Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (2024)

Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (1)

Senior Writer: Supriya Bajaj

Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (2)Date: August 22, 2023

If you plan to extend your customer service to US and Canada for your business, then having a location-based area code will be beneficial!

A toll-free contact number for any business will improve the brand image and allow customers to engage with the brand more frequently. Businesses trying to provide customer support or handle sales operations to attract more target audiences from North America and Canada can prefer 855 area code toll-free phone numbers.

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As a business person, ask what area code is 855. Are 855 numbers safe for businesses?

Well, 855 toll-free numbers allow callers to call within North America and Canada free of cost.

To know more about the 855 area code and 855 area code location, along with a brief explanation of why a business should prefer 855 toll-free numbers for providing customer support services in upcoming sections.

What is an 855 area code number?

Let’s start with the basics. What is an 855 area code number?

855 area code is 3 digit with toll free prefixes added right before the toll-free number, pointing out that callers can dial it free of cost. It doesn’t matter where you are living in North America or Canada, businesses can reach you, or you can speak to the business representatives in real-time free of cost.

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As mentioned in the introduction, the ultimate purpose of assigning the 855 numbers other toll free prefixes to the toll-free business numbers is to create awareness to the receiver or caller that this call is about business purposes, particularly on providing customer support or sales initiatives.

Area code 855 doesn’t point out any specific location or region; instead, it refers to businesses trying to reach their target audience in North America and Canada. This will clear your doubt about where is area code 855 from.

Toll-free phone numbers starting with the 855 area code allow callers to reach the target audience in 20 countries, including The Bahamas, North American Numbering Plan (NANP), the US, Canada, and the Dominican Republic.

Suppose you are a US citizen living in another country code North America and staying in the Caribbean, enjoying your holidays. In that case, business

ses can still reach you for free, just like you staying back at your home using the 855 area code location.

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How to Get an Area Code 855 Phone Number?

Guess what? Now you got the basic knowledge of what area code is 855.

If 855 numbers are safe, how can I get the 855 area code for business? Then this section will be helpful.

Yes! 855 area code is safe for businesses to use. If you seek answers, is the 855 area code legit online or from any other source? No worries, you can blindly go for using it.

Let’s discuss getting the area code 855 prefix to your toll-free business number.

Here are the few simple steps business stakeholders must follow to avail of 855 business numbers for their businesses.

  • Engage with the best and most reliable virtual phone number service provider, offering features that meet your business needs.
  • Once you sign up with the service provider, please search for the available 855 area code toll-free number from their telephone directory and pick the one that suits well for your business.
  • Now, check with the available plans of the service provider and pick the right plan that suits your business need.
  • The service provider will take care of the remaining setup procedure.
  • That’s it! Once the setup is completed, you can use your 855 area code number.

Using 855 number for your business will create proper awareness among the target audience regarding who is calling from area code 855.

How to choose the best phone number provider?

Once you decide on choosing the toll-free services for your business to increase customer engagement, the first and foremost step would be identifying the reliable and potential phone service provider who can offer area code toll-free business numbers.

In today’s market world, you can find numerous phone service providers with the name of the best phone number provider, don’t fall for that.

You must pick the best phone service provider by analyzing all the aspects. This section illustrates the crucial factors you need to consider for choosing the right and best phone service provider for your business.

Choose your business phone service to provide upon the below-listed factors.

  • How many phone calls are you expecting per day, and how many call the service provider can manage per day?
  • How many phone lines phone service provider can offer?
  • Check whether the phone number provider offers features that satisfy your customer needs.
  • Cross whether the operational hours of the phone number service provider match your business hours.
  • Does the phone number provider offer specific software or integrations to their phone system for better call management?
  • Finally, what is your budget, and what affordable plans are offered by the phone number provided?

Once you are steady with those above-listed factors, you can easily pick the best phone number service provider for your business.

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Get an 855 area code with CallHippo.

If you are searching for the best phone system provider for your business, preferring CallHippo, a VOIP service provider, would be the best option.

Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (5)

CallHippo is one of the leading multi-product business phone system providers offering exceptional VoIP-based virtual phone systems to all types of businesses. The phone system provided by CallHippo comes with an easy-to-use interface and robust backend architecture; this allows any business to set up its call center easily and quickly.

Here are the simple steps to follow to avail of free calls to the 855 area code toll-free phone number with CallHippo.

  • Just create an account with CallHippo by signing up.
  • Now, you must choose the toll-free number you wish for your business. CallHippo allows you to port your existing business number to our platform.
  • Check with our plans. CallHippo offers a variety of plans; pick the one that suits well for your business need.
  • Now, you can add the users you want via provided extensions.
  • That’s it! You get your business phone number with CallHippo.

Why should you get an 855 area code phone number?

Should I go for the 855 area code phone number even after knowing the answers to the queries? Is the 855 area code legit, and are 855 local phone numbers safe for businesses?

This section briefs why you should get an 855 area code phone number for answer calls to your business.

Having an area code 855 phone number helps your business to grow in many ways.

Utilizing toll free area code 855 phone numbers by the callers of North America and Canada regions is quite popular; several top companies use 855 toll-free numbers to attract more target audiences. Also, with this 855 number, customers or target audiences can contact businesses toll free calls out of cost.

Most often, these 855 toll-free numbers are extremely easy to memorize, and it gives real comfort for consumers to reach business representatives at any time from anywhere. Moreover, as mentioned in the introduction, businesses use this 855 toll-free number to provide seamless customer support service and manage their sales operations in Northern America and Canada.

The upcoming section illustrates the key advantages an organization can get by having an area code 855 number in detail.

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Advantages of owning an area code 855 number

Here are the lists of four key benefits your business can get using area code 855 numbers; hence, 855 phone numbers have gained so much popularity among businesses.

Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (6)

1. To gain the attention of a large targeted customer base.

Local numbers for your business will gain enough attention from clients cited in a small geographic area. However, if you prefer to have a call international toll free number means call-free number will attract many audiences. In addition, it will play a huge role in improving your customer base.

Utilizing 855 toll-free phone numbers will create awareness among your customers that you are serving all over North America and Canada. This gives a larger look at your business operation among potential consumers. Whether you have a single team or multiple teams, owning the 855 phone number and toll-free numbers will gain a strong reputation among your consumers and create a feeling of engaging with a full-fledged global business.

Above all, having an 855 toll-free number lets your customers easily engage with your business. And businesses to provide a hassle-free 24/7 separate line for carrying sales operations or customer support services.

2. Gives credibility and legitimacy to your business.

Having a local number for your business creates a strong relationship with your local customers but will not create a brand image among non-local customers. This is where toll-free phone numbers come to play. Opting for area code 855 toll-free numbers for providing 24/7 customer support services to customers will give you the image of being a national or international business among your target audience.

Furthermore, contacting customers with toll-free numbers will create an image for your business as a well-established brand. Also, having a 3-digit 855 number as a prefix to your business toll-free number will make the target audience consider your business as an industry leader.

3. Creates more customer engagement.

Toll-free numbers are essential for any business to drive more calls from potential consumers. Having an easy-to-memorize toll-free number will be more convenient for customers to keep remembering your brand.

Also, toll-free numbers are completely free for callers to reach businesses. So they don’t need to worry about spending money to engage with brands. This gives them the freedom to reach the brand anytime they need it. This leads to improving customer experience.

Having toll-free phone numbers will help businesses to increase lead conversion rates. In addition, people interested in your business product or services will quickly reach you.

4. Create an easy and memorable phone number.

Unlike the typical local number, toll-free random phone number, with 855 number is easy to memorize. Also, you can have the option to choose a memorable string of numbers as toll-free business phone numbers, or you can pick a fancy vanity number for your business. This will help consumers to store your toll-free numbers on their heads for ages.

For example, if you are running a flower shop, you can choose a vanity number like 1-855-FLOWERS. Isn’t that easy to remember?

Picking fancy vanity numbers related to your business will help consumers remember your business easily.


The 855 phone number doesn’t point out any specific location, and it doesn’t belong to any specific location. It is a 3-digit prefix to businesses’ toll-free phone numbers to provide customer support services to potential consumers and handle sales operations.

Having the area code 855 for your business followed by a fancy toll-free number will create enough awareness among your customers to know who is calling from area code 855 and to reach you whenever they like. Get your 855 toll-free numbers from legitimate service providers just like CallHippo and witness your business growth.


1. Is the 855 area code legit?

The 855 number is one of the legit toll-free telephone numbers issued by the federal communications commission. The 855 toll-free numbers are available within North America and Canada under the North American Numbering Plan.

2. Who is calling from area code 855?

Are 855 numbers telemarketers? This is the main question raised among those receiving calls from area code 855 toll-free numbers.

The toll free area codes belong to multiple geographical locations owing to that, and it is not easy to pinpoint who is calling you. However, toll free area codes are uniquely assigned to a business, or phone company, so you can easily spot who calls you once you are familiar.

3. Are 855 numbers telemarketers?

The area code 855 numbers are toll-free phone numbers owned by the business for sales and to provide customer support services.

Yes! 855 toll-free numbers work do use by telemarketers, but that doesn’t mean that all calls from 855 numbers are from telemarketers. Businesses provide support services to their potential consumers using the 855 toll-free numbers.

4. Should I rather have a local or toll-free number for my business?

Having a local number will drive the attention of local clients, but it will decrease your brand image as not being a national or international business.

On the other hand, having a toll-free number will improve your customer satisfaction as they don’t need to pay to reach your business. In addition, it will give needed credibility and legitimacy to your business and creates a feeling of customers being engaged with well-established brands.

5. Which countries use the area code 855?

The United States of America (USA) provides telephone area code 855 for businesses. Even people can buy this 855 toll-free number for personal use.

In addition to the USA, a few other North American Numbering Plan (NANP) countries and territories also provide the area code 855 toll-free number. These countries and territories include Canada, Panama, Bermuda, The British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, Sint Maarten, etc.

6. Is there any difference between 800, 855, 877, and other area codes?

All those 3-digit area codes are prefixes to the toll-free phone numbers, which conveys messages that brands will cover the cost of the phone call. They perform the same function, and the cost of the scam calls and acquiring the toll-free area code numbers is also the same. These 800, 855, and 877 area codes are the same apart from their appearance.

7. What can you do with the 855 area code number?

The area code 855 is a non-geographic 3-digit area code used as a prefix to the toll-free numbers. Businesses can use this 855 toll-free number for their customers to connect with the support team without any other long distance call charge.

The area code 855 toll-free number serves customers nationwide and quickly engages with the brands.

8. How are they different from other toll-free numbers?

As mentioned above, apart from the visual difference in area code numbers, there is no functional difference between area code 855 and the existing toll-free numbers.

At the same time, you need to know that Area code the companies are not widely using 855 toll-free numbers because they are majorly focused on picking 800, 888, or 866. This gives you the advantage of choosing the unique and fancy number for the business you like. Apart from that, no specific difference exists; all toll-free phone numbers are the same.

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Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (8)

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Benefits of the 855 Area Code: Find Out More Today (2024)
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