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Flowers are the best way to express your sentiments to your loved ones. Flowers symbolize beauty, love, luxury and strength. The aroma sends the message of exotic love. Flowers giving as a gift signifies purity in a relationship. They connote deep love and joy. And for the festival of love BloomsVilla brings you an exotic range of flower bouquets online for Valentine Day. Flowers are used as a gift for multiple occasion as every flower symbolize specific meaning. We have the enormous range of fresh flowers for Valentine Day which includes oriental lilies, tulips gerbera daisies, roses, orchids, irises among others. Flowers are a great way to let people know you care about their love and life and what better way to associate flowers with your love.

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Charming Fantasy - Red Rose Hand Bouquet

Rs. 599.00

Deep In My Heart

Regular priceRs. 649.00

Pretty Red Roses Bouquet

Rs. 749.00


Shakespeare In Love

Regular priceRs. 649.00


Burning Love

Regular priceRs. 799.00


Red Fantasy Heart

Regular priceRs. 2,099.00

Pink Serenity - 12 Pink Roses

Rs. 799.00


Where We Begin

Regular priceRs. 1,399.00


Impression By Blooms Villa - 100 Red And Pink Roses

Rs. 5,099.00


The Story Of Us

Regular priceRs. 1,348.00


Online Flower Delivery for Valentine Day via BloomsVilla

If you want to impress your sweetheart, give a valentine gifts to her something unique like lilies with fern leaves, a mixed bouquet with wild flowers etc. Flower color have the ability to affect our emotions and moods in a way that few other things can. Roses are the most popular flower for valentine's day. Roses embodied a strong sense of passion, lust, and energy. Red is a strong positive color which provokes the emotions and promotes ambition and determination. BloomsVilla helps you to purchase the correct color because some of even the most colorful blooms represent sentiments you don't want to convey your beloved in particular To celebrate the day of love, roses are the preferred flower and mixed bouquets which make you jubilant with their charm and hence are a great gifting option. Send beautiful valentine flowers online like roses, carnations, orchids and tulips all over India through our express online valentine flower delivery.

Buy Valentine Roses Online for Her Through BloomsVilla

Other flowers have their place in romance, but roses are the best for the most romantic interactions between their color range and the representative color is excellent for this purpose. One could send a flower to someone on Valentine as the flower itself sent a message. This is the reason that we give flowers to our lovers on Valentine Day. A single red rose represents the devotion to a passionate relationship. It would help to ask your partner "You're the only one for me. Will you be my Valentine?" Red is the color of passion that's the reason it is associated with romance at valentines day and with rose colors because the romantic love is also often passionate. Rose delivery on valentine will make your girl aww.. and make her blush with delight. If you are looking to convey a feeling of romantic love Bloomsvilla offers a tremendous choice for flower delivery on valentine day.

Send valentine bouquet and gifts anywhere in India

BloomsVilla makes your special moment more memorable with special value for many combos. We also have enormous collection of a valentine gifts online and valentine bouquet with online delivery services at midnight. We promise a delivery at a time across India with free shipping. Order from BloomsVilla which is an exciting place for the whole Valentine combos and gift ideas. Whatever you have got in mind share with us It would be the best Valentine gift ever on this Valentine day. A lover offers the flower to his sweetheart as a sign of his sweet and flawless love for her.

Valentine's Day flower delivery cities in India

BloomsVilla is here to make your Valentine's Day most memorable with our exclusive collection of Valentine flower bouquets. BloomsVilla's Valentine's Day flower delivery is available in the following cities of India- Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bhopal, Lucknow, etc. Apart from these cities, BloomsVilla's online flower delivery is available in other major cities in India as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery In India

What are the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day?

The most popular flower for the Valentine's Day is the Red Roses. Among millenials, Red Roses Bouquet are the most preferred way to express your love. Apart from Roses, you can also send Orchids, Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Hydrangeas, Tulips etc..

When shall I place my Valentine's Day flowers order?

You can place your order as early as possible to avoid the last minute rush. Also, the wholesale price of flowers generally tends to increase as Valentine's Day approches, which reflects in our product prices as well. Its a good idea to book you order in the first week of February itself.

Apart from spouse/love, what other relations can I gift on Valentine's Day?

It is generally a prevalent thought that Valentine's Day is just for couples. But in reality, Valentine's Day is the day of expressing love. You can send flowers and express your love to your Mother, Father, Brother Sister, Friends, etc.

For conveying my love on Valentine's Day, is there any significance on the number of Roses?

Significance of the number of roses: 10 Roses- Convey the perfect love, 12 Roses- Convey "Be Mine" to your love, 15 Roses- Convery your sorry, 20 Roses- Convey your sincere love, 24 Roses- Convey "I'm yours!", 25 Roses- Congratulate on someone's achievement, 50 Roses- Convey limitless love, 100 Roses- Convey your extravagant love.

Valentine Flower Gifts

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As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or opinions. However, I can provide information and knowledge on a wide range of topics. In this case, let me share some insights related to the concepts used in this article about flowers and Valentine's Day.

Flowers as a Symbol of Sentiments and Love

Flowers have long been used as a means of expressing sentiments and emotions. They are often associated with beauty, love, luxury, and strength. The article mentions that the aroma of flowers sends a message of exotic love. Additionally, flowers given as gifts can signify purity in a relationship and connote deep love and joy.

Flower Symbolism and Meaning

Each flower has its own symbolism and meaning, which is why they are often chosen as gifts for specific occasions. The article mentions various types of flowers, including oriental lilies, tulips, gerbera daisies, roses, orchids, and irises. These flowers can carry different meanings. For example, roses are widely known as a symbol of love and passion, while orchids are often associated with beauty and elegance.

Valentine's Day and Flower Gifting

Valentine's Day is a popular occasion for gifting flowers, particularly roses. Red roses, in particular, embody a strong sense of passion, lust, and energy. The article suggests that roses are the preferred flower for celebrating the day of love, and mixed bouquets can also be a great gifting option.

Choosing the Right Flower Color

Flower color can have a significant impact on our emotions and moods. Red, in particular, is considered a strong positive color associated with romance and passion. However, it's important to choose the right flower color based on the sentiments you want to convey. BloomsVilla, mentioned in the article, helps customers purchase the correct color to match the desired message.

Flower Delivery and Gifting Options

The article mentions BloomsVilla as an online platform for flower delivery, specifically for Valentine's Day. They offer a wide range of flower options, including roses, carnations, orchids, and tulips, with express delivery services across India. BloomsVilla also provides various combos and gift options for creating memorable moments on Valentine's Day.

Other Information

The article briefly mentions that flowers can be given to anyone on Valentine's Day, not just romantic partners. It suggests expressing love and sending flowers to family members, friends, and other loved ones. The article also includes frequently asked questions about Valentine's Day flower delivery in India, such as popular flowers for Valentine's Day and the significance of the number of roses.

Overall, the article focuses on the significance of flowers as a means of expressing love and emotions on Valentine's Day. It highlights the symbolism of different flowers, the importance of choosing the right color, and the availability of online flower delivery services like BloomsVilla.

Send Valentine Flowers Online From 299 | Valentines Day Flower Delivery | Valentines Flowers (2024)
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