15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (2024)

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Give a gift from the heart with one of our DIY crafts that celebrate all things love.


Alexandra Churchill

Alexandra Churchill

Alexandra is a former digital editor for MarthaStewart.com.

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Melissa Breyer

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (1)

Melissa Breyer

Melissa Breyer has been a writer and editor in digital lifestyle media since 2007. Prior to that, she worked in print, writing for magazines and editing books. She joined Martha Stewart in 2023 after nearly a decade as editorial director for the award-winning green living site Treehugger.

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Updated on January 26, 2024

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15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (2)

While big teddy bears holding boxes of chocolates and store-bought bouquets can be beautiful and thoughtful gifts, the best way to spread a little love this Valentine's Day is to give a handmade token from the heart. Whether you're surprising a significant other, gathering your closest friends, or delighting a classroom full of little ones, we've got the best ideas to inspire you to create gifts that'll have everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

However you decide to get crafty this February 14, these projects are not only fun and simple to make, but they're guaranteed to make all your loved one's hearts swell. All you'll need are a few basic supplies (in every shade of pink and red!), a sprinkle of creativity, and a whole lot of love.

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The Beat Goes On

What makes these hearts so awesome? They have two chambers of surprise treats inside!

  1. Fill a pair of reusable Easter eggs with mini toys or candy.
  2. Stick them together with a dot of hot glue, wrap crepe paper around them a few times, and tuck a V of rolled-up crepe paper into the bottom for the point. Then keep wrapping, adding flat goodies like stickers as you go.
  3. Secure the tail with tape, and it's ready to rock and (un)roll.

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Flower Pin

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (4)

Give that "someone sent me flowers!" thrill to ladies and gents of all ages with blooms that never wilt. These fabric boutonnières come together in three steps, so you can give someone a whole bouquet or pin one on everybody at brunch.

  1. Use the flower template to trace and cut 16 petals out of fabric. Layer them in a stack in an asterisk or flower shape.
  2. Stitch floss through the center of petals—front to back, then back through. Repeat with a new strand of floss to make a cross. Knot the ends of the two strands together.
  3. Cut out a circle of felt. Sew a pin onto it, then use the ends of the floss to stitch the flower onto the circle. Fluff and twist petals in opposite directions to shape the flower.

Get the Flower Petals Template

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Wooden Hearts

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (5)

Spread the love on February 14 or any special occasion: Tuck a few of these wooden hearts into unsuspecting lunch boxes or coat pockets, or dangle one from a doorknob or rearview mirror.

Get the Wooden Hearts How-To

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Folding Envelope Hearts

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (6)

Wrapped in pretty paper, these folded envelopes (sealed with a heart sticker) are sure to send a romantic message to your valentine.

  1. Cut a wide heart from paper that has a white side and a patterned side—wrapping paper works well.
  2. Lay the heart with the patterned side down. Fold in sides as shown.
  3. Fold the top down just above the middle.
  4. Turn envelope so flap is at the top, write a message and seal with a sticker.

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A Touch of TLC

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (7)

It's a tall order to make kids' winter accessories entirely from scratch, but it's a snap to add a little sweetener to ones that are already crafted. Warm their hearts (and hands) by sewing a trio of buttons onto each mitten. Stitch pom-poms along the edge of a scarf or follow the weave of a knit hat to overstitch a heart, initial, or any other shape.

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Needle-Felted Heart Mug Cozy

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (8)

Greet someone "Good morning!" with a heart on this adorable cup sleeve. It will protect fingers from piping-hot coffee or tea.

Get the Needle-Felted Heart Mug Cozy How-To

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Crayon Hearts

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (9)

Create a curtain of glowing hearts to adorn a sunny window. These translucent hanging hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons.

Get the Crayon Hearts How-To

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Folded Paper Hearts

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (10)

Show your affection with every pleat of these hearts. The trick to our ruffled valentines is to cut the paper into a capsule shape first. Then fold them accordion-style, pinch them in half, and secure with tape. We made this blushing array from vellum, crepe paper, and pages from a drawing pad. Add a few strokes and splatters of paint, and seal each one with a kiss. Then, set your love notes aflutter.

Get the Folded Hearts How-To

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Painted Bangles

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (11)

These chic cuffs are so easy and inexpensive to make you can give someone a whole arm's worth. And because they're hand-painted in pretty sunset colors—salmon, blush pink, coral—she'll pile them on all year.

  1. Using a flat paintbrush, cover lightweight wooden bangles (purchased at a craft store) of different widths and shapes in a thin coat of satin acrylic craft paint.
  2. Working slowly and evenly, brush each in one direction vertically, not horizontally, then set it down on a surface covered in plastic wrap to dry. (To ensure a foolproof application, put your fingers through the cuff to support it and paint the outside first. Then, after it's dry, hold the outer rim to do the inside.)
  3. For contrast, paint the interior a lighter color. Give them all a shiny finish by topping the paint with clear high-gloss varnish.

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Heart Bookmark

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (12)

This practical Valentine befits your favorite bookworm.

  1. Create a template of a heart, about 1 1/2 inches wide.
  2. Cut out with a utility knife, and trace onto heavy card stock.
  3. Copy it at 80 percent, cut out, and trace onto decorative paper, such as wrapping or origami paper.
  4. Cut out both hearts, and use a glue stick to secure smaller patterned heart to center of the larger one; let dry.
  5. Finally, trace bottom half of inner heart with a utility knife, cutting through card stock beneath. Then your valentine can slip pages between the hearts.

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Felt Coffee Cup Sleeve

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (13)

Give a new meaning to "wearing your heart on your sleeve." A reusable coffee cup sleeve will protect fingers from piping-hot joe—and the environment from yet another discarded cardboard java jacket. All it takes is felt, pinking shears, and a quick seam.

  1. Cut felt with fabric scissors, wrap it around a coffee cup, pin it in place, and slide the cup out.
  2. Machine-sew the sleeve closed; trim its seam with pinking shears, leaving 1/4-inch excess.
  3. Cut out hearts with scissors; glue to the sleeve.

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Floating Heart

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (14)

This "floating" heart makes forthe perfect Valentine's Day craft. It features pale shades of easily obtainable blossoms, such as carnations, mums, and hyacinths.

  1. Using a variety of flowers addstextural interest. Arrange fivespiky flower frogs into an approximate heart shape, affixing them to the bottom of an empty shallow bowl with floral adhesive (or use floral foam cut into a heart).
  2. Cut the stems of 12 to 18 assorted flowers to the same height as the rim of the bowl. Fill the bowl partially with water and insert flowers, following the heart shape.

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Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (15)

Creating heart-shaped pot holders is a charming way to add whimsy and color to your beloved's kitchen's décor.

Get the Heart-Shaped Pot Holders How-To

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Stuffed Hearts

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (16)

Deliver pillowy treats made from pink and orange tissue paper and white parchment (yes, the kind you bake with) and stuffed with your favorite candies and a secret message.

Get the Stuffed Hearts How-To

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Heart Doilies

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (17)

Dress up a sweet tea party with handmade doilies in rosy hues—the secret material? Paper napkins!

  1. Position a prefolded square paper napkin so that the closed corner faces you.
  2. Fold right corner toward left corner and flatten, forming a triangle.
  3. Fold left corner toward triangle's longest side and flatten, forming a narrower triangle.
  4. Using scissors, cut a convex arc from triangle to create top of half a heart.
  5. Cut off bottom of triangle from left to right to create lower heart half, leaving at least 1/4 inch intact on right edge. (Left side of triangle will be center of a heart.) Unfold.
  6. Repeat with napkins in several colors, varying position of cuts to create doilies in different sizes.

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  • The Beat Goes On: This craft involves filling reusable Easter eggs with treats and wrapping them with crepe paper.
  • Flower Pin: These fabric boutonnières can be made by cutting fabric petals, stitching them together, and attaching them to a felt circle with a pin.
  • Wooden Hearts: Wooden hearts can be used as decorations by tucking them in lunch boxes, coat pockets, or hanging them from doorknobs.
  • Folding Envelope Hearts: These folded envelopes can be made from patterned paper and sealed with a heart sticker. They can be used to send romantic messages.
  • A Touch of TLC: This craft involves adding buttons to mittens or sewing pom-poms or shapes onto scarves or hats.
  • Needle-Felted Heart Mug Cozy: This craft involves creating a heart-shaped cup sleeve using needle felting techniques.
  • Crayon Hearts: These translucent hanging hearts can be made from waxed paper and crayons.
  • Folded Paper Hearts: These ruffled valentines are made by folding paper into a capsule shape, then folding them accordion-style and securing them with tape.
  • Painted Bangles: Lightweight wooden bangles can be painted in pretty colors to create chic cuffs.
  • Heart Bookmark: This craft involves cutting out heart shapes from cardstock and decorative paper, then attaching them to create a bookmark.
  • Felt Coffee Cup Sleeve: A reusable coffee cup sleeve can be made from felt and decorated with hearts.
  • Floating Heart: This craft involves arranging flowers in the shape of a heart in a shallow bowl.
  • Heart-Shaped Pot Holders: Pot holders can be made in the shape of hearts to add whimsy to the kitchen decor.
  • Stuffed Hearts: These heart-shaped treats are made from tissue paper and parchment, stuffed with candies and a secret message.
  • Heart Doilies: Doilies can be made from paper napkins by folding and cutting them into heart shapes.

These are just a few of the craft ideas mentioned in the article. If you have any specific questions or need more information about any of these crafts or related topics, feel free to ask!

15 Valentine's Day Crafts That'll Make Their Heart Swell With Joy (2024)
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