DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (2024)

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These Valentine’s boxes are super cute and were easy and fun to make for Valentine’s Day!

Have any cereal boxes laying around? Why not have the kids use them to make their own Valentine’s Day boxes? My kids did and I think they turned out very pretty.

DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (3)

You buy ready-made boxes from the store and use them as is or embellish them with Valentine’s day color items. But creating our own from things we had on hand, turned out too cute and was so much fun to do. I even helped and enjoyed the process.

Originally, I had discussed making boxes with the kids then while out at the store, decided to go with some pre-made ones. We ended up putting them back later. I’m happy we did because I really wanted to try making them from scratch this time.

I remember making cereal box crafts as a kid. The outcomes were very fun to look at. I wanted to let my kids try a craft with cereal boxes too. Not only as a way to create something fun out of a box but also as a way to show the kids that these boxes can be recycled and repurposed and designed as they liked.

My kids enjoyed making them and they are ready for the Valentine’s fairy to fill (A.K.A mom or mom and dad).

DIY Valentine’s Boxes

  • 1 Cereal Box
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative Items


  • Use Construction paper to cover cereal boxes by attaching with glue. Cut to shape up.
  • Decorate with stickers and.
  • Cut ribbon and glue around the edges.

These boxes can be filled with little Valentine’s treats and trinkets for the kids to enjoy. You can fill the boxes as you buy or make items or fill all at one time. Have fun.

We love Him, because he first loved us.

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101 Days of School/Dalmatian Day. My son wanted to reuse a shirt we decorated last year. We simply brightened up the paws and dots with a fabric paint (we couldn’t find our black fabric marker). Worked out great! It was also class group picture day at school yesterday so my daughter went all out with her black and white.

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DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (4)

100 Days of School/Wed Feb 7. Last year, our son had a fever and couldn’t stay at school. He was hoping to not be sick this year on that day. He wasn’t but he and our eldest came down a 24 hr fever-congestion something over the weekend😀 Our daughter’s lasted a little longer but feeling better. Also, his bowtie and pipe are missing in the photos. And why is this cane we ordered with the outfit a blow-up😂 And…. I just realized he took off the fake mustache too but kept the eyebrows😀.

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DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (5)

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DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (6)

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DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (7)

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These baskets are making the perfect organizers for our kids sweaters & jackets this season. I originally bought them for that purpose but have also used them for shoes. Each kid gets his/her own basket and adds some of the lighter sweaters and jackets (and maybe a heavier one) that they use regularly. Our entryway closet is small and already has bigger sweaters for colder days…. These baskets has helped a lot and make it so easy to find sweaters on the way out and easy to put back in on the way inside if they aren’t wet or something. If it’s cold where you are and your closet isn’t cutting it for all the things or just not as fubctional for the kiddos, try a basker or two.

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DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (8)


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Cereal Box Crafts:

Cereal box crafts refer to creative projects or activities that involve repurposing cereal boxes into useful or decorative items. These crafts often involve cutting, painting, and decorating cereal boxes to transform them into something new. In the article, the author mentions having made cereal box crafts as a child and wanting to pass on the experience to their own children by creating Valentine's Day boxes from cereal boxes.

Recycling and Repurposing:

Recycling and repurposing are practices that involve giving new life or purpose to materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste. In the article, the author stresses the importance of teaching children about recycling and repurposing by using cereal boxes to create Valentine's Day boxes. By repurposing the cereal boxes, the author demonstrates that these boxes can be used for fun crafts instead of being thrown away.

DIY (Do It Yourself):

DIY, or Do It Yourself, refers to the practice of creating or repairing things oneself rather than buying pre-made or hiring someone else to do it. In the article, the author encourages readers to make their own Valentine's Day boxes using cereal boxes and other materials they have on hand. The step-by-step instructions provided in the article serve as a guide for readers to engage in a DIY project.

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DIY Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes – At Home With Zan (2024)
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