57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (2024)

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Jump to Section Most Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults 1. Valentine's Paint and Sip 2. Art or Craft Classes 3. Lipstick Art 4. Baby’s Breath Wreath 5. Valentine’s Candles 6. Heart in a Jar 7. DIY Etched Glassware 8. Stamped Muslin Bags 9. Valentine’s Bath Bombs 10. Mix Tape Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Seniors 11. Heart Sachets 12. Upcycled Candy Box 13. Succulent Valentines 14. Natural Dyed Fabric 15. Hot Cocoa Kits 16. Valentine’s Soaps 17. Dried Floral Art 18. Custom Valentine’s Mugs 19. Valentine’s Paint-by-Numbers Kit Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids 20. Valentine's Faux Tattoos 21. Decorating Valentine’s Baked Goods 22. DIY Valentine’s Card Box 23. Clay Hearts 24. Pipe Cleaner Hearts 25. Friendship Bracelets 26. Valentine’s Snow Globes 27. Top Secret Valentine 28. Cupcake Liner Flowers 29. Valentine’s Slime 30. Candy Bracelets Best Valentine's Party Craft Ideas 31. Painted Paper Lanterns 32. Treat Boxes 33. Heart Balloon Arch 34. Valentine's Bingo Cards 35. V-Day Photo Booth 36. Paper Heart Chain 37. Heart Garland 38. Upcycled Comic Book Treat Bags 39. Heart Sticker Cupcake Toppers 40. Valentine’s Popcorn Buckets Simple Valentine's Paper Crafts 41. Handmade Cards 42. Pop-Up Memory Book 43. Mini Love Notes 44. Cute Coupons 45. Paper Flowers 46. Paper Airplane Valentines 47. Photo Puzzle Valentine 48. MASH Game Valentine 49. DIY Confetti 50. Heart Book Sculpture 51. Seed Valentines 52. Matchbook Memory Books 53. Love Fortune Cookies 54. Puppet Theater Valentines 55. Romance Novel Gift Tags 56. Photo Memory Coasters 57. Date Night Idea Jar

Looking for perfect Valentine’s Day craft ideas? Whether you are looking for novel ways to gift your sweetie, family or friends or fun activities to celebrate the holiday, Valentine's Day is a perfect chance to share your love through the vehicle of arts & crafts.

Handmade items and pieces of art are often much more thoughtful and customized to their recipients, who often cherish pieces for years.

What to make for Valentine's Day crafts? We’ve rounded up a number of Valentine’s Day crafts perfect for every gift and celebration occasion, from great activities for adults, kids and seniors, to ways to make your Valentine's party or event a rousing success.

From fun and casual to flirty and romantic, your loved ones will enjoy these ideas and their creative results.

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  • Most Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults
  • Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Seniors
  • Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
  • Best Valentine's Party Craft Ideas
  • Simple Valentine's Paper Crafts

Most Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults

1. Valentine's Paint and Sip

Paint and sips are a perfect venue to mix creativity and artmaking with a few co*cktails. Many provide an opportunity to create Valentines-themed paintings and crafts in a lively and fun atmosphere.

You can find paint and sips in Atlanta, paint and sips in Chicago, paint and sips in San Diego or paint and sips near you. Paint and sips make a great Valentine's couple painting idea or Galentine's Day craft idea.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (1)

2. Art or Craft Classes

Art and craft classes are a great way to generate creative projects and learn new skills for artists and crafters at all levels of experience and abilities. Many provide an opportunity to make and learnarts and crafts for adults, including watercolor painting, paper crafting and pottery.

Findpottery classes near you, includingpottery classes in Austin,pottery classes in San Franciscoandpottery classes in Boston. You can also find a variety of art classes near you exploring various mediums, includingart classes in Chicago,art classes in Los Angelesandart classes in Houston.

3. Lipstick Art

A fun and cheeky method to decorate Valentine’s Day crafts like cards, artwork and gift wrapping is to pucker up. Apply your favorite pink or red shade and leave your kiss mark behind for those you love. Spritz with an acrylic glaze to keep your kiss from smearing.


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4. Baby’s Breath Wreath

A cute follow-up to your winter holiday wreaths is a romantic baby’s breath wreath. Use real dried or faux baby’s breath and some glue or staples to attach the bunches to a foam wreath insert.

5. Valentine’s Candles

A great Valentine’s Day craft is to create custom candles. Whether you prefer jar or pillar candles, candle-making may be easier than you think, allowing you to customize the scent, color and style of your candles.

Many craft retailers also sell kits with everything, including containers, wicks and wax all in one place. They make a fun gift for crafters.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (2)

6. Heart in a Jar

For horror lovers and biology fans, what better gift than an anatomical heart? While Valentine’s Day crafts may prefer the symbolic version, the real, beating variety may be a perfect way to say “I love you!”

Try placing a foam, plastic or paper heart sculpture in a jar. Fill with glitter and accents for a fun way to give someone your heart.

7. DIY Etched Glassware

Creating custom and cute personalized glassware is not as difficult as it may seem. You can purchase etching powder at most craft outlets and with a simple stencil, you can emblazon wine glasses, shot glasses and bottles with a custom monogram or message perfect for your sweetie.

8. Stamped Muslin Bags

If you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly alternative to paper packaging, gift bags or plastic treat bags, try ink stamping hearts, flowers and other Valentine's accents on simple muslin bags.

The bags are personalized and sweet, while also being re-usable and earth-friendly. They are also an easy Valentine’s Day craft to do with kids.

9. Valentine’s Bath Bombs

A perfect Valentine’s Day craft is making bath bombs. Mix one part each of Epsom salts, baking soda and citric acid to create a bomb that will foam and fizz when dropped into water.

You can customize it with scent, oils, color and additives like rose petals or glitter. Bath bombs make excellent handmade gifts or a perfect way to relax on your own. You can also use fun holiday-themed molds to make fun shapes like flowers and hearts.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (3)

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10. Mix Tape

A romantic (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day craft is creating an old-school style mix tape of favorite love songs. Whether you use an old-school cassette, CD or digital mix, choosing the perfect songs for your sweetie can be a blast to create and listen to.

For physical media, you can also decorate the case or sleeve with Valentine’s accents or photo memories.

Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Seniors

11. Heart Sachets

Requiring minimal sewing skills, you can create sweet-smelling sachets from fabric heart cut-outs. Fill them with dried herbs and flowers like lavender, chamomile and scented materials.

They are perfect for keeping in drawers and closets or gifting to friends. You can also create no-sew versions with decorated muslin or mesh bags.

12. Upcycled Candy Box

Turn last year’s treats into this year’s work of art. A perfect Valentine’s Day craft for seniors using found materials is to create a memory box or assemblage out of an old candy box and some mementos, ephemera and small objects. Glue them in place with hot glue. What can you make out of paper Valentines? Use old cards and ephemera to cover the box.

13. Succulent Valentines

Small pots decorated with Valentine’s accents make a perfect container for gifting something green. Use a small dollar-store pot to house a tiny succulent.

For an easy Valentine’s Day craft activity, decorate the pot with paint, paper or jewels. Succulents are easy to grow and are a far longer-lasting alternative to flowers.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (4)

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14. Natural Dyed Fabric

This fun Valentine’s Day craft activity may involve materials you already have on hand. Make some earth-friendly dyes created from organic materials like flowers, berries, nuts and spices. Create t-shirts, scarves, table runners and tea towels in an array of colors.

15. Hot Cocoa Kits

A great Valentine’s Day craft for seniors is creating an inexpensive hot cocoa kit for those you love and want to show appreciation to. Fill a mason jar with dried cocoa, heart-shaped marshmallows, love notes and sprinkles.

16. Valentine’s Soaps

Melt-and-pour soaps are a great way to make custom scents using a variety of essential oils, rose petals, ground lavender and other exfoliants.

You can purchase glycerin or shea butter soap base at craft stores and online, most of which require a double boiler or microwave to melt and mix. You can find adorable molds in a variety of season-appropriate shapes like hearts, flowers and cupids.

17. Dried Floral Art

A great project to use flowers that have seen better days is to put them in art. For a unique Valentine's Day craft, you can dry and press flowers between the pages of the book.

Arrange the dried-out blooms into hearts, new bouquets and decorative designs with a couple of coats of ModPodge for a unique art piece that is almost as beautiful as a live bouquet.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (5)

18. Custom Valentine’s Mugs

A fun and creative Valentine’s Day craft idea is creating simple custom mugs. All you need is a white mug, a Sharpie and an oven. Write love messages or doodle to your heart’s content. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to set the marker.

19. Valentine’s Paint-by-Numbers Kit

If you are a fledgling artist looking to create a beautiful piece of Valentine's art, consider using a paint-by-numbers kit, which contains all the supplies and instructions you need to create a perfect landscape, still-life or decorative heart painting.

Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

20. Valentine's Faux Tattoos

Creating fake heart and flower tattoos is a fun activity and Valentine’s Day craft. You can buy tattoo paper at most craft stores. Use it to print out designs from a printer or free-style art with your kids to create fun temporary tattoos that adhere to the skin and come off with just water.

21. Decorating Valentine’s Baked Goods

A fun and tasty Valentine’s Day craft with kids is decorating sweet things like cookies and cupcakes with all manner of sprinkles, gel and frostings.

Use this as a fun party activity or create baked goods boxes for the family. Even better, you get to eat your creations afterward.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (6)

22. DIY Valentine’s Card Box

Every classroom Valentine's party needs the perfect card box. Get creative with your kids beyond the usual shoebox. A perfect Valentine’s Day craft is choosing a unique container and decorating it to the nines. Try a bucket, dollar store bin or basket for a fun variation on the classic cardboard box.

23. Clay Hearts

Creating simple hearts from play dough, Sculpey or clay is an easy Valentine’s Day craft even for the youngest participants. Use them by themselves or as decorative aspects for other projects. You can also paint them with acrylic paints.

24. Pipe Cleaner Hearts

Shaping pipe cleaners into hearts and other fun sculptures is great for even the tiniest fingers. Use them to decorate cards, artwork or other fun crafts that need a little love.

Fold pipe cleaners into hearts or flowers or add them to tiny pompoms with googly eyes to make tiny love bugs. These make an easy Valentine's Day craft for toddlers.

25. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are having a moment thanks to Taylor Swift’s eras tour among all ages of fans, but they are also a fun Valentine’s Day activity you can do with kids.

All you need is some string or twine, letter beads from Dollar Tree and some other decorative beads to create pretty and word-laden messages to be traded with friends.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (7)


26. Valentine’s Snow Globes

Just like other more high-profile winter holidays, Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to make a snowy winter wonderland.

You just need an upside-down mason jar, some glitter or confetti and small objects for the inside like miniature animals or trees hot glued to the lid. You can add water with a dash of glycerin or leave them dry.

27. Top Secret Valentine

A clever Valentine's Day Craft for kids is creating sweet messages that require a decoder or puzzle-solving to see the message. This is a fun activity for creating a unique and memorable classroom Valentines.

28. Cupcake Liner Flowers

An easy way to create paper flowers, this technique uses colored paper baking liners. Simply fold in the middle and pinch to create perfect paper blooms that can be used on cards, in bouquets and elsewhere as a pretty accent.

29. Valentine’s Slime

If your little ones love getting their hands dirty, you can create a batch of fun slim from clear glue or white glue, water, baking soda and saline solution.

Add confetti, glitter and other fun materials to add a bit of holiday flair.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (8)

30. Candy Bracelets

Long a time-honored variety of candy, candy jewelry is a fun way to play with your food and a perfect Valentine’s Day craft idea. Start with stringy candy like licorice whips and add all manner of gummy loops and other sweets to your creation.

Best Valentine's Party Craft Ideas

31. Painted Paper Lanterns

A beautiful way to decorate any party is to create custom-decorated lighting. Inexpensive paper lanterns available from party stores in an array of colors and sizes.

You can use acrylic paints to paint hearts, flowers and creative designs. Add LED bulbs or twinkle lights to make them shine.

32. Treat Boxes

A great accent to a Valentine's party is a candy bar, where guests can pick out and share their favorite Valentine's treats. Create perfect containers by using paper and paints to decorate Chinese takeout boxes, which make perfect containers for taking home your favorite candies.

Creating a custom-decorated treat box is a great Valentine's Day party craft activity for both kids or adults.

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33. Heart Balloon Arch

A variation on the traditional balloon arch, a heart-shaped balloon configuration is a great way to welcome guests to your Valentine's Day party and provide a great photo opportunity.

Use a selection of pink, white and red balloons. Use a bit of trellis or cardboard to form your arch and staple the balloon ties in your desired configuration. Or use masking or painter's tape to create the arch on any wall.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (9)

34. Valentine's Bingo Cards

People of all ages love bingo. Buy or create blank bingo cards then fill them with Valentine’s Day-related symbols and words. Use conversation hearts as markers when you play and offer prizes related to the holiday.

35. V-Day Photo Booth

Another fun photo opportunity at your next gathering is to create a photo booth for guests to enjoy. Create a pink or red background with fabric or paper and allow guests to snap pics with their phones and share them with a hashtag.

You can also include props like heart balloons, tiaras, rose-tinted glasses and other fun elements.

36. Paper Heart Chain

A variation on the old school construction paper chains, you can create a sweet heart paper chain by pinching the paper strips into a heart shape, then locking them together with Elmer’s glue.

This project makes great decorations for a party or a fun Valentine's Day craft activity to do with kids.

37. Heart Garland

A perfect Valentine's Day party craft and decor for your holiday gathering is to create a simple paper garland. Cut out hearts from decorative paper, upcycled newspaper or tissue paper.

Using glue, press two heart shapes together with a ribbon or twine between them for the perfect easy heart garland. You can also add glitter to your hearts for a bit of extra sparkle.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (10)

38. Upcycled Comic Book Treat Bags

Looking for the perfect treat bags that stand out? Try upcycling your discarded comic collection into fun and distinctive treat bags. Glue two sheets along the side, open and fill with your favorite treats for guests to take home.

39. Heart Sticker Cupcake Toppers

Valentine’s baked goods offer a perfect opportunity to create stunningly beautiful treats. An easy way to make adorable cupcake toppers is to use stickers.

Simply place two identical stickers around a toothpick and add them to your cupcake. For extra flair, use glitter or foil stickers.

40. Valentine’s Popcorn Buckets

Planning on hosting a screening of the very best romantic movies like Casablanca and Sleepless in Seattle? You can create some fun decorated popcorn buckets from inexpensive plastic buckets or plastic bins.

Decorate with paper, stickers, glue and other accents for the perfect movie night snack container.

Simple Valentine's Paper Crafts

41. Handmade Cards

The most significant and memorable cards are often those that are custom-made by the people we love. Using a piece of cardstock or construction paper, add paper cuts and other elements to create a distinctive card.

Paper doilies, cut-out letters and stickers make great elements to play with. Grab a glue stick and get creative.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (11)

42. Pop-Up Memory Book

A great alternative to a traditional Valentine or card is a mini pop-up book using photos and cutouts from prized memories. You can learn about paper mechanics online to create a distinctive keepsake card they will treasure forever.

43. Mini Love Notes

A sweet Valentine's craft is to create a series of tiny miniature love notes. All through the year, use them tucked in places in the home, someone’s lunch or random spots to brighten up their day. Youc an purchase mini envelopes or make your own from upcycled book pages.

44. Cute Coupons

Using some sheets of paper and a stapler, you can create a simple coupon book for your loved one. For your sweetie or spouse, make them redeemable things like backrubs, household chores or date nights.

Or give them to kids as an incentive for things like treats, extra screen time or a get-out-of-homework night.

45. Paper Flowers

Paper blooms can be a beautiful Valentine's Day craft and decorative element for your next party. They can also be a perfect alternative to natural flowers that will perish in a few days.

You can create simple paper flowers with several layers of tissue paper by folding sheets into fan shapes folded in half, Use wire or garbage ties to secure the middle and then fan out the tissue on either side to create beautiful mums.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (12)

46. Paper Airplane Valentines

What can kids make for Valentine's Day? A cute Valentine's Day activity and fun alternative to the same old two-dimensional valentines are sweet messages and images shaped into paper airplanes. This a great Valentine's paper craft idea for kids in or out of the classroom.

47. Photo Puzzle Valentine

Another great alternative to conventional cards or paper valentines is to use a photo of our loved ones to create a small paper puzzle that the recipient can put together.

Print out a photo on cardstock or a postcard and then cut it up to create the puzzle. When assembled, it serves as a great keepsake.

48. MASH Game Valentine

Everyone remembers endless hours of mash games in grade school that determine where you will live, who you will love, etc. Create an adult version of the game as a sweet Valentine for your love.

49. DIY Confetti

You can make your own heart confetti in various sizes. This fun Valentine's Day craft requires an assortment of decorative or salvaged paper and a small hole punch or die-cut machine to create heart shapes. The confetti is perfect for adding to Valentine's cards, gift bags, or decorating a table.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (13)

50. Heart Book Sculpture

If someone you love is a reader, this cool and easy Valentine's Day craft makes a perfect gift. Create a heart-shaped book sculpture out of an old or thrifted volume.

Use an Exacto knife to cut parts of the book on either side of the spine, When open, the book will fan out into a heart shape.

51. Seed Valentines

For those with a green thumb, a perfect Valentine's Day craft is giving or making seed Valentines. Put your favorite seeds from your garden in small envelopes and decorate to your heart's content with paper, markers and glue. They make a perfect DIY gift idea for neighbors and family.

52. Matchbook Memory Books

Remove existing matches and tuck small items like movie tickets from dates, receipts and small photos into a matchbook., stapling them to cardboard to create a tiny book of momentos.

53. Love Fortune Cookies

You can create adorable paper fortune cookies out of paper or cardstock. Insert a bunch of sweet messages and give them to all your friends or co-workers as a fun Valentine.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (14)

54. Puppet Theater Valentines

A fun activity for kids to create is a miniature puppet theater using paper, complete with paper puppets they can use to act out scenes. Use paper brads to create moveable hinges on the backdrop, props and paper dolls for a fun interactive Valentine's Day craft.

55. Romance Novel Gift Tags

A perfect way to dispose of old romance novels you’ve already read is to cut them into fun and romantic gift tags. Create a stack of rectangular or circular tags and adorn with doodles and hearts aplenty.

Use a hole punch and some twine to finish off the tags. Creating these also makes a fun book club or girls night idea.

56. Photo Memory Coasters

This great Valentine's Day craft project uses photos and allows you to preserve memories in a functional object you can use every day. Cut out circles of cork in hearts or circles. Glue down a printed image and add a few coats of water-resistant Mod Podge.

57. Date Night Idea Jar

If you're looking for ideas that spark romance and creativity, try decorating a jar and filling it with strips of paper that include ideas for dates like impromptu picnics, afternoon matinees and farmers market outings.

Give the finished jar as aValentine's Day gift ideaor use it as an opportunity for a playful Valentine's Day craft you can do together. Fill it withwinter date ideas.

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (15)

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Whether you are looking for fun activities or the perfect thoughtful handmade gift, Valentine's Day offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in creating treasures for those you love and adore.

Start with these fun crafts as unique activities to enjoy with your Valentine this year.

For even more fun Valentine's Day ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

57 Creative, Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024 (2024)
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