2 ft fast Call aukkiv beautiful colonial 6 room rolmnal featuring imuj dinit room and nice kitchen 3 inveiv bed rooms on 2d plus tile bath heme haa carpeting all form sash and screen 1 bedruom is fuuahed xuottv Pine attached garas lot 45x197 nlu ly land gcaoed AVEVMVI 10 2 Spindle Drill Pres HAROLD IL GONNARD COMMODORE HOTEL CA 1 3900 OPEN CAPACITY Blanch nd Grinding HR 1 SS33 HEAVY duty Burton mixer including 3 motor and reverting switch: 3 steel bln (12 Kkligci 5'x5' square 6' high 2 316 stainless tee tanks capacity each 270 gallon AT 1 2540 TEMPLATE shop open time on all aircraft layout development end black out gauge vue or call Kay Tern plate Co 779 Soutn Arlington Aken Blackstone 8 1 3 0 'wheeli 9 32 to meter grinding wheel mount 12x18 ground surf" plate $30: thread plug gauges carbide and tips 6013 St Clair EX 1 8545 1 1 arilcniniz urnace Eclipse make with hhiwer hood and barometer BRl294lk CHRIS RAT cruisers marine engine and outboards RICHARDSON cruisers CHRYSLER engines parts and service Cleveland Boat Service 540) Le Shore HR 1 0707 CALLSU 1 6600 OR ONLY $4 7500 6000 NET RETURN Over fixed expenses for thi brtrlt build ing bnated on main business strert on ast Side: automatic gas Lusk 4 store i aunea ana nup chtsNtsned tor $7500 expense Bruit SCREW MACHINE li $450: mutt sell need space Wa) 37 st EXHaus't fan and automat iThutter new ana used from 16" to 30" 110 voir a c'H 1 4081 129 Pianos Musical Instruments N'0W IN fROGRESS Our Anniversary Sale Gjeatest valur eer offered in our56 YEARS IN PIANO BUSINESS Gri mis Organs Pldr out and savr during thisONCE A YEAR EVENT" MARESH 4c SON PIANO CO 3303 55 mcr Bruadwavt VU 3 4 500 Ooen rts till 9 CLEARANCE SALE 1 mall recreation piano 1 Kimball spinet 'ype piano 1 spinet piano Rft keys 1 spinet like new 1 console spinet lixe new k'afiv 1rn DRAGIN PIANO CO 8220 CARNEGIE AVEppen Mon it Sun 1 5 Ancntiun Piiuio BinersStart your youngster now good used spinet $350 and up: recreation roompUwt new $395 Menlin Sons spinet display mHlel $195 down delivers Open Monday esenmes Colher Lewis 1002 Superior CONSOLE SPINET Gorgeuua atyle direct blow action per fect condition wonderful tone and qual ity for a eal ptantit priced right terms Open Sun 1 to 5 MATTLIN 2027 Euclid Ave CARNEGIE CT 1 BR El XT RES Reasonable consists ot beautiful mirrnrrd back bar beer dispenser 1Om1 1rH Jif'l SAVE MONEY ON RESTAVRANT Supplies and Equipment ACTORY OUTLE'I WHOLESALERS Corner Huron Rd 4 St MA i 0961) SEL SERVICE market equipment steel shelving Islands check out cats ba muLAY 6300 EUCLID HE 1 1420 RESTAURANT in refTigerator dry beverage cooler aiwy used Mf CRAY 6300 EUCLID BAR back A (Jail Selection HUHUKHAN SINGLE Very nue 3 bedroom simile on near waning ru Ukii a 1 old home wnii large living room with ward mnnrog fireplace nice kitchen and tt Hr dinette plus 9 er uq i Mmnr ihihui t1 Hnrt modern bath: man ham wment 2 car rasr li Imran and bower 225 ft frontage' Ui V4 I awimmtn rumi JlirOut 40x70 and a new 2024 tme building former tv ttaa a TELE VJSIONl" or a better deal Doan Appliance 8713 Superior USED RUG BARGAINS 1000 to choose from $750 and un 9x12 and other room sires St i 1 3337 Cleveland Carpet Co1831 25 St UNCLAIMED davenbort newly uphol stered $59 ehatrs $29 Phillip Uphol stering Mfe Co 12620 Superior GLJ J133 VACUUM CLEANTRS AH makes $1195 and up completely rebuilt an 1 guaranteed A Vacuum Stores 1942 81 SW 1 2U88 WAREHOUSE SALE! Complete clearance ot everything to the bare wall furniture most of tt like new Anything and everything you need at ridiculous orlees People wh nave bought house tiallec nac tiadcd their antra household good The Hem left on this big sale rrfrlgeratois ranges and bedrooms sets Open 9 to 9 7 Days Roamer Trailer Mart 1 3720 Lorain washers RENT and BUY Ml 1 2255 We take any used item tor trade in toward down payment aridift Rental Service 5203 leet Ave used $15 lure showroom iOl High St near Ontario itwo djocks sourn Square! 9 appointment WASHERS floor models and used: guar anteed most popular makes save up to SO NlcJvUl 2018 Lora tn WASHERS used many to oik from: 510 up actory Bargain Basem*nt 49't7 Broadway Open daily till6 in WASHER Dexter A cost $225 sell for $125 Kelvinator refrigerator A cost $350 e11for $200 SW 966 A RDROB'8 cabinet new CH AM 68 1 0 SU PER TOR WASHER KENMARE IN WORKING OR DE 202 A 1 3JlQ3 ZENITH radio cabinet model Dutchess washing nwihihf dinette set miscellane ous EX 1 7248 3 R0OM OUTl'Il Complete with stove and refrigerator $399 urniture Showrooms 101 inch St near Ontario to 6 Monday 9 IL Koo USED RUGS ALL SHAMPOOED S10 AND UP GREENE REG CO 183d f5SL EN 1 20PS 9 xl2 Linoleum Rus JACK BELKIN URNITURE CO 1699 55 opposite PayneAve WALNUT bedroom set with single bed complete dressing table and bench chestm chest chlfforobe LA 1 5913 4ROOMS of furniture complete suite available MI 1 4775 cal) 9 a to 135 Sale Miscellaneous mG rv sale RCA Du Mont Admiral Muluiola Tremendous Savings! Selling out all floor samples ew fans Jr ft at cost price RUG Chinese hnok T2xlft neutral color Just cleaned Good runditinn $150 a Iso 9x12 reversible blue Hk new $4 5YE 2 1533 RERIGERATOR KeivinTTnr YOOt 11 cu fl 2 months old Will SHcrlfiee owner Call Mr Savage MA 1 96ft0 RaTORS lwtrir' used real values $20 up actory lb ream Base ment 4'M7 Broadway open tHl9 RERIGERATORS Used' rhmrS inn $39 up guaranteed Colder refrigera tion 29H6 2oCi) n2ft RERIGERATOR 194 Norge? condition $75 2325 Scranton Rd dwn front RUG Kerman genuine Oilental beautiful soft colors: sacri fice also wardrobe tunic WY 1 6374 RERIGERATOR' Chldpot A 1 rea sonable 4389 187th otl Purita WI lRftl 'RTflEPATOR electric now In use Ra toene Hot rL 3 IH7 Prospect Av RERIGERATOR 1 EONARD A ED 4923 2597 HAMPTON RD RADIO RCA puh button floor model: enuch A 1 7281 RERIGERATOR New 1950 itcldalre 7 cu ft pog er 1 9 212 RERIGERATOR Norge 5 co ft: per Ltru npiRl J1! UP11 K1 404 7ueveg ADTH phoncfraph Zenith console A Call between Ji 6 EN 1 7307 (Continued In Next Column COAf Rep our large selection of al! sires make and models some complete with fans automatic thermostat controls etc also many used heaters available buy now: beat the shortage and the rising prices actory urniture Co 4 997 Broadway Open to 9 dally op posite Clark Ave Bridge line HEATERS (Jil COAL See out large selection ot all sues maxes and models actory urniture Co 4997 Bro a dw a Jge 1 1 to 9 dai Ij HOT Boy gas heater automatic blower heats 4 5jooms WY 1 4974 KITCHEN' cabinet steel'" all 'white: greatly reduced as a crated prin cipals After 6 ACJ 8120 LIVING room sets 2 mo hair velour nundreds to choose from al! flno samoi reduced high grade pi ices from $59 'p actory i tea 1 nJla sem cn 4 9 9 7 ro dw a LINOLEUM Many colors ano patterns 5c ft 9x12 linoleum rugs $4 95 factory Banta Basem*nt 4997 Broad way Open daily 9 room furniture also bedroom and infants including baby carriage ON 1 8351 LIVING room Miitc davenport and chair: floor samples $79 A 6 10 SUPER 1 OR TIV1N75 room srL 5pc maple Includ ing rocker A ft650 chair with ottoman new $25 CRAMER'S 6810 SUPERIOR LINOLEUM rugs: new $4 rRAMt 'R 6810 SUPERIOR MOVING Dining room set gas stove day bed electric sewing machine type writer desk curtains drapr bric a hrac etc 1370ft Ardoon Ave MULTHtTII" duplicator "p1 40 ex cellent condition Marie Hnsso ME 1 7200 MAPLE "ed room suite 3 piece new was $179 sample cut to $89 CRAMER'S 6 8 10 SUPERIOR MAGIC Chef excellent condition Price40 SK 1 0577 MATTRESSES double or twin size new $14 6810 Superior MUST' sell at once 3 'complete room furniture HE 1 6549 PHONOGRAPH "'3 apeed Webster Chi caim originally $S9 make an offer Cal! SVV 1 8709 PRIVATE sale Refrigerator Norge wash er fireplace css stove folding baby stroll er small dinette table EX 1 4507 RERIGERATOR 9 cu fl Crosley Shelvador Norite electric stove in uae 11 months: Simmons ofa bed side Nice home nir'v isndKranert with 4 sru0 bedroom yo full basem*nt clove to Blessed Sacrament ano st Michael jnK'd handy 1 to everything for only $11500 NICE a LAMILY In Prnrop Paitah 5 down and 5 i up full basem*nt 2 funnur 3 ai rarare aelhnt under $15000 lot sue I DRESSERS 'cheats stoves sewing ma emnea Highest pnee CH 1 6569 HIGHEST price paid tor uffica de rhaira martime iff I Mfll 'Ilk' a MTvn amount legal ANYWHERE ANY TIME GL 1 6544 1 iKr t'rj irr ft carpeting In firstprice paid HE 1 2747 other item 1 Tash reglsiej wanted' Any can Greenneia ma i BEET' PRICES PAID OR URNITURE WmWiHlams MA 1 6839 V' REWINS MACHINES wrutr nviory 1 yl's 140 Auto Trailers Masnards I raikr Sales HERE 1952 MODELS WELCOMES you io visit the worlds iriosi 1 ihivr iraiH'r models display 2U and up rommeie with Lath ee Maynard' tor the best year round deal On btate near Brook spark Rd hub I railer illage and Sabs I Aurora Rd Route 13 Bedford A PLEAbANT PLACE TO LIVE NEW AND USED TRAILERS emauent Ph kmc Availatua BE 2 1428 IDEAL TRAVKLO AND NEU MOON TRAILERS 2U00 BROOK PARK HD 1 811'w ATTENTION Your SMILE Win be wider if you buy a GLIDER Mart 1 3720 Lorain NEA 3 Prairie shower an3 toilet parking lacihtixs located at 174 12 Miles Ave Check at nark of fie 5tr Broek NEW AND USED Al a vi hi rd 4871 35 St SACRIICE: 1 941) desk chans table new biupnut file I OVERHEAD gas heiUer wanted 75 Ip new steel letter fife 4450: storage BR 1263 cabinet: visible equipment secretarial I ANTlyUEs WANTED desks esrd le sale tcel shelving new RA 1 2233 ll05 EUCLID and used safes 75 used fuidihg chan 1 TOP dohar fuimture and appliances Ask about our complete rrrral plans ma 1 3160 eve AC 1 4515 KUbt 1NU 113 rospeci Sellin Out Law Offfice Desks (lain bookcases costumer rti'uhiRM UlLiam zifisir 1 KUkUi two Hies Burroughs adding machine lamps 1HW UM1KK IUIIU SU I Mrlltinri and fithr EVERYTHING MUST CO Pri 'd tu Roomu6 Wilharpson 2 LICENSE and fxture $800 At rtHl )Nn muTlT like new sncrlfifi BO 2 4916 MASON HAMLIN grand mnhnpanv excc'lcnt cnndltlmn KV 1 b5b HARDMAN Peck grand walnut cast' bra ti tul tone A 1 1700 String hAM Hiv er size $150 IX M' Carm Rd PIANO baby grand $195 BABY grand Wurlilcr mahogany A $175 A 1 0 3 CABLE babv grand fine condition private party 16362x Plain Dealer SPINET piano purchased new year ago mahogany excellent 2 500ft GOOD violins (3 Ideal for music lovers CE 4 64 GRAND Annilo best offer over $100 MO 2 2737 UPPER HAY 3 STORES ft SUITES rRk building In immaculate condition individual heat siihe 5 rmx each INVESTIGATE IMMEDIATELY Northern Buinrft InvrMincni WY' 1 7220 I WY 1 7220 2 BRICK 4 AM I LI ES Excellent condition East 115th St 4 brick garage Large vard All gas fur race $22500 each A very good 10 030 4 nniilv Brick 2S0(H) ast Cleveland south of Euclid 6 room 7h Hot water heat dnAf em Euclid and shopping VL 1 4030 Broke LI 4 3 0 SALE apartments Sunday 9 to IS in clusive West Side 32 suites ft 4 nym suites ft limes the income good loca tion will consider trade what have you? RANK KILANE CO 1 1 ft 01 Detroit Realtor LA1 2722 10 SUITES East Cleveland: Incomefi nan oil next verv nice building 5 ROOMS furniture for sale Mi duplex available RA 1 5839 4 of furniture plus refrigerator washer andtcysTY 1 059 1 1950 GAS range: table top model cut to $79 Cramer' 6W19J? 132 Sale Diamonds Jewelry MAN? 1 carat diamond ring a real buy at $275 kdy' carat diamond ring 195: 7 large diamond dinner ring $75 large diamond earrings $42 rm dern ft diamonct wedding ring $20 unredeemed Onm Evenings Till ft 2628 Detroit diamond engage ment ring $55 unused GA 1 2938 Ell IMPEREC1 DIAMONDS Sig rsrliU 850 Eucllo CH 1J952 134 Store and Office ixtures 1 BLy 1I Highest prices paid for used ear Jeeps and Willys ROBERT LEE EORD 17525 LORAIN KAMMS CORNERS OPEN 9 9 OR 1 4 730 Realty CV) HE 1 1420 24' BAR back uar 12 st nls sink brer refrigerator unit also barbecue A equipment CK 1 1235 10 DOUBLE duty meat case with con densing unit excellent condition $295 SU 1 7107 RERlGERAtdftS coolers cases colls CTnoressnr frozen food cabinets McCRAY 6300 Euclid HE 1 1420 SCALES meat saws "choppers new used service all makes Si'pltafy Sale 6300 ICudld HE 1 1420 RERIGERATORS cwilcrs' Cases comnressurs frozen tot'd cablne's McCRAY 63u0 EUCLID NEW nd used store fixtures Meter plan Stewart 4108 Broadway Eouiptnent Low Prices Uhin Desk 1122 Prospect Aye OR 'the inest in Store ixtures Monarch Equipment Co R2OOEuft9 stf'iVlNG 'gondolas produce racks" made to yoiirordej EX 774fT DesKS tables bookcase lettri files lamp 6190 Lorain AT 1 Aft584 ASK" aboul'our rental furnl ure ac I nc 1 060 ALLEN cash reenter with addins machine 1 IE 1 6177 CASH register and adding machine UT sno 5718 Euclid fContlnurd fn Next (nlumn) Punch Presses 7 0 I 10 45 Ton 4 Straight Side 45 105 Ton Al Price Machinery 1 5720 ji'hwond Villas DIE STONL HOUSE 3280 Green Rnd w'otdland Kiiismm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY SK 1 9242 I'AitfEftVHfE New modified Cspt Cod Uv 2 Mnarsinn up full base menL oil heat open Sunday 1 to 7 575 Argonne Dr Phone Pir Vtllc 3ft 21 Ol 2 2119 baianie $2250 per 4 room cottage untimsheu lol 50x250 lake privilege: Snow Rd off Rt 14 30 milts exit of Public Square LEDGEWKK CONSTRUCTION CO ftnnw Rd BE 2 1985 RurlonO JUST EAST GATES MILLS 2 parcel of 5 acres at $1250 each: scenic and for year round Smirn'VaN' YK 2 0900 TAYLOR SON riendly suburban home: latco living irwn with fireplace 2 beoooms: kitch en aright cheerful dinette and large utility rnom Lmred ln ya city 'Hof by ownei illou I iby 2 3 JIDL ViNtSH "yiurdL LakcJrohl hnmr living room enclosed porch: each 24x14 kitchen bath and bedroom downr nnd floor $2 000 down $75 ner month iced 5C0 Owiirr 112 Brr rhview rnad Shelton lift'd 7 oTCTa Ae Shme 5 rooms Cape Cod bungalow hml'idtnc 2 bedroom living dining room large kitchen: alo enclosed porch 2 ear lot 87x300 Immediate oc cupant 1 1 Q00 Wl 2 5509 BY owner Snue 5 rbotn hath fully in sulat'd very g'od comlllion: automatic oil ieet wai hewtei lot Oxn East River Rd Vermilion $b250 yrmtllon72DL 6319 Pleasant Willey Road Beautiful room ranch type atimiu'd Int 90x100 nmi'lntment CAI KEIS MA 1773 AIRVHCW Parle vear old brick ranch type 2 car garage 2 ftHOtaces: living room clay lle bath quick possession leaving city Owner OR 1 5531 facto lih ut dork 12500 rouad iurJ 8 I I I.

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